Instabuilder Vs Clickfunnels

This is the most updated Instabuilder vs. ClickFunnels review you'll find on the web (Updated Last Month).

It is important to know that many article variations are claiming an honest Instabuilder vs. ClickFunnels review whether it is “100% exposed.” or is it a scam? Well, those are all OUTDATED.

Everyone wants their online businesses to prosper. And in order to make this possible, you would have to be both resourceful and creative towards your products as well as your marketing strategies.

That said, there are a lot of tools that can help your online businesses reach incredible heights as long as you choose the best one on the market. But how would you know if it is the right tool for you?

Well, worry no more because I will be reviewing two well-known marketing tools, which you are probably thinking of getting. These are Instabuilder and ClickFunnels.

Both are popular marketing tools that a lot of marketers are using right now. In fact, I am currently using one of them.

If you are quite unfamiliar with these tools, or you are still new to the internet marketing world, then stick around this comparative review to help you decide what tool to start on.

But one thing is for sure, these two are very different tools. They only have some similarities, which is why a comparison is still needed.



 What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a funnel building software that removes the burden of selling, delivering, and building lists online. It has a wide set of tools that makes it easier for marketers to set up their own online store.

Russell Brunson founded ClickFunnels in hopes of changing the lives of online entrepreneurs. He is a renowned internet marketer who also created a whole bunch of software that is very useful for internet marketers. This is an essential tool that internet marketers frequently use to help generate a substantial amount of profit by acquiring high-quality leads that are sure to convert. Another thing you should know is that he is actually the reason why the concept of sales funnels became popular.

Also, Russell wrote several books that sold more than 200k copies in his career. He is extremely passionate about marketing since he was a child. Eventually, his effort led him to become a successful and prominent figure in the field of digital marketing.

ClickFunnels has come a very long way since its initial release. A lot of internet marketers and online entrepreneurs agreed that ClickFunnels helped them tremendously in building their very own sales funnels from scratch. Back then, sales funnels are a huge pain in the neck to build due to the lack of funnel building tools.

And that is the main reason why Russell decided to create software that is sure to be used by most internet marketers around the globe.

Again, ClickFunnels is a sales funnel-building program that is designed to help you build your own sales funnels. It has a very accessible way of constructing a sales funnel, incorporating a simple drag and drop feature, it surely gives it a plus in user experience.

Although, you can still be able to integrate your HTML and CSS codes if you prefer to customize your sales funnels that way, if you want the easier way, you are probably better off using its drag and drop funnel and page builder.

Not only does ClickFunnels allow you to create the sales funnels you want; but it can also help you create landing pages, membership sites, webinar funnels, and a whole lot more. And if you upgrade your plan, you can have access to their email automation tool called Actionetics. Plus, you can also have their affiliate marketing program named Backpack. It is packed with a lot of tools and resources, which makes them really determined in your success.

ClickFunnels is basically an all in one digital marketing program that offers a comprehensive set of tools that will definitely assist you throughout your internet marketing career.

Main features of ClickFunnels

Drag & Drop Visual Editor

Drag-and-Drop Visual Editor

ClickFunnels incorporates an easy Drag & Drop feature that makes funnel and page building easy. You will never have to manually code things one by one, hoping you made the correct change until it becomes the way you wanted it to be.

Although it may not be as flexible as other funnel and page builders out there, ClickFunnels makes up for its intuitiveness and can still help you achieve the design you want.

Funnel Template Blueprints

ClickFunnels has a library of funnel templates that you can use when creating your own funnels. Some of the templates can be bought from other users since this library has a market functionality that lets members buy and sell funnels.

Russell has also identified at least 22 types of funnels, those of which he has already used in his own businesses.

These are:

  • Squeeze Page Funnel
  • Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel
  • Lead Magnet Funnel
  • Bridge Funnel
  • Survey Funnel
  • Application Funnel
  • Ask Campaign Funnel
  • 2-Step Tripwire Funnel
  • Video Sales Letter Funnel
  • Sales Letter Funnel
  • Membership Funnel
  • Daily Deal Funnel
  • Invisible Funnel
  • Webinar Funnel
  • Autowebinar Funnel
  • Product Launch Funnel

All of these 22 types of funnels are available in the template library. You can freely use them and modify them as your own, turning them into high converting funnels.

