Digital worth academy review

Have you ever wondered how much money you can make when you sell properties? From what I can tell with my little knowledge about real estate, you will make millions out of a single sale. And that is a lot of money if you think about it. But why am I saying this? Well, that is because the same can be enacted or done online, except for the fact that you are not selling houses or land, you will be selling your online properties—specifically your high-authority websites.

You may think that this is farfetched, especially for online marketers, but one thing is for sure; a lot of people are looking for a pre-made website to support their online businesses like blogs, affiliate marketing websites, and other money-making machines that marketers are going for.

The only problem with entering that type of industry is entirely on how you can achieve and create a high-authority website that is surely worth your customer’s money.

Well, to provide a solution to that problem, the only logical way to start up your career on internet marketing that specializes in selling websites is through training programs. Training programs have been way too apparent nowadays since there are a lot of people who are looking to have a fresh start on internet marketing so that they can earn money without having to go out to work. It is an absolute dream for students who think that their future is on the internet, not in the actual world—which is perfectly understandable since we all have different preferences.

And to support your upcoming career of selling high-authority websites to affiliate marketers and bloggers, there is one particular training program that you should take; and that is the Digital Worth Academy.


What is Digital Worth Academy?


You may already have an idea of what Digital Worth Academy is based on what I have mentioned before, which is a training and coaching program that teaches you how to start your online career by selling high-authority websites through proven SEO techniques and provide a traffic stream that lasts long.

Not only will you be taught how to create and sell a performing website, you will also learn how to create a profitable website that will generate a consistent income, which will set you up for a very long time.

And that is basically what you can expect on Digital Worth Academy, it is a very straight-forward training program that provides  all the valuable information and a few sets of tools to help you get started and generate a substantial income that can reach up to more than a hundred thousand dollars per sale—and if you worked even harder, you could possibly create a passive income stream that is perfect for retirement where you can relax at home without any stress at all.

You are basically a property owner who cultivates and increases your property revenue and overall worth so that you can sell it eventually for 30 times its original price. Let us say your website has monthly revenue of $10k, you can easily set it up for sale with a price of $300k. It is a highly profitable business that can land you millions of dollars if you do it correctly and worked hard enough.

And if you are expecting a “done for you” kind of program or a “get rich quick” scheme, I suggest moving away from this program as well as other training programs because these schemes do not exist. You cannot get rich easily without putting in a lot of hard work and effort, to begin with. That is just purely fluffed and for sales purposes only. This applies to everything, even outside the internet marketing industry.

Who are the founders of Digital Worth Academy?


Sara Young and Andrew Hansen are the founders of Digital Worth Academy. Both of them have the same goal in mind, and that is to help a lot of people to create their own high-authority websites and turn them into their own profitable assets that they can sell online for more than a hundred dollars per website.

And with that notion, Sarah and Andrew have experiences in such expertise. Sarah young had always been in the business since 1995 where she created her first online property. She was inspired to teach other young people to do the same methods she did and helped them create the very first website that they can sell. Andrew, on the other hand, created his first digital possession back in 2005. Their starting years may be far apart, but they have both acquired valuable knowledge that led them to become experts in this field—which gives them the authority to teach it to a lot of aspiring marketers.


Who is Digital Worth Academy for?

Digital Worth Academy is definitely created with the sole purpose of helping aspiring internet marketers learn how to create a high authority website that they can easily sell for over 30 times the original net worth of the website. It does seem quite impossible if you think about it, but Digital Worth Academy will actually help you achieve that feat. The only problem is how you proceed with each training. If you think that this training program will help you get rich or earn money quickly, then clearly you are on the wrong side of the internet marketing spectrum. There is no possible way of earning money quickly since you would have to work really hard to get the desired outcome of your business.

That being said, I would highly recommend Digital Worth Academy to those who are still trying to break through the barriers of internet marketing and start fresh with a new career. I am not saying it will be an easy path, but you will surely earn hundreds of dollars once you followed each advice properly and implemented everything you have learned into your process. Even if you are already an internet marketer, you are bound to learn a lot from Digital Worth Academy because of all the high-quality videos that you can have access to. Not only that, there are tools that you can use to help you create a website that will sell for a lot of money, which will literally make you rich with just a single sale. 

It is a great program that is aimed at both aspiring internet marketers as well as intermediate marketers who are looking for more income streams to add to their portfolio of online business.

What is included in Digital Worth Academy?

The Main Digital Worth Academy Course

The Digital Worth Academy core training course is composed of 7 whole sections with over 30 modules that you can go through. It may seem a lot at first, but each module actually deals with the most essential aspects of creating a profitable website that you can put up for sale.

  • 1: Markets, Niches, Angles, Passions
  • 2: Digital Asset Construction
  • 3: Your Site’s First Content
  • How To Grow Traffic & Authority with Outreach
  • How To Scale Content For Long Term Success
  • High Impact Link Building & Promotion
  • Your Site’s Future: Analysing, Planning & Strategy

The Coaching Program

As mentioned before, not only is Digital Worth Academy a training program, it also features a coaching program that is led by the founders themselves, Sarah and Andrew. They will be helping you achieve success by being actively involved and letting you know what you are doing wrong or what is lacking in real-time. You do not have to rely on their support team too much since you will be given 10 weeks of coaching that is sure to provide a significant boost in your performance.

