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Hey Folks, Navjot Singh here, and thanks for stopping by to check out my Publisher Rocket (Formerly known as KDP Rocket) Review. For those who don’t know, I never review a product unless I actually get it first, go through it, use it, and pretty much make sure it delivers what it promises.

Whenever you write a book, do you ever feel that you may not earn enough money and managing to sell only a few hundred within a lifetime? Well, if that is the case, there is nothing to worry about because it happens to all authors like you—even famous authors are having these thoughts of negativity.

And to be honest, it is very difficult to land a huge sale after you have published your book. It does not always guarantee a successful launch, unless if you managed to become a best seller in your previous book launch; then you will not have many problems with selling a few hundred copies in a single day. The only problem with that is if your readers liked your book. If they did not, your book sales would plummet greatly.

We can all agree that writing a book is a very challenging task that does not even 100% guarantee your success. Sometimes you lose, and sometimes you hit the jackpot—both of which are highly dependent on book quality and how it is marketed. And trust me, both factors are extremely hard to perfect, especially if you are still new in the industry.

Plus, this does not only happen to book writers exclusively; it happens to me and other content writers as well. Writing an article for the sake of publishing it online also has the chance of it being left in the dust; hence, it makes it difficult to earn money through ads and other affiliates. It is definitely a challenge; that is why taking up writing is not just something you do on a whim. You would have to be mindful of all factors and such.

Fortunately, there are a few tools that can potentially help you promote and publish your books or write-ups with flying colors. One particular tool, which I am going to be reviewing today is Publisher Rocket—or formerly known as the KDP Rocket.


What is Publisher Rocket?

Publisher Rocket, or previously known as KDP Rocket, is a keyword research tool that helps authors find precise data to learn if a particular niche is popular or not. This is essential because you will learn what the market wants in a particular set of time. If you think about it, it is not just a keyword tool that just provides popular keywords; it helps you acquire ALL of the necessary data on a particular niche—whether which kind of books are failing, succeeding, the number of searches, and the particular topics that are being searched by potential customers.

It is a software that is complete with accurate tools that will greatly help authors in writing profitable books that are sure to earn a lot of engagements from customers.

Through Publisher Rocket, you can also find out the number of competitors you will have if you plan on publishing a book on that particular niche. This will somewhat serve as a warning to you since engaging in book niches that are abundant in the market will put you on the lower end of the marketing spectrum. It may sound like a good idea, but you will be very disappointed with the results if you went through with it.

Not only that, but you can also see the average monthly earnings of a book niche or title in Publisher Rocket. It is a huge help if you want to maximize your earnings per sale. But keep in mind that the data presented here are only averages and not the exact amount of earnings.

Publisher Rocket may seem like an ordinary keyword research tool, but with all the valuable data it can provide—you can easily see that this will definitely help you skyrocket your book sales tremendously as long as you utilize it properly.

Who is the man behind Publisher Rocket?


Dave Chesson is something that you can call a “Kindlepreneur”; in fact, he is literally the founder of Kindlepreneur. He is a US Navy veteran and served for over 11 years!

And of course, that is not where his passion lies. It lies in the fact that he is skilled and specializes in eBooks in particular; thus, allowing him to be the founder of Kindlepreneur. It is a blogsite that contains articles about book marketing, Kindle keywords, and so many more about eBooks in particular.

Dave is also proficient in search engine optimization, and he himself admitted that SEO became his obsession rather than his hobby—which I can sympathize with since SEO will literally suck you in.

Dave founded Publisher Rocket, which was previously named KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) Rocket, back in 2016. He combined the workings of search engine optimization into Kindle’s vast library of books. This made it possible to maximize your profits potentially and help you have a successful launch.

And if you are wondering about why he does not have his name on any book despite his experience, he mentioned in the Kindlepreneur official website the reason. Dave uses pen names instead of his real names to show you that you do not have to be a famous author or have a best-selling book in order for you to earn a spot on the best-selling list.