     Widget Library for Landing Pages

ClickFunnels also has a library of advanced widgets that require a bit of tweaking when placing them. These are:

  • Custom HTML
  • SMS Signup
  • Facebook Comments
  • FAQ Blocks
  • Progress Bars
  • Surveys
  • Pricing Tables
  • Countdown Timers

There are also a lot of other things that you can add aside from the ones mentioned above. If you want to create a membership website, ClickFunnels has that plugin. If you are going to be selling online, there are shipping forms and checkout pages that you can also add.

Plus, you are free to customize these widgets to your liking.


Actionetics is an email automation platform under ClickFunnels. It is integrated directly into your sales funnel structure for you to automate your subscriber actions. It works similarly to other email marketing platforms like creating email lists, sending automated emails and broadcasts, and stores contacts automatically.

It also has its own lead scoring system, which is called Action Score. This feature will automatically record your contacts’ engagements and will help you further optimize your processes.

  • Backpack

The Backpack is ClickFunnels’ own affiliate management program that lets you, well, manage your affiliate links more efficiently without giving you a headache in the process.

Through this, you have full control on all of your affiliate functionalities such as setting up an affiliate link, create commission plans for your affiliates, integrate your links on your sales funnels, and lastly, monitor their performance.

Essentially, this program helps you in managing all of your affiliate links without the need for scouring through all of your affiliate links and analyze them one by one.

Aside from those, you can also do the following:

  • View your affiliate progress.
  • Allows you to view individual affiliate profile.
  • Organize your affiliate funnels.
  • View payments due.
  • Gives you the authority to set commission plans and tiers.

Much like Actionetics, Backpack is only available in the Etison Suite Plan.

ClickFunnels Pricing

As of now, the Basic Clickfunnels plan costs $97 per month. This is actually the cheapest, upfront option that you can choose at the beginning.

Here are the features that you can expect with ClickFunnels Basic plan:

  • Unlimited contacts
  • You can use 3 custom domains
  • You can create 100 pages
  • Allows you to build 20 funnels of your choosing
  • Allows 20,000 monthly visitors
  • It has all page templates available
  • All funnel types are also available immediately along with the funnel template blueprints
  • You can share your funnels with other ClickFunnels users
  • A/B split testing

The downside of this plan is that you will not be able to use their built-in email service provider and affiliate management system, which are Actionetics and Backpack, respectively.

To get Actionetics and Backpack, you will have to avail for the second plan, which is the Etison Suite plan. This suite costs $297 a month, which is significantly more expensive than the previous payment.

Etison Suite, despite its expensive pricing, does have its reason. It has all of the advanced features that the Basic plan does not have.

These features are:

  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited funnels
  • Unlimited monthly visitors
  • 3 custom domains
  • It has all page templates available
  • All funnel types are also available immediately along with the funnel template blueprints
  • You can share your funnels with other ClickFunnels users
  • A/B split testing
  • Actionetics
  • Backpack


Pros & Cons

What I like about ClickFunnels (Pros)

  • Has a very intuitive and efficient drag-and-drop page builder
  • An extensive library of funnel and page templates that are designed and tested to convert
  • Built-in checkout pages
  • Has a solid built-in affiliate program management system called Backpack (exclusive on Etison Suite Plan)
  • Built-in email marketing automation service called Actionetics (Also available in Etison suite only)
  • Has a very comprehensive A/B split testing tool
  • Can integrate with over 100 complimentary eCommerce programs
  • Has the ability to integrate with custom domains and WordPress sites
  • The money you spend on ClickFunnels will not go to waste and does not increase, unlike when hiring someone to do the job for you.

What I don’t like about ClickFunnels (Cons)

  • It still lacks some freedom in customization despite the Drag & Drop feature
  • Very expensive and it is clearly geared towards high-income marketers
  • It can get quite overwhelming at first, especially its features
  • No 24/7 chat support
  • The Basic Plan is extremely limited for the price of $97. It is a bit clear that Russell is much more inclined on selling the Etison Suite Plan.

What is Instabuilder?


Instabuilder is a WordPress plugin for building high-converting landing pages. Not only that, but it also allows you to manage the landing pages you have created.

The features Instabuilder has is mainly geared towards building landing pages and nothing more. This will apparently place it behind ClickFunnels based on its features alone.

The kinds of landing pages you can build on Instabuilder are:

  • Squeeze Page
  • Mini Squeeze Page
  • Sales page
  • “Thank you” page
  • Opt-In page
  • Video Page
  • Product launch page

Another thing you need to make sure is that you should have an existing WordPress website to utilize this plugin properly. ClickFunnels also beats Instabuilder in this aspect since ClickFunnels is its own property. There is no need for a third-party domain to operate your internet marketing needs.


