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Sales funnels are an essential part of an online business. They are the ones that keep your profits flow directly to your bank accounts.

That is because, without sales funnels, you will not be able to have a solid strategy on how to sell your physical or digital products online. They are literally the backbone of an online business.

However, even if you create a sales funnel, you are still not guaranteed any success until you have made your very first sale. It is literally a hit or miss kind of thing. And trust me, creating a sales funnel is not just a simple walk in a park. It involves a lot of brainstorming to get the right formula of a high-converting funnel.

Fortunately, there are a few useful programs that make it easier for us to create a funnel. By easy, I mean all the tools in creating a funnel are included in a single program, which is extremely convenient for us internet marketers.

That is why, in this article, I will be discussing a sales funnel mapping program that has a lot of funnel building tools at its disposal.

And this program is aptly named Funnelytics.


What is Funnelytics?


Funnelytics is a web-based program that lets you map your sales funnel visually from its traffic source down to its conversion stage. Funnelytics is a very flexible tool, which allows you to edit and map all your funnel projects easily.

Not only do you get to map your funnels with ease, with Funnelytics, you also get to analyze their performances with tracking analytics. This was made possible because of Funnelytics’ mapping platform.

Mikael Dia created Funnelytics after he became frustrated when there was not a better tool out there that can assist him in monitoring and mapping all of his funnels at once. This is relatable to almost every online business owner you can find because we would rather not purchase a program that lacks an important tool—and programs like those are quite expensive.

Mikael wanted to track his sales funnels’ effectivity to make sure that they were converting and driving traffic. As you may know, if your sales funnel is not converting without your knowledge, you are more likely to lose money rather than earning some.

The genius of Funnelytics is that it really ties together all your marketing processes and shows you how they are connected in the form of a sales funnel.

What are the key features of Funnelytics?

So what are the features that makeFunnelytics stand above other funnel-building programs?

Here’s a to-the-point review all the key features of Funnelytics:

Funnel Mapping

Funnelytics lets you visually map your sales funnel more elaborately than using a whiteboard. Instead of just using lines that connect each page in the funnel, Funnelytics will also show you the source of the incoming traffic and its conversion stage.

To add more to Funnelytics’ user-experience, a simple drag & drop feature was incorporated to let you customize your funnel more freely. The drag and drop feature is definitely one of the best features of Funnelytics.

 Sales Funnel Sharing

You can instantly share your funnels to your team members or clients with this feature to keep them up to date whenever you edit or revise a funnel.

Funnelytics included this feature for the sole purpose of impressing your clients. You can showcase your work by exporting all of your funnels to a PNG file.

Other than that, you can share your funnel by using its very own URL. That way, when someone clicks this link, they will be redirected to an exact copy of your funnel. This will only work if the viewer currently has a Funnelytics account if not, they can sign up for free. Once they are taken there, they can save your funnel to their dashboards and modify them freely.

Funnelytics Vault

Funnelytics Vault

Templates should always be a part of an editor no matter what. This allows for a fast and smooth process whenever you create a sales funnel. Just drag and drop these templates and customize it to your liking. After that, you are good to go!

Fortunately, Funnelytics has this feature that lets you save your previous funnel as a template. You can edit your templates as much as you want, improving its effectivity quite easily.

Plus, if you subscribe to Funnelytics Pro, you will have access to funnels that are proven to convert. These funnels are created by famous online marketers, one of them is Ryan Deiss.

One thing you should know is that Funnelytics adds templates to the Funnelytics Vault every month.

Aside from templates, there are also step-by-step videos on how these funnels were created. You will learn all the unique procedures done to achieve a high-converting funnel.

Funnel Analytics

The analytics feature is definitely one of the two selling points of Funnelytics. The other one being funnel mapping. This feature is exclusively available to Pro users only, but it is definitely one of Funnelytics’ best.

Aside from its name, the main reason why this is one of Funnelytics main feature is because of how it presents you the performance data of your sales funnels. This will allow you to see whether your sales funnels need a drastic change or not. You will also get an awareness of what your funnel is lacking in terms of accessibility, appeal, and structure.

With Funnelytics Pro, you can set your analytics on the top of your sales funnel, allowing you to visually analyze the flow and see where what is lacking, and what steps you should take to keep your customers from leaving without proceeding to a conversion.

As of now, the Funnelytics team are actively improving this feature to allow for more usability and making it a powerful tool for marketers.

Track Traffic Sources

Funnelytics UTM

Through Funnelytics, you can track and analyze all of your traffic sources with UTM Tagging.

UTM Tagging or Urchin Traffic Monitor is a code that you can attach at the end of a website URL. This code acts as a unique tracking code that is sent directly to Funnelytics for you to see its performance data.

There are also traffic icons for you to drag, drop, and connect to your sales funnel. This will let you see the analytics of your traffic.

Aside from that, Funnelytics also has an existing UTM Tracking Spreadsheet that has the list all your tracking links in your campaigns. This will act as your guide whenever you want to do something about your tracking links.

Funnelytics Support

Funnelytics currently has two modes of customer support: Chat support and Documentation support through articles and videos.

The chat support does not currently have a 24/7 availability. The Funnelytics headquarters is located in Toronto, Canada. Chances are, you won’t be getting an immediate response from them if you live in a different time zone.

It is quite unfortunate that the support team has a limited availability. Luckily, it Funnelytics have an existing database whereas you can look through different up-to-date articles and videos that may help you in your existing technical issues.

Another great thing about the Funnelytics support team is that they are very accommodating whenever you point out a problem that is possibly on their end, which is a big plus for me.



