Online Marketing Classroom Review

Hey Folks, Navjot Singh here and thanks for stopping by to check out my Online Marketing Classroom Review. For those who don’t know, I never review a product unless I actually get it first, go through it, use it, and pretty much make sure it delivers what it promises.

Whenever you think about starting an online business, you would often worry about almost everything. You worry about whether you will succeed or fail, earn or lose money, or basically, nothing might happen during your ventures.

Despite what you think, your worries are pretty reasonable, to say the least. Starting up your online business from scratch is definitely a huge risk to take. You are basically investing in something that may or may not work.

That is why there are tons of training courses available on the internet for you to take part in. These courses are designed to help you succeed in starting your online business and turn it into a giant profit machine, which will prevent you from losing money anymore.

So, what are some of the best training programs that will assist you in your career?

Well, I can name one.

And that is the Online Marketing Classroom.

In this review, I will be detailing everything about Online Marketing Classroom Review; starting from what is Online Marketing Classroom up to whether I would recommend this program to anyone. So, stick around if you wish to know more about it.

Also, I would like to say that I will be unbiased in giving my opinion on this product review. I will be tackling the pros and cons as much as possible to keep the tone of this article as honest as it can be.


What is Online Marketing Classroom?

Online Marketing Classroom is a membership program that teaches you everything you need to know about internet marketing. It does not matter if you are just starting out, already own a business, or a professional marketer; Online Marketing Classroom offers an ideal training program that will surely be beneficial to everyone.

At least that is how it is marketed.

The Online Marketing Classroom is founded by two outstanding veteran internet marketers: Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton. The reason they started Online Marketing is the fact that they wanted to give other people a proper foundation of knowledge and skills to help propel their business careers higher.

It is a very noble cause, to say the least because they are willing to share their techniques and secrets to their members.

What is included in the Online Marketing Classroom?

 Online Marketing Classroom

Online Marketing Classroom consists of 3 main cores.

These are:

  • Labs
  • Tutorials
  • And Workshops

Each core contains different kinds of resources that are proven to be useful for marketers whether they are still novices or a rather experienced marketer. When you join the membership program, you will get immediate access to these three along with Online Marketing Classroom’s features.


Labs or Content labs contain step-by-step instructions that will assist and teach you how to make money by selling or promoting digital products, starting up eCommerce stores, and many more money-making channels or streams.

The content labs basically contain all of the basics that you should learn before you start your internet marketing career. These instructions are very comprehensive, which is good since it will encourage fast learning and immediate application.


The tutorial core is a library of proven execution plans and cheatsheets that will benefit your business on so many aspects. These manuals a cheatsheet will show you how to build a high-converting sales funnels, increase website conversions, successfully run product launches, and so many more methods and techniques that will increase your income tremendously.

This collection of manuals and cheat sheets are highly valuable and will definitely push your online businesses to heights.

Here are some of the tutorials included in the library:

  • Business Selection Secrets
  • Zero To One: Note on Startups
  • The $40MM Launch Manual
  • The Info Product Cashflow Cheatsheet
  • The Local SEM Cashflow Cheatsheet
  • The Kindle Cashflow Cheatsheet


Once you become a member, you will also gain access to the Online Marketing Classroom workshops. These workshops or webinars are hosted every month. They will teach you several methods, strategies, and techniques that are sure to work on all of your income channels.

The best thing about this is that you can immediately use everything that you have learned and implement them immediately to your existing blueprints or revenue streams.

It is also worth noting that these webinars are hosted live, not prerecorded. This adds more to the Online Marketing Classroom’s authenticity when it comes to teaching their members new strategies or battle plans.

Some training programs will only offer you prerecorded webinars that are most likely outdated.

These three cores focus on topics such as:

  • Traffic and Conversion Secrets
  • Fast Start Action Plans
  • Quick Cash Methods
  • Super-Brand Secrets
  • Branding and Product Tactics
  • List Building and Funnel Secrets

And these are all just some of the few products that they are offering.

The 60-Day Challenge eCommerce

Aside from the three main cores of Online Marketing Classroom, you will also have access to the 60-Day Challenge eCommerce that features over 50 videos about helping you build a highly profitable eCommerce store in just a matter of time.

The 60 days is divided into nine weeks. Each week focuses on a single lesson to maximize learning. This is actually much better because if two lessons are being taught, there is a chance that they might overlap, which is not an ideal way to learn things.

Plus, dedicating a whole week on a single lesson is beneficial since every detail will be covered.

Here is the breakdown of the weekly lessons:

  • Week 1: Niche & Product Selection – During the first week, you will be taught everything you need to know about selecting a niche and product as well as building and choosing your target audience. You will also be taught on how to research a domain name.
  • Week 2: Store Set-Up & Optimization – The second week will be focused on teaching you how to set up your domain name, which you have been researching on in the previous week. You will also be taught how to install Shopify, add your products, and customize it to make it more visually appealing while making sure user-experience is of the utmost importance.
  • Week 3: Facebook Set-Up & Final Store Optimization – Just like what its title says, you will be setting up a Facebook account for your online store and create ads on it. Basically, the third week will require you to start driving your initial traffic to your online store via Facebook.
  • Week 4: Creating Ad Images & Sales Channels – During this week, you will learn the basics on how to create Ad images and videos that will procure more leads as well as creating your sales channels. You will also be taught how to set up your own support desk for your online store.
  • Week 5: Website Conversions & Facebook Ads – Website conversions and Facebook ads are the main focus of week 5. You will learn all of the Facebook ad strategies that are proven to work. Plus, you will be taught how to optimize your Facebook page.
  • Week 6: Fulfilling Orders & Upselling – On the sixth week, you will be learning how to fulfill your customers’ orders manually. Moreover, you will also learn how to offer an upsell that will definitely sell properly.
  • Week 7: Scaling your Ads, Duplicating Ad Sets, and Product Feeds – The basics of scaling your ads on Facebook will be taught along with duplicating your ad sets and using product feeds.
  • Week 8: Extended Scaling & Email List Building – On this week, building your email list is the main focus. You will be urged to use Kaviyo. Also, you will be taught more on scaling your ads this week. You will be asked for suggestions on what you want week 9’s video tutorials should contain. This can either be questions regarding your businesses or other queries that you would like to be answered.
  • Week 9: Clarification Videos – The last week will contain whatever question or query you have asked them during the previous week. These videos are what they are supposed to be, to clarify any confusion regarding your business or Online Marketing Classroom.