Notable features of Instabuilder

  • Drag & Drop Page Editor

Much like ClickFunnels, Instabuilder also has a very intuitive Drag & Drop editor for its landing pages. This makes it easier to build your landing pages from scratch without having the need to enter confusing codes and whatnot. Every element you need is already included in the palette located at the side.

In this part, both ClickFunnels and Instabuilder are equal in terms of their drag & drop features.

  • Landing Page Templates

Instabuilder houses a library of over 100 pre-made landing page templates that you can freely use for your online endeavors. Moreover, you can modify these templates to your liking and ultimately making it your own.

Here are the types of landing page templates you can find in the library:

  • Squeeze page
  • Mini Squeeze Pages
  • Video Squeeze Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Video sales pages
  • Launch Pages
  • Webinar pages
  • Thank You pages
  • Download Pages
  • Upsell pages
  • Coming Soon page, and so many more!

And if ever you built an effective landing page from scratch, you can save this template in your library if there comes a time that you will use it again. It is a pretty simple yet useful detail to have.

  • A/B Split Testing

Both ClickFunnels and Instabuilder have a split-testing feature since they are both landing page builders. Split testing is a necessary feature that every marketing tool should have because it will save you and many other marketers some time and precious money.

Imagine investing in an ad or a landing page only to find out that it did not attract even a single customer in it.

That is where split testing comes into play. You basically create two landing pages with a few differences and compare them by way of publishing them through different channels. This way, you will be able to see which one performs better than the other.

Both tools utilized this feature quite well.

  • Integrations

This is where Instabuilder lacked. Since it is an exclusive WordPress plugin, its integrating possibilities are very limited.

Although it does integrate well with social media websites.

As for ClickFunnels, it can integrate with a lot of third-party programs, which is expected since it is basically an all-in-one internet marketing tool. But it is also evident that ClickFunnels pushes for its own products like Actionetics and Backpack rather than third-party applications.

Integrations include:

  • MailChimp
  • ConvertKit
  • GetResponse
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Zapier
  • Social Media sites (E.g., Facebook)
  • Hubspot
  • Drip
  • And many more!

Instabuilder Pricing

Unlike ClickFunnels, whose price plans are monthly recurring fees, Instabuilder only offers one-time payments without any recurring fees.

But despite that, it offers three different price plans, which mainly varies in the number of domains you want to have.

These are:

  • 3-Site License – The first plan costs only $77 (One-time)
  • Install on three domains you own
  • One year support and update
  • Unlimited License – Costs only $97 (One-time)
  • Install on unlimited domains you own
  • One year support and update
  • Developer License – The last plan costs $197 (One-time)
  • Install on unlimited domains you own
  • Can install on your client’s websites
  • One year support and update

It is a pretty straightforward price plan, and it actually has a cheaper value than ClickFunnels.

Pros & Cons

What I like about Instabuilder (Pros)

  • Has cheaper price plans than most marketing software. Plus, it only offers one-time payments
  • The visual editor is also easy to use and very intuitive
  • The available templates are very impressive and can help you get an idea on what a proper landing page should look like
  • Accessible to beginners

What I don’t like about Instabuilder (Cons)

  • Integration is very limited since it is a WordPress plugin
  • You are required to have an existing WordPress website/domain to be able to use it
  • It is only a landing page builder. Nothing more. (This is not really a problem, but since we are comparing the two—I decided to include this fact)


Now that I have stated their differences and similarities, which one of the two is the best choice than the other?

Well, to be fair, Instabuilder does its intended purpose quite well and accurately. It is a great landing page builder overall since it caters to the needs of beginner marketers effectively. I actually found Instabuider a lot less confusing than when I first got on ClickFunnels.

When I was new on ClickFunnels, I had a lot of head-scratching moments, but I soon got over it pretty quickly since there are tutorials scattered around its dashboard and the community is always willing to help.

That said, I would still prefer, and would highly recommend ClickFunnels over Instabuilder since it has it all. ClickFunnels’ features go beyond landing page building. As I have mentioned before, it is an all-in-one program that helps you create a highly-converting online business through the use of all of ClickFunnels products and courses.

But, if you already have a WordPress website and is only looking for a landing page builder, the Instabuilder is perfect for you. It is a very intuitive program that will help monetize your WordPress website smoothly.

So, which one are you going for? Let me know in the comments below!


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