With or without a name, you can potentially sell a few hundred copies in just a few days or weeks and earn a consistent passive income.

How does Publisher Rocket Work?


Publisher Rocket works like most keyword research tools, but with more convenience and features that only revolve around KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). The mechanics are simple and pretty straight-forward, so you do not have to worry about using it the wrong way. The only thing you will have to worry about is how you can use it to the full extent—and that is to maximize your sales as soon as you start publishing your books.

One thing to keep in mind is that Publisher Rocket is a standalone software; it is not integrated nor as a plugin on internet browsers. It can operate on both Mac and PCs regardless of the operating system you are using. The only thing you will need is the internet.

The mechanics of Publisher Rocket is easy and almost impossible to get lost due to its simplistic navigation layout. The first thing you will see are four main tabs. These are

  • Keyword Search
  • Competition Analyzer
  • Category Search
  • AMS Keyword Search

Keyword Search

And the core tool out of the four is the Keyword Search, which allows you to collect the necessary data to help you make your book as profitable as possible. The data you can acquire in the Keyword Search are:

  • The list of keywords
  • Number of competitors in a particular keyword
  • Average monthly earnings that the best-selling books are getting
  • Number of Google searches per month
  • Number of Amazon searches per month (which is in my opinion, the most valuable data you can get your hands on)
  • And lastly, the Competitive score

These 6 are presented to you as columns, much like most keyword searchers out there. The only thing that is different from most is that you can choose which keyword you want to analyze. That way, you will not be bombarded with too much data that may be unnecessary to you. Thus, keeping things organized and neat as possible.

Once you enter a keyword or phrase, Publisher Rocket will scour the internet for books with similar keywords or phrases that are related to the niche you want to learn about. It is a very efficient and effective way to save you time and money from publishing a book that may or may not perform well in the market.

The fact that it shows both Google and Amazon searches per month makes it such an amazing and efficient tool to use if you want to publish a book that will most certainly sell a lot of copies in just a single day. The best part about this is mainly the Amazon searches; this is because Amazon is usually tight-lipped when it comes to this kind of data, but with Publisher Rocket, you can acquire an estimated (although not 100% accurate) number which is already a huge help by its own.

Personally, I find this to be a gamechanger that will surely turn the tides of your marketing processes into your favor. As long as you utilize such information with care and utmost passion, you will surely have a successful book launch.

Competition Analyzer

The Competition Analyzer tab is also a searching tool that specifically goes after the top competitors within a specific keyword. Instead of looking for the number of competitors, you can have access to all of your potential competitors through this analyzer. The data provided here are:

  • Book titles
  • Author
  • How long has the book already been published
  • Estimated monthly sales
  • Estimated daily sales

If you want a specific look at your competitors, you can go to the Competitor Analyzer and see how well these books faired against all the other books in the market. Plus, you can borrow a few ideas or at least generate your own through the use of the data you were provided with. It is as simple as it gets, much like the whole program in general.

Publisher Rocket Pricing

The price of Publisher Rocket is something that amazes me. It is a very cheap software that is packed with the essential features that you will surely need to optimize your book launch. Some may see it as a simple program, but once they study the provided data, they will surely understand how essential this tool is for both aspiring and experienced authors.

For the price of $97, you can enjoy all of the benefits that Publisher Rocket has. There are no basic or premium plans in this program, so you do not have to worry about being locked out of some features like other membership programs. Every feature that Publisher Rocket has will be accessible to you immediately once you purchased it.

And keep in mind, this is one-time payment only, which makes it a lot better, unlike other software which asks you to shell out a hundred dollars every month. And to make things much better, you can opt for a refund since they have a 30-day money-back guarantee, even for a price that low.

Seriously, I cannot stress enough how much I adore the pricing of this program. The fact that Publisher Rocket offers an extremely important tool that will give you the potential to have a best-selling book blows my mind with a price as low as $97. It is a rather simple product and does not have any gimmicky features that will not be useful to you whatsoever.


