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Click tracking and internet marketing go hand in hand. It is an analytical tool that tracks the performance of your ads and other marketing campaigns you have. Just as its name suggests, it follows, measures and sends reports on how many people have clicked or interacted with your marketing platforms.

This essential tool paves the way for marketers to see how whether their platforms needed drastic changes in order to perform and get the desired results for each ad. Once the information and measurements are collected, it’ll be presented to you by means of graphs, heat maps, numbers, and many more depending on the software.

It’s handy, especially if you don’t want to waste money on ads that are not performing well.

In this review, we’ll be talking about one particular click tracking tool, which is ClickMagick.

Now, what is ClickMagick? Let’s find out.


What is ClickMagick?


Unlike most click tracking tools, ClickMagick is a browser-based application that offers an extensive and comprehensive range of features that are aimed at optimizing your internet marketing efforts.

It allows you to create tracking links that will show who clicked it and which click produced a sale if set up correctly. This will give you an idea of how engaging your ads are and on who your targeted audience is.

Aside from its basic uses, ClickMagick also has several advanced features that most click trackers do not have. Features like Automatic Bot Filtering, Click Fraud Monitoring, and a lot more which we’ll be discussing later.

Since it’s cloud-based, you can easily monitor all of your affiliate links on the dashboard and see whether they’re performing or not.

What’s the benefit of click trackers and why create tracking links?


As mentioned before, click trackers are created for the sole purpose of seeing if any of your campaigns or ads are getting enough recognition from possible customers. It provides data that shows how many people have clicked on it and how many sales were made from those clicks or engagements.

Observing your visitors’ behavior can be beneficial to your business since you’ll know the reason what urged them to click or what made them skip your campaign efforts. You’ll be able to learn all the factors regarding these activities and improve upon them sequentially.

Click tracking has three main applications for analytics. These are:

  • Email Tracking – This tracking tool is mainly for emails. It monitors the number of recipients of the email, how many of these were opened, and how many links were clicked within the email. It is an essential tool for email marketers out there.
  • Link Tracking – This one is perfect for affiliate marketers whose earnings rely on clicked links and conversion. This can help you drive traffic to your website or online shop.
  • UX Click Tracking – User experience (UX) click tracking aims to help you understand how people interact with your site, which would then give you an idea on what you should do to maintain better user experience.

These three serve as the foundation of click tracking since they basically are what click tracking is all about.

If you’re an internet marketer, it is only reasonable to be informed of the performance of your businesses. If you do not create tracking links, you won’t be able to know if you are generating any traffic at all. Plus, you’ll be paying large amounts of money on ads that won’t do you any good at all.

Aside from that, you can also learn about the location where your products might be accessible. For example, if you’re advertising in a local setting, it is essential to determine where your ads are getting clicks and traffic from. That way, you can focus on optimizing your form of advertising to your apparent audience.

That is how vital these tools are to an internet marketer because frankly, it’s all about the clicks and engagement.

Who founded ClickMagick?


ClickMagick is founded by Patrick Kelly, who is an expert on click tracking and has years of experience in the industry.

In 1996, he created one of the first conversion tracking systems that are built for online direct response marketers. This tracking system is none other than

After a few years, he sold AdMinder and went on building, buying, and selling online businesses left and right.

That was until 2014, where he dropped everything and decided to launch ClickMagick.

According to Patrick, the reason why he went back to creating another click tracker was that he realized how essential this tool is in online marketing. Other than that, he also believed it will add value to online businesses in the long-run.

What does ClickMagick do?

If you’re still confused about what ClickMagick does, here is a summary of how it works and what it can do:

  • Track Clickbank sales through tokens & sub-IDs,
  • Track Shopify Sales,
  • Tracking Clickfunnels or Leadpages Sales,
  • Track Facebook Ads Results,
  • Tracking Affiliates Sales,
  • Useful in CPA Marketing (maxbounty),
  • Track Solo Ads Clicks,
  • Track Flagged Clicks,
  • Track engagements,
  • Track Youtube Clicks,
  • Track Blog Clicks,
  • Used for tracking Google Ads, Bing Ads,
  • Track banner ad clicks (,
  • And etc.


Aside from tracking, ClickMagick also has several other useful features that members can benefit from.

