Membership Method Review

Hey Folks, Navjot Singh here and thanks for stopping by to check out my Membership Method Review. For those who don’t know, I never review a product unless I actually get it first, go through it, use it, and pretty much make sure it delivers what it promises.

Membership websites have got to be one of the best money-making business models out there on the internet. It can be a subscription-based or one-time payment, and honestly, both payment plans work perfectly fine as long as you deliver what you promised to your subscribers.

There are a lot of membership programs that are pretty famous in their own ways. A funnel-building software, a landing page builder, an email autoresponder, training programs (which is the most popular out of the bunch), and so many more—even Netflix!

This is why, I believe, that the membership business model is probably the most effective yet difficult business model that you can choose to pursue. The reason why it is difficult is because of how you can maintain the satisfaction rate of your member consistently. It is undeniable that we, as humans, are not capable of maintaining our interests on a particular subject. We tend to look for something different, something to ponder on every now and then. And as an owner of a membership program, it is all up to you to keep things fresh on your site.

But how can you do that? Well, it is a good thing that there is a training program that revolves around this particular business model—and that program is The Membership Method.

The only question is, will it be enough to help you out in starting your own membership program? Let us find out, shall we?


What is the Membership Method?


The Membership Method is a training program that will teach you how to start your very own membership program business as well as how to maintain the integrity of your site. It is true that this business model has already been around for a very long time, but the problem is a lot of marketers do not have the slightest idea on how to start and grow a membership program.

The reason behind this is because of the lack of training courses regarding the membership program business model. Aside from that, most marketers are finding it hard to maintain a consistent audience with their content. Like I have mentioned before, people crave for newer things, even if it is just some minor updates. It keeps everything fresh and exciting at the very least.

With Membership Method, you will be taught how to create the foundation of your membership site all the way to earning your very first money and your very first subscriber. There are five whole training sessions included in Membership Method. All of which will give you the push you needed to maximize the potential of your membership site and attract your target audience seamlessly and a lot more effectively.

Aside from the five-week training sessions, you will also have access to all the resources that you need in order to jumpstart your career. And with these resources, you will be able to choose any niche or topic you want to build your membership program on. This is probably one of my favorites out of the bunch since you are given the freedom to choose any niche. Other programs only focus on a single niche, which is quite underwhelming and a bit unfair for marketers who would want to pursue a different niche.

Membership programs are good because it is a sure passive income stream once you managed to garner a few dozen subscribers to your site. Not only that, the fact that you managed to get someone to subscribe to you increases the chance for your website to drive more traffic and convert more—increasing your subscribers significantly.

You can also offer you membership program as an affiliate program and maximize your marketing efforts tenfold. You let your affiliates do some of the work and earn more money at the end of the day. As you may know, affiliate marketing is a win-win kind of business method, which is why there are a lot of marketers who chose to become affiliates rather than create their own products and sell them.

Who is the man behind Membership Method?

Chris Luck has been in the online entrepreneurship business since 1999, which resulted in him having a lot of experience in the industry. He has been involved in several online businesses during that time and created over thirteen online businesses.

And with that, Chris Luck’s expertise is undeniable and definitely legitimate if you peer into his history. In 2007, he started working on Membership Method all the while garnering and formulating various useful information on marketing and membership programs. He formulated different strategies and techniques that are sure to be of use to anyone who aspires to start an online business, particularly membership programs.

What is included in the Membership Method?

The Five-Week Training Sessions

The five-week training sessions are packed with the necessary topics that will help you create a membership site that is sure to convert. This includes finding a niche that you are comfortable with, creating and researching the proper content for your audience to enjoy, setting up the foundation of your site, driving traffic through paid and free channels, and lastly, automation. These topics are taught to you in that particular order.

You do not have to worry about each training video since everything is taught to you step by step, which makes it easier to understand each element efficiently. Plus, you will be able to access all training videos as soon as you join. Membership Method will not use the “Drip Feed” strategy, unlike most membership programs do.


Live Q&A Sessions

If ever you are confused on a certain subject, you can raise this concern in the Live Q&A Sessions with Chris Luck himself. The only problem is that these sessions are not scheduled weekly, in short, there is no definitive schedule for the Q&A sessions. The only thing you can do is be attentive on the schedules and be sure to be there once it is being held.


The Membership Method forums are your second go-to place if you have some pending questions. The community is willing to help you out with any concerns and are quite active. You do not even have to ask them directly since the forum is filled with threads that most likely have the same issue as you have. It is basically a gold mine for information.

Other than that, if you want to make friends or increase your connections, you are free to use the forums as the gateway to your membership program’s success. The more connections you have, the better the chances of your membership site to perform really well. Plus, it is free marketing if you managed to impress some folks in the forums.


