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It's important to know that many article variations are claiming an honest Expert Secrets book review whether it is “100% exposed.” or is it a scam? Well, those are all OUTDATED.

The reason you are here is probably that you are done reading the DotCom Secrets book, which is often regarded as the prequel of Expert Secrets. For me, I believe that DotCom Secrets should be read BEFORE Expert Secrets because the knowledge you will acquire in that book is necessary to execute your career plans smoothly.

And that is the beauty of learning; you acquire something, and after that, you will ultimately acquire some more. It is a very intricate yet simple cycle that keeps us all going.

That is what Russell Brunson wanted his books to be. Making every book an essential requirement to further your career. It is not just a marketing strategy. In fact, I see it more as a benefit rather than a measly sales strategy.

Although the two mentioned books feature different topics, you will soon see how these topics interconnect and how you can incorporate all your learned strategies into your platform or whatever business you are going to run.

It is not really a requirement to read DotCom Secrets before Expert Secrets, but I highly recommend doing so as to guide you properly through your online business path—especially if you are still a beginner.


What are Expert Secrets?


Expert Secrets is an internet marketing book written by Russell Brunson, the co-founder of ClickFunnels. As I mentioned before, it is often regarded as the follow-up or sequel to Russell’s book called DotCom Secrets.

The difference between the two is their respective topics that were discussed. DotCom Secrets is focused on discussing the different concepts of funnels and how to use them properly. While in Expert Secrets, you will learn how to become an expert on your chosen niche for your business. Not only that, but you will also learn how to build a substantial following who will ultimately become your fans.

With that, you will have no problem selling your products as well as services.

Take note that this book is aimed at online entrepreneurs that are planning on selling digital products like training programs, consultation services, eBooks, coaching, and other information products. That is why it is aptly named Expert Secrets.

Expert Secrets will guide you into becoming a very well-known expert in your chosen field or niche so you can share your pieces of advice or knowledge to your clients effectively. In doing so, you will build a lot of loyal fans or customers who will constantly enjoy your products.

And if you become successful in building an audience, traffic and leads are surely coming your way. Everything literally falls into place once you do this properly.

The Expert Secrets book consisted of 240 pages and was published back in 2017, which is relatively new. This means the strategies will absolutely still work since it has only been less than 2 years—and trust me, marketing strategies cannot easily be outdated.

Expert Secrets earned a 4.5 out of 5.0 book rating on Goodreads, which means that 97% of people liked it. As for Google Books, only 88% of Google users liked it—which is not entirely bad since it is still a relatively high rating.

The information you will get here is the same information Russell used in building his ClickFunnels empire. This means you can actually become a hundred-million-dollar earner once you incorporate it properly.


What is included in the Expert Secrets book?

Expert Secrets book

The topics discussed in Expert Secrets are divided into three sections. Although it may not seem much, these topics are expounded elaborately in 240 pages: no fluff, no unnecessary information.

Section 1: Creating Your Mass Movement

Russell emphasizes the importance of creating your own mass movement in the first section. And in this section, Russell mentions and discuss the three important things that can be found on almost every mass movement out there. These are:

  • The Charismatic Leader

Russell elaborated on how to become a natural Charismatic Leader. He stated that you do not have to be a natural-born leader. In fact, all you have to do to become one is to follow a set of simple rules to establish yourself as a leader.

Basically, you have to work for it and bring out your charismatic side and hone your leadership skills. It is a bit difficult if you are not really that type of person, but then again, it is not impossible to be one. If you already read the DotCom Secrets book, this process will be familiar to you since this involves the concept of an Attractive Character, which I will discuss later on.

  • The Cause

“The Cause” is basically your vision for your company. Russell teaches you how to formulate a futuristic view of your marketing career, which will help your followers understand where your loyalties lie and what business route you are going to take.

This is a critical part since it is a way of building your followers’ trust. Because believe it or not, they will be tagging along with your journey all the way through—you would not want them to leave you hanging as you push through with your vision.

  • The New Opportunity

I perceive this as the sales pitch of your business. This is where you will present a convincing opportunity that will make your followers love you more or choose you over your competitors.

But, take note that this is not as simple as showing them something and hoping for them to take the bait. You would have to be really convincing on what you are trying to offer your followers. Plus, the opportunity you are trying to offer them should be beneficial to both parties. It should not be a one-sided benefit, or else you will risk losing your subscribers or followers.

As I have mentioned before, becoming a Charismatic Leader calls for the implementation and understanding of the Attractive Character concept, which was discussed by Russell in his DotCom Secrets book.

The Attractive Character is basically an online persona that you create to allow your customers to be more sympathetic towards you. With this character, you are likely to have clients that enjoy the content you make, allowing for more sales and traffic to come to your online business.

Russell stated the 4 elements you needed to create the perfect Attractive Character. These are:

  • Compelling backstory
  • Speaking in parables
  • Character flaws
  • Polarity

More of this is discussed in my DotCom Secrets Review, so feel free to check it out!

Section 2: Creating a Belief

The second section of Expert Secrets elaborates more on the second important thing that a Mass Movement should have: The Cause.