ClickMagick currently has 24 unique features that you can enjoy once you have purchased or subscribed to their services. It can also be said that most of these features are not available on ClickMagick’s competitors, which makes it stand out among the rest. Some would say that it is the best click tracking platform open—which we’ll determine by the end of this review.

Now, let’s discuss each of the available features it offers:

  • Link Cloaking – ClickMagick has a link cloaking feature that shortens or make your affiliate link URL visually appealing to your visitors.
  • 24/7 Link Uptime Monitoring – This feature will make sure that all your links are up at all times. Because believe it or not, there are times that links get lost due to some technical issues. ClickMagick offers s4/7 monitoring of all your links.
  • Automatic Bot Filtering – As you may know, there are an insane amount of bots all over the internet. Some of these bots are considered “friendly” and identifies themselves as such, while the others are malicious bots that disguise themselves as legitimate processes. Through this feature, ClickMagick can filter out all these bots and protect your businesses altogether.
  • Click Fraud Monitoring & Traffic Quality Analysis – ClickMagick also features a click fraud monitor to prevent such an illegal activity from happening. It can quickly identify certain irregularities and immediately flag them as fraudulent clicks. That being said, it also analyzes the quality of the traffic as it monitors your campaign’s performance and activity.
  • Custom Tracking Domains (Unlimited) – This refers to the domains used to create or generate your campaign URL. If you availed for ClickMagick, you could create as many custom tracking domains as you want.
  • Advanced Geotargeting & Mobile Optimization – These two features are focused on optimizing your ads or campaigns by catering to your viewer’s needs and conditions. It is basically expanding your audience by creating a relatable ad for them to interact. For example, if you want to highlight a business in the UK, you can target that geographic to gather clicks and conversions. As for mobile optimization, it is only logical to think that mobile phones dominate the market, ultimately beating computers in the top spot. Launching your campaigns on mobile and optimizing them is your best bet of earning a sizeable profit.
  • Effortless Conversion Tracking – This means that ClickMagick immediately tracks all actions made by any visitor (Subscribing, purchasing, adding an item to a cart, and many more) without missing a single conversion.
  • A/B Split Testing w/ Automated Winner Alerts – ClickMagick offers a split testing whereas it can automatically alert you which webpage is the winner. With split testing, you are free to compare the A and B versions of your webpage and see which one produces conversions more.
  • Multi-Mode Link Rotators – Rotators are a powerful tool, especially for traffic providers. With these, you can set two or more URLs under one link, and it will rotate every now and then. The way these links rotate depends on what mode you are using. Currently, there are four modes you can choose from:
      1. Spillover mode – This mode is the same as the previous mode, but the only difference is you are free to choose which URL the viewer will be directed to after they’ve visited them all.
      2. Fulfillment mode – This assigns the first URL and lets it gain the maximum number of clicks it needs before moving on to the next URL.
      3. Random mode – Just as its name suggests, it assigns random URLs per click.
  • Add 4 Types of Pop Ups to Any Link – This allows you to add four pop-up windows on any link you want. This will generate more clicks once appropriately done.
  • Add Content & Notification Bars to Any Link – This feature will let you add content to your links to make your ads or campaigns more appealing to the viewers, leading to more conversions.
  • Add a Countdown Timer to Any Link – Adding a countdown timer on any of your links or offers will give your viewers a feeling of urgency that will eventually make them buy your products or services. It’s a well-known strategy for internet marketers.
  • Add Retargeting Pixels to Any Link – With this great feature, you’ll be able to increase all your offers’ exposure quite dramatically. It follows your recent viewers to any website, persuading them to try your products with incredible offers.
  • Dynamic Affiliate Links – This feature allows you to bypass an affiliate sales page and send your visitors to another page while you still earn your affiliate commissions. Although you are free to do this, you still need to adhere to the terms and conditions of the affiliate program you’re working with to avoid any problems like losing your affiliate status.
  •  Advanced Postback URL Tracking – This feature allows the user to track conversions without the need for cookies and thank you or confirmation pages.
  • Dynamic Ad Network Token & Sub-ID Passing – In ClickMagick, you can dynamically add Sub-IDs to any tracking link through backslashes. It’s a bit complicated at first, but ClickMagic provides help and training on each feature.
  • Facebook Sharing & Google Analytics – If you’re buying traffic from Facebook and Google Adwords, you can use ClickMagick to optimize your campaigns since it is compatible with these two. You could also compose custom titles, descriptions, and images on your Facebook ads to increase the probability of conversions.
  • True Real-Time Stats – This allows you to see the performance of your campaigns in real-time. This means you can immediately take action to solve any issue whatsoever.
  • Lightning-Fast Link Redirects – That’s all there is to it. It provides a lightning-fast redirection on your links.
  • Easy-To-Navigate Detailed In-Depth Stats – The stats that ClickMagick reports are straightforward to read and understand. It does not require professional help in analyzing these statistics since you can already understand them.
  • Public Stats Sharing – Like most click tracking software out there, you can also share your stats to anyone and let them know about your business’ performance.
  • Import & Export your Data & Stats – This is an easy way to upload your affiliate links at once from a spreadsheet. You don’t have to copy and paste them one by one.
  • Tutorial Library – As mentioned before, the ClickMagick team has included some tutorials and training videos to help you understand each of their features.
  • Support Team – It is also worth noting that ClickMagick has a support team that you can rely on whenever there is an issue.