Plus, you will be able to ask any questions regarding the program or process to keep things clean at all times. That way, you can minimize the probability of issues turning up and mistakes from happening.

Tools and Resources

This may come as a surprise since I did not mention it, but Digital Worth Academy actually includes useful software that can assist you throughout the process of creating your websites and turning them into high-authority sites. Not only that, these tools will also help you brainstorm and research the best keywords that you can use or base your whole website seamlessly because of the keyword miner tool.

The best thing about these tools is because of the fact that you will actually be using them, unlike other programs that include some tools that are not really necessary for your whole process.

  • Tool #1: The commission wizard V2.0 – This tool helps you find profitable niches and opportunities almost immediately, even throughout the biggest markets.
  • Tool #2: Diamond Keyword Miner Plus Software – This will help you find the most profitable keywords that you can base your whole website on. It is the best tool in my opinion, since it opens the potential of your website to generate an easy traffic stream.
  • Tool #3: Profit calculator software – Just like it says, it is a tool that calculates your potential profit and monthly revenue whenever you are looking to enter a relatively new niche or unknown territory. This will ultimately help you decide whether to proceed with your plans or not.

The Community

If you have already read through my other product reviews, you may have noticed my love for community features. The reason why I love communities is that they are filled with some brilliant minds that can potentially help you with your businesses if ever you have befriended them. And trust me, only a few training programs have active communities that are very accommodating and are willing to assist other people with no hesitation.

And with that, Digital Worth Academy is also one of these training programs whose community is a welcoming environment. The people you can find in their private Facebook group are very kind and are willing to help you if ever you are in need. This is an example of the best environment a budding marketer should be in so that he or she can enjoy very much success in his or her plans.

An Outsourced Support Team

The support team in Digital Worth Academy is actually outsourced. This means that they are most probably know about different cultures that attributed to their patience and logical handling of each problem and question resented to them by the members. The staff is experts in specific fields so that they are prepared to answer any marketing related questions as fast and easily as possible.

Digital Worth Academy Pricing

Digital Worth Academy is not offered at a low price. For $1997, you will be able to enjoy and receive access to all of Digital Worth Academy’s features. It may seem really expensive at first (well, that is because IT IS expensive), but it is pretty reasonable at the very least since the inclusions are very valuable, and the training is definitely of quality.

And if ever you do not have enough money for the one-time fee of $1997, you can opt for the installment plan, which is divided into three separate payments of $797. Of course, it will surely be a bit more expensive once you sum all of the three payments, but it is still an accessible option if you really wanted to go through with Digital Worth Academy.

Plus, if ever you feel that Digital Worth Academy is not your kind of thing, then feel free to request a refund through their 60-day money-back guarantee policy. The great thing about this is because it is offered for 60 days instead of 30. So during that time, you should already have made up your mind about keeping the program or not.


  • The training is definitely easy to understand and provides all of the essential and necessary topics that you should learn to start your own online career in selling online property/websites
  • The strategies and skills are taught step by step without being too complex and confusing
  • The training sections and modules are not overwhelming, even in the slightest. They are actually well-organized to avoid confusion
  • The tools are very useful and will actually assist you through and through
  • The coaching program made it easier for everyone to understand and it involves the two masterminds of Digital Worth Academy
  • It is perfect for beginners as well as other marketers who wish to learn more about the process
  • The support team is very accommodating and are willing to help you
  • The community or private Facebook group is absolutely a welcoming environment and are kind enough to help you whenever you have a problem


  • The pricing is very expensive, although it is quite logical since the features Digital Worth Academy is valuable


Digital Worth Academy is definitely among some of the great and unique training programs about selling highly-authoritative websites for 30 times its monthly revenue. Well, that is just my view of it since I have yet to see training programs that tackle this marketing aspect. Not only that, the topics discussed in Digital Worth Academy are very intricate and provided a lasting impression of each lesson. I personally enjoyed each module since everything is quite new to me, especially since you are literally building a website so that you can sell it—basically like selling a house and lot to a new family in the neighbourhood.

And with that, I would highly recommend giving Digital Worth Academy a shot since it delivered what it promises, and the founders are very honest with their works. Their expertise and experience in the field are also apparent in the way they relay each important topic on the table.

The only problem I can find is that Digital Worth Academy is quite expensive. I believe that this program is aimed at beginners, but the pricing actually keeps them at bay and forces them to look for an alternative—which I have yet to see one on the internet. Although the pricing is reasonable, it is still too pricey. That is why I would definitely suggest to save up money for the one-time payment instead of going for the instalment plan. That way, you can avoid paying for more than it actually costs.

Digital Worth Academy is a great training program that is not given the right recognition it deserves on the internet. It is a good, effective training program that will actually help you succeed in your goals—and that is really rare these days.

So, what did you think about the Digital Worth Academy? Did it meet up to your expectations? Let me know in the comments down below!

And if you have any more questions regarding this program or my review, feel free to contact me through Facebook Messenger, and I will be more than happy to provide an answer as quickly as possible.

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I hope you have enjoyed my Digital Worth Academy Review. If you have any doubt or queries, please let me know in the comment box. I will be glad to assist you.

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