What I like about Publisher Rocket

It is very easy to use

You do not have to worry about getting confused about its features since the layout of the tool is pretty straight-forward and less complicated than other keyword searching tools. Even if you are a newbie who is still learning the ropes of keyword research or search engine optimization in general, you will not encounter any issue. It is a fast and easy tool, making it the go-to program for you keyword researching needs.

It is affordable

You will not have to worry about falling short on cash since the price of Publisher Rocket is only $97. And to make things much better, you will only need to pay a one-time fee, so you do not have to shell out $97 every single month. You can easily opt for a refund within the first 30 days, but I do not see any reason why you should do that since it is a very useful program that can potentially scale your business and become a best-seller.

You will get fast keyword results

Unlike most keyword researching tools, you will get the results pretty quickly and accurately. Some tools would take some time and require your active participation in the research, like going on search engines to see if the keyword is popular or not. With Publisher Rocket, it will only take a few seconds or minutes (depending on the keyword) to gather the results. It will save you hours of research and gives you more time to do other things instead.

Useful features and updates

As the years went by, it cannot be denied that the updates Publisher Rocket changed its technicalities greatly. Back then, there is no filtering or sorting feature, making it a bit difficult to locate and organize the keyword results. But now, Dave actually heard the woes of his patrons and implemented a filtering system that lets you remove the unwanted keywords and keep the ones you actually liked.

Not only that, there are also a few updates that they have implemented to at least cater to the needs of Publisher Rocket members as well as to complement and adapt to Amazon’s ever-changing mechanics. One of the examples is the Category Hunter feature that makes it easier to locate and choose a potential Kindle category. It is a great feature that really complements well on both newbies and experienced authors.

What I dislike about Publisher Rocket

Nothing, so far

Well, in my experience so far, I did not encounter anything that I may not like about Publisher Rocket. Even when I read some reviews of it online, the problems they were pertaining to were already fixed in the updates, which basically means that most reviews are most likely outdated.

From what I have seen so far, Publisher Rocket delivers well on what it promised. It did not promise anything far-fetched nor told you something that may not be true. It is a great, simple tool that definitely deserves some recognition based on its usefulness.

And if I have to guess what issue most people might find on Publisher Rocket, then maybe it is in its price. Although I may agree that it is cheap compared to most programs that I have encountered, some people may still not afford it—and there is nothing to be ashamed of that. You can always look for a cheaper alternative.


Publisher Rocket is definitely a solid keyword searching tool that does not require you to manually search for a particular keyword. Everything is done for you with just a single click of a button. It may not be effective to you first, but once you mastered the mechanics and technicalities of keyword research plus the other valuable data, everything will be just a breeze and will increase your chances of having a best-selling book quite considerably.

It may not be a guaranteed pick, but through perseverance, you can achieve that seemingly impossible goal.

Personally, I adore this software so much since it helps me understand the importance of researching and acquiring the crucial data that can potentially skyrocket my earnings from a book. For most people, it may not seem that much of a big deal, but if only they gave Publisher Rocket a chance, they will undoubtedly change their opinions on it—and in turn, completely adore it.

I highly recommend Publisher Rocket to all authors, both experienced and novices. The primary goal of Publisher Rocket is to help you maximize your sales during the first day of your book launch. Not only that, but you will also have to opportunity to become a best-selling author if you utilize each data carefully and properly.

And if you are curious about how can Publisher Rocket help you with your book business, then you should give it a shot. It has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there is really no risk at all. If it did not work out for you, get a refund; if it does, then enjoy your passive income.

If you enjoyed this review, let me know in the comments below. And if ever you still have any questions, feel free to ask me on Facebook Messenger.


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I hope you have enjoyed my Publisher Rocket Review. If you have any doubt or queries, please let me know in the comment box. I will be glad to assist you.

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