ClickMagick Pricing Plans

ClickMagick offers a variety of accessible and affordable plans. These plans are divided into two groups: Monthly & Yearly.

The monthly billing option consists of three price plans:

  • Starter Plan – This costs USD 17 per month and includes:
    • Up to 10,000 clicks per month
    • All core features
    • Funnel Tracking – 1 Funnel
    • 2 custom tracking domains
    • 6-month data retention
    • And 1-hour support
  • Standard Plan – This, on the other hand, costs USD 47, which includes:
    • 100,000 clicks per month
    • All core features
    • 5 funnels
    • 10 custom tracking domains
    • 1-year data retention
    • And 1-hour support
  • Pro Plan – Lastly, this costs USD 97 and includes:
    • Up to a million clicks per month
    • All core features
    • Unlimited funnel tracking
    • Unlimited custom tracking domains
    • 2 years of data retention
    • And 1-hour support



ClickMagick offers a unique discounted option that will definitely lure-in a lot of internet marketers. The yearly billing option has a discounted price of about 30%, which is a considerable bargain and is difficult to pass up.

These are:

  • Starter Plan – Originally costs USD 204, now it costs USD 12 only and is paid annually.
    • Same package with the monthly starter plan.
  • Standard Plan – This costs USD 564, now it just costs USD 33 per year.
    • Has the same package with the standard monthly plan.
  • Pro Plan – The original price is a whopping USD 1164, not you can get it for only USD 66 per year.
    • It also has the same package with the monthly pro plan.

Refund Policy

Although ClickMagick guarantees an increase in your online profits, and you still don’t think it is the click tracking program for you; you can cancel your subscription and ask for a refund.

They have a 30-day refund policy, which is the norm for most of the products on online stores.

ClickMagick Alternatives

There are a lot of alternatives out there that offer the same features ClickMagick has. There are only slight differences, most of these are the price range.

ClickMagick vs. Voluum

Voluum is one of the many competitors of ClickMagick across the web. The difference between Voluum and ClickMagic is that it focuses more on security. Plus, it is much more expensive than ClickMagick therefore the latter is recommended instead of Voluum.

ClickMagick vs. ClickMeter

Another competitor is ClickMeter. This click tracker offers the same things ClickMagick has. The problem is, it failed to keep up since ClickMagick’s packages and plans are far better than ClickMeter.

ClickMagick vs. Linktrackr

Much like ClickMeter, ClickMagick offers a lot more than what it’s actually worth and is clearly the better option rather than Linktrakr.

ClickMagick vs. ThirstyAffiliates

ThirstyAffiliates is another pricey competitor that offers a free but extremely limited click tracking feature. Obviously, ClickMagick is the clear winner.

In addition to that, ClickMagick’s email support is far better than ThirstyAffiliates’.

ClickMagick vs. BuildRedirects

BuildRedirects is another expensive click tracking program that offers a lot of amazing features that can help increase your profit and traffic. The problem still lies on its price. ClickMagick obviously has better price plans and packages that you can afford and enjoy.

ClickMagick vs. Ad Trackz Gold

Ad Trackz Gold is a great contender that is very similar to ClickMagick. It has all the features ClickMagic has and its price range is very reasonable. Unfortunately, it only offers a short demo and ClickMagick’s price is better.