  • Traffic Bonus – This bonus will serve as a guide for you to get your first 100 paying subscribers during your first 30 days.
  • Templates – You will also be provided with a few templates that will help you design your membership site successfully.
  • Workshops – This bonus is somewhat directly related to the Q&A sessions because, with this, you will have access to the monthly workshop that lets you ask questions from Chris himself.
  • Mastermind Bonus – The mastermind bonus is basically a 12-month support plan. It is an exclusive plan that lets you have the correct support that your business needs.
  • Partnership Bonus/ Affiliate Bonus – This is basically the affiliate program of Membership Method. Once you refer the program to someone else, you will be given $750 for each person you enticed to join. And to be honest, it is quite a huge percentage of commission.


The pricing of Membership Method is a bit extreme. It is supposed to be marketed for $2,997, but seeing how ridiculous that price is, Chris Luck decided to bring it down by a thousand dollars; making it now $1,997—which is quite accessible compared to the initial price. But still, the price may still not be accessible to all, but only to a few aspiring or intermediate marketers.

If ever you cannot afford the one-time payment of $1997, you can go for the alternate route, which gives you the option of joining Membership Method through the 6-month plan that costs $397. All in all, the total amount that you will be paying through the 6-month payment plan is $2382—which is more expensive than the discounted price.

Once you join, you will immediately get all of the features of Membership Method.

Pros & Cons


  • Chris Luck is actually a legitimate marketer, and his experiences are undeniably true.
  • The lessons being taught in Membership Method are really easy to understand, especially since they are taught step by step.
  • You have the freedom to choose your own niche, unlike other programs that focus on a particular niche, making it hard for other marketers to pursue their goals.
  • Membership programs or sites are one of the best money-making business models across the internet. Basically, one of the best income streams online.
  • Deliver what it is supposed to deliver.


  • The training program is very expensive, and it is not accessible to all.
  • It does not provide you with tools for creating a membership program site and will cost you more money by choosing the wrong service. It only provides you with training, and that is all you will get.
  • This is not really a flaw on Membership Method, rather it is a flaw in the business model itself; You cannot stop people from unsubscribing to you. You will have to keep their interest on top of your list if you want to keep them from leaving.

Is Membership Method Legit or a Scam?

One thing is for sure, Membership Method is definitely not a scam. It provides all the correct information that you need to jumpstart your career on internet marketing. It may be a bit difficult at first since building a membership program is pretty challenging than what people describe it to be.

Aside from that, the techniques and strategies included are proven and were personally formulated by Chris Luck himself. And take note, Chris Luck is actually the owner of 13 membership websites, which is actually pretty amazing. That itself makes Membership Method 100% legitimate.

Who should get a Membership Method?

I cannot possibly think that Membership Method is aimed at aspiring marketers who have absolutely zero experience in online marketing. The fact that it is offered at an expensive price tag leads me to believe that it is for internet marketers who already managed to earn a substantial amount of money through marketing; hence allowing them to afford the course.

I highly suggest aspiring internet marketers stay away from Membership Method, especially if they do not have more than $1997. The reason why I am saying this is because they would still have to pay a lot more other than the training program. One thing you should understand is that all you will get is the training courses, not the domains and page-building tools. And keep in mind the paid traffic generation may cost you a lot.


Membership Method is undoubtedly an amazing program that really helps you understand the essential concepts of starting up a membership site. It may still be quite difficult to do so, but Chris Luck still manages to emulsify his experiences into his way of teaching, making it easier to digest each lesson quickly.

Membership programs are, like I said, one of the best business models that you can use if you want to earn a substantial amount of money from your income stream. The starting process may be pretty slow and stale, but once you managed to get a visitor to subscribe to your membership site—you can expect more visitors to come to your site via word of mouth.

The only problem with this program is probably with its pricing. It is a bit expensive, and if Chris wanted this program to reach beginner marketers, he should have at least lowered the price. And if not, then I recommend this to intermediate or experienced marketers who have no prior knowledge on membership sites. The reason behind this is because these marketers are most likely to afford the training course rather than a beginner who probably has nothing yet.

Overall, it is a great training program that does its job perfectly. It did not skimp on some important aspects of membership programs, rather it explains each topic intricately.

So, what did you think about Membership Method? Is the program right up your alley? If not, tell me why in the comments down below! And if you have any more questions, feel free to contact me through Facebook Messenger, and I will reply as soon as possible!


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I hope you have enjoyed my Membership Method Review. If you have any doubt or queries, please let me know in the comment box. I will be glad to assist you.

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