Russel teaches you how to make your target audience believe in what you are offering or what you are going to be offering them in the future. It is common knowledge that a lot of scammers are operating around the internet nowadays. And the worst part is, there is no way of determining a scam beforehand.

Scammers are becoming craftier by the minute, meaning they can be extremely convincing and may lure anybody to a pitfall. That is why it is important to build a solid trust between you and your followers to help your brand veer away from false accusations.

Russell will teach you exactly how you can create a long-lasting trust between you and your target audience by creating culture or story behind every product you make. This will help you boost your trust ratings and accrue more positive reviews once you have done this properly.

There are 6 secrets of creating the belief that Russell included in this section, which I will not be disclosed in this article to avoid spoiling too much of this amazing book. These are:

  • The Big Domino
  • The Epiphany Bridge
  • The Hero’s Two Journey
  • The Epiphany Bridge Script
  • False Belief Patterns
  • The Three Secrets

All of these secrets are geared towards building trusts and convincing your followers to keep using your products instead of your competitors.

In summary, Russell will teach you how to write a compelling story that will emotionally touch your audience or will relate to you. You can sympathize with their problems, tell them the story of how you built your business, or even tell them your humble beginnings.

Section 3: The Stack: Selling with Authenticity

This section, which is the final section, is basically where you will be executing your recently formulated strategies (in regards to the previous two sections) and incorporate them into your online businesses.

Russell introduces the concept of a Stack Slide. The Stack Slide is basically a slide or text box that lists all of your product bundle’s overall value. You can often see this strategy being used on multiple online marketing bundles being offered across the internet.

The Stack Slide is a pretty simple concept that is essential to make a sale. It convinces your customers more by showing them how much of a bargain your offer is because of the estimated value of each product.

Here is an example of the Stack Slide:

What you’re going to get…

  • Masterclass ($9997 value)
  • Marketing Tool of some sort ($997 value)
  • Training Video/Secret #1 ($397 value)
  • Training Video/Secret #2 ($397 value)
  • Training Video/Secret #3 ($397 value)
  • Bonuses (Priceless)

It is a pretty effective strategy because of how it comes off as a very convincing fact.

Aside from that, Russell will also teach you how to sell your products through webinars. And since Russell has been doing a lot of live webinars throughout the years, he eventually perfected a formula that leads him to generate sales that went up to hundred millions of dollars.

This strategy is called the Perfect Webinar. This strategy shows you how to create a well-structured webinar that will feature your products and offers while completely prioritizing your viewers’ utmost interests. You do not want to come off as too sale-sy (if that’s even a word) because it will ruin your viewers’ or followers’ excitement.

The Perfect Webinar does not necessarily have to be done live. You can record a webinar and offer it or sell it to your followers for a long period. Just be sure that the information you included in the webinar lasts for a long time, or else it will turn out to be outdated—and that should not happen.

There are four secrets that Russell shared in regards to creating the Perfect Webinar. These are:

  • Trial Closes
  • The Stack
  • Breaking and Rebuilding Patterns
  • One Thing

These are basically the formula that Russell used to create the Perfect Webinar for his company.

Expert Secrets Pricing

The Expert Secrets book usually costs $17.07 on other online bookstores. But on Amazon, the paperback version costs $13.56 as for its Kindle version, it sells for $8.69.

On the other hand, Russell is actually offering this book for free if you order Expert Secrets on their official website. It costs absolutely nothing, just make sure you will handle the shipping fee, which normally costs $7.95 if you are in the United States.

If you currently reside internationally, the shipping and handling fee will cost $14.95, which is still cheaper than in online bookstores that cost $17.07 plus the shipping and handling fee.

So, if you ever decided on buying this book, I would recommend getting it through their official website since it is free. Or if you prefer it in PDF, you can avail for the Kindle version since it will not require any additional fees.


The Expert Secrets book is definitely one of the most useful books about internet marketing. It is filled with extremely valuable advice that will definitely push your marketing efforts further.

Personally, I have been using the strategies that Russell discussed in the Expert Secrets book, specifically the Stack Slides. This concept helped me generate a pretty consistent income, especially from my bonus packages.

The main theme or topic of Expert Secrets is to help you build your own fanbase that trusts you to produce valuable content or products, which they will immediately buy.

Once you have built a solid fanbase, you no longer need to promote your brand on social media platforms constantly since your followers will do it for you. It is an amazing strategy that is beneficial to both you and your customers.

I highly recommend reading Expert Secrets, especially if you are still a beginner in the field of online marketing. In fact, I believe this book is geared towards novice marketers due to the way the book is written. Every topic and strategy is properly introduced, and there is no complicated information that will leave you scratching your head.

Aside from that, I would also recommend reading the DotCom Secrets book if you have not yet done so. That way, you can have a solid foundation in building the perfect online business that will earn you a lot of profit. Besides, it is Expert Secrets is the follow-up to the DotCom Secrets book so there is no excuse not to read it.

Do you have any questions about Expert Secrets? Let me know in the comments, and I will get back to you the soonest!


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