As of this moment, Funnelytics only has two plans available. You can register for a free account that has limited features, or you can avail for their Pro plan (which was formerly a lifetime plan) that costs $695 per year.

Under the free plan, you will have access to the following features:

  • Funnel Mapping
  • A limited number of 10 Funnels
  • Allows for PDF and PNG Exporting
  • Training Videos

As for the pro plan, you will get:

  • Funnel Mapping
  • Unlimited Funnels
  • PDF and PNG Exports
  • Goal and Conversion Tracking
  • ROI Reports
  • Customer Profiles
  • Email Tracking
  • Ad Tracking
  • FB Integration
  • Split Tests
  • Heat Mapping
  • And there are more features that you can expect in the future.

Aside from these plans, Funnelytics also offers Funnelytics Vault as a separate product for a price of $47. It is a one-time payment, which includes all of the pre-created templates that you can freely use once you have bought it.

Another upsell that Funnelytics has is the option for Pro members to enjoy features such as video presentations, call scripts, proposals, contracts, and email campaigns by simply adding $97 on their billing.

If you availed for  Funnelytics Pro plan and decided that it is not the program for you, you can apply for a refund through their 30-Day money-back guarantee.

Pros and Cons

Now, let us move on to all of Funnelytics pros and cons.

For a program that is only starting up, it is understandable that it has some hits and misses. And believe it or not, Funnelytics has a lot of hits for a program that is first of its kind.

What I like about Funnelytics (Pros)

  • Funnelytics Vault has a lot of templates from famous marketers with a step-by-step tutorial.
  • Funnel designs shareable and can be downloaded anytime.
  • You can monitor your analytics through detailed visuals to see how they are performing.
  • The Drag & Drop feature makes funnel building much easier.
  • It allows you to track your current revenue
  • Designing your funnels are much faster
  • High-quality funnel templates that you can edit at any time.
  • It allows you to customize your funnels freely without any underlying limits.
  • It is not a monthly subscription-based program. Moreover, it is a yearly plan, which is, in my opinion, a good advantage.

What I don’t like about Funnelytics (Cons)

  • It currently cannot integrate with shopping carts and payment processors (Hopefully, in the future, they will).
  • Funnelytics also does not integrate with any email marketings services.
  • Tracking your on-page events may prove to be quite confusing.
  • Only the pro version of Funnelytics can give you access to high-quality sales funnel templates.
  • Funnelytics is not a page builder, unlike most funnel-building programs.
  • The Free version is extremely limited and is clearly pushing members into upgrading to the Pro version.
  • Still in its early stage.

Is Funnelytics the right program for me?

Funnelytics is undoubtedly a very useful program, especially if you want to maximize the conversion rate of all your existing sales funnels. You can only achieve that by consistently monitoring the analytics of each sales funnel.

I believe that Funnelytics is a must-have program to get the most out of your sales funnels.

Plus, if you want to:

  • Create beautiful funnels fast
  • Analyze the effectivity of all your funnels
  • Track the metrics for each component and channel of your funnels
  • Create a clear visual representation of your marketing plan
  • Easily share your funnels with customers and colleagues

Then Funnelytics is definitely the program for you.


Funnelytics has got to be the best funnel mapping software out there because of its analytics and their intuitive drag & drop feature. It is a powerful tool that lets you visualize your sales funnels from beginning to end, which is a huge advantage for marketers who are usually driven or motivated by visuals such as myself.

Once you’ve mapped out your sales funnel, you can easily track and monitor the detailed metrics on user engagement and conversions. This is what Funnelytics Pro’s main selling point is. It presents all of your funnels and performance data in one visually pleasing map that is easy to understand.

Funnelytics is not yet a complete program, but the team behind it are still improving each feature continuously. The tools may be buggy, and the processes can be a bit clunky sometimes, but keep in mind that Funnelytics is still in BETA.

That said, Funnelytics still delivers its features quite well. For  BETA program, I am surprised that it still holds up on its own, unlike other BETA programs that have a lot of bugs that make them almost unusable.

And the best part is, the Funnelytics team are actively adding awesome new features. In fact, word has it that Funnel Hacks is actually being added to the Funnelytics Vault, and will be included in the yearly plan—which is great!

I highly recommend Funnelytics if you plan on creating high-quality and visually appealing sales funnels. It is perfect for online marketers who are keen on details and are driven through visuals and analytics.

Funnelytics may have a long way to go, but I suggest that you invest in it as early as possible. I can assure you that you will not regret getting this program because it will only get better as time goes by. A real investment, if I say so myself.

So, what do you think about Funnelytics?

Let me know in the comments below!



What are the top integrations that Funnelytics has?
As of now, there are only four known integrations available for Funnelytics, and I’m sure that there are more to come.
These are:

Can I use Funnelytics to build pages and send emails for email marketing?
Unfortunately, Funnelytics currently has no integration available on email marketing and page builder program. You will have to use other email marketing programs like ConvertKit or ActiveCampaign.As for page builders, you can use ClickFunnels if you want to create a page to use your sales funnels.

What is the difference between the free version and the pro version?
The free version is much more limited than the pro version. In fact, the free version is only good for mapping your sales funnels as well as exporting them as PDFs or PNGs. That by itself is already a great feature, but you are only viable to create 10 funnels, which is very few.In the pro version, you have the power to create an unlimited number of funnels and have access to all of Funnelytics’ amazing features, one of them is the analytics feature AKA the main selling point of the Funnelytics Pro plan.

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I hope you have enjoyed my Funnelytics Review. If you have any doubt or queries, please let me know in the comment box. I will be glad to assist you.

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