Software Tools

Aside from the training programs, you will also have access to the Online Marketing Classroom new private Software Suite. This suite will definitely help you boost your traffic, conversions, and increase your flow of income substantially.

  • Crowdforce

This solves your traffic problem if ever you feel like you are not gaining much traction. Using this program will help you drive organic traffic from different channels.

  • Bounce

Bounce will effortlessly transform your website visitors to money by organizing five separate tools. These are dynamic and customized pop-up message boxes, ‘floating banners' that hover in the corners of your website, and Billboard Bars that are ideal for email list building and for re-directing traffic to your most profitable pages.

  • Landing Page Launchpad

This is basically a drag and drop landing page and sales funnels builder, which is similar to ClickFunnels’ features. This will let you generate high-converting landing pages that are designed to entice your visitors to join. The landing pages that you create using this tool will automatically be mobile-responsive, so you do not have anything to worry about.

  • Traffic Spy

Traffic Spy is a powerful analytics tool that lets you track your website visitors seamlessly. You will be able to monitor every action they make, thus giving you the ability to optimize your website based on your visitors’ behavior. There is also a Heatmap feature, which adds more functionality.

  • Hawkeye

This magnificent tool allows you to search for high-profit prospects for new eCommerce products. It gives you a spectrum of detailed statistics along with an overall ‘opportunity score' for each product you procure. This is so you can quickly identify the products that you think will succeed.

  • Domains On Fire

Domains On Fire is a real-time research software that is used for finding recently-expired domain names that ranks (or ranked) in the top 10 Google keywords with high traffic and marketable intent.

  • eCom Product Finder

This almost has the same functionality as Hawkeye; the only difference is that the eCom Product Finder will pluck out profitable niches instead of products despite its name.

  • Viral Search Tool

This tool lets you scan the web and return with a selection of content pieces created by other companies, websites, or influencers that are getting a lot of traction and shares on social media.

  • Trustify/Free Trust Seals

With this software included in the suite, you can now enjoy free trust seals that you can use on your websites for absolutely zero cost. Trust seals usually cost a lot per site, which is reasonable since they are extremely valuable when it comes to conversions.

How much does it cost to join the Online Marketing Classroom?

Online Marketing Classroom does not really offer a very comprehensive pricing plan. In fact, it offers quite a simple one.

The Online Marketing Classroom program costs $97 per month.

As for $1497, you will be given immediate access to all of their updated programs.

These are:

  • Commission Blueprint Evolution
  • Online Marketing Classroom
  • Software Tool Suite
  • Monthly Live Workshops
  • Business/Content Labs
  • Tutorial Library
  • Traffic Cheatsheets
  • Full Online Courses
  • Private Case Studies
  • Personal Support
  • Private Facebook Group

But you should keep in mind that you will only have access to these features for fixed 2 whole years. And after that, you will have to renew your lifetime license.

Another thing is that they offer a 60-Day money-back guarantee no questions asked.

Online Marketing Classroom Affiliate Program

You can easily become an affiliate by directly signing up without having to purchase any of the programs.

By becoming an affiliate, you are subjected to earn 50% of their commissions for every sale. This applies to all of their payment plans; be it $97 or $1497.

All you need to do is to send traffic to their lead magnets or sales page in order to make a profit. It is easy to do.


Pros & Cons


  • It has a very active community that is willing to help you out with whatever issue you are facing.
  • The training courses are extremely informative when it comes to internet marketing and will really help in boosting your career prospects.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.
  • The support team is very reliable, and the response rate is pretty good if I must say so myself
  • The courses are always up to date, so you will not worry about being left out of the newer strategies.


So far, I have not yet stumbled upon anything that proves to be a hindrance or a bad side of Online Marketing Classroom other than its given price. Given the fact that it is not that popular since there almost zero product reviews that you can find across the internet.


Online Marketing Classroom is definitely an underrated gem. Despite its popularity not being on par with other membership programs, it still holds off on its own impressively.

It delivers what it is marketed to do, and the information, knowledge, and skills that you can acquire are very valuable, which will definitely help you propel your internet marketing career to great heights.

The Online Marketing Classroom training program is definitely not only geared towards novices. Aidan and Steven specifically stated on their sales page that it is also a solid training program for those who already own online business since they will be given access to a whole library of manuals and strategies which they will be able to use freely.

As for experienced or professional marketers, they should not worry since they will also benefit from these cheatsheets and plans that involve improving conversions and boosting traffic by only using the proven methods.

Every now and then, a slight push in the right direction is all you need to get the motivation you require. Which is why I believe that Online Marketing Classroom is the “push” that novice marketers need to achieve success.

What do you think about Online Marketing Classroom? Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions!


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I hope you have enjoyed my Online Marketing Classroom Review. If you have any doubt or queries, please let me know in the comment box. I will be glad to assist you.

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