ClickMagick vs. Improvely

Again, ClickMagick’s monthly price plan is a better investment rather than spending more on a program that offers the same features and services.

ClickMagick vs Pretty Links

Pretty Links is a bit cheaper than most, but ClickMagick’s yearly plan beats it by a whole lot. Pretty Links plan for beginners is quite expensive whereas ClickMagick only asks for a discounted price of $12.

ClickMagick vs. Quality Click Control

Quality Click Control is aimed at experienced marketers who have already made a huge amount of profit on conversions. The price range is really expensive and is definitely not accessible to all because the only two options are already pricey enough.

ClickMagick vs. TrackingDesk

The features TrackingDesk offers are very promising and seems to not disappoint. The price range and package are quite expensive and very limited.

ClickMagick vs. Click Perfect

Clearly one of the best click trackers out there, mainly because of its similarity to ClickMagick. The price range is a bit more expensive than ClickMagick, but it still offers a lot without depriving other subscribers of their great features. Although ClickMagick would still be preferred.

ClickMagick vs. BeMob

BeMob doesn’t offer much on its features, unlike the previous programs. On its price range, there are a couple plans that are affordable and are sufficient enough for beginners to use.

That being said, ClickMagick is once again, the winner.

ClickMagick vs. ConversionFly

Like BeMob, ConversionFly does not offer that much feature. It is mainly a click tracking program. The price range difference of each plan is the maximum visitors per month.

ClickMagick vs. Bitly

Bitly is a different kind of click tracker since its main focus is to shorten URLs other than tracking and analyzing links. Although there is a free version of it, it does not have that much to offer in improving your campaign’s performance. For that to happen, you’d have to get their Pro monthly plan that costs $99—which is already quite absurd.

ClickMagick vs. Google Analytics

Google Analytics may not advertise itself as a click tracking program, it’s actually possible to track clicks on this platform using the right configurations. Instead of being called click trackers, it is called event tracker which is basically the same thing in Google’s terms.

You can use this platform to monitor you links, but it would be wise to use programs that were made for monitoring clicks and conversions to avoid errors and to accurately capture data.

ClickMagick Affiliate Program

ClickMagick’s affiliate program is one of the many affiliate programs that actually pay your commissions daily.  This program is perfect for you if you are looking for a steady income online.

The percentage of the commissions you can earn are sizeable and are actually a great deal for an affiliate. You get 100% commissions on your referral’s first monthly payment after taking on the 14-day free trial. You can either get $17, $47 or even $97—plus, you earn a 35% commission every monthly payment for a lifetime.

How to become an affiliate?

You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to become an affiliate. You just need to go to ClickMagick’s website, scroll at the very bottom of the page, and click “Affiliate.”

Once there, you’ll be greeted by a sales pitch on why you should be an affiliate and good the lifetime benefits are for you.

After reading it, all you need to do is to fill out the forms presented below it and sign up.

That’s it. That is all you need to do to become a ClickMagick affiliate. Quite easy, right?

ClickMagick Support

Like most online tools, ClickMagick also offers support to its users. This is one of their greatest feats because of their fast response time, which is always guaranteed to be under an hour.

Whatever your question may be, you will definitely get an answer within that 1-hour mark. Although it may not be better than those with 24/7 live chat support, it is still worth mentioning due to its impressiveness.

Facebook Group

Another form of support is the existing Facebook group. This group or community involves individuals who are also users of ClickMagick.

The group is comprised of more than four thousand members who use it to ask immediate questions from other users. This is an excellent alternative for the email support if you don’t have the time to wait for an hour or so for a response.

It is also evident that it is a pretty active group due to the size of the community.

Pros & Cons


  • Lightning-fast support
  • Video training and tutorials
  • Affordable pricing
  • Amazing core features
  • Setting up tracking links is quick and easy
  • Free 14-day trial


  • Content tools rely on old school text/HTML editor
  • No live chat support
  • Very overwhelming for first timers
  • Potential issues with setting up a custom domain

Is it a scam?

Absolutely not.

For a program that only costs a few dollars and has an affiliate program that lasts for a lifetime, it is definitely far from being a scam.

It helped a lot of internet marketers increase their profits and maximize their traffic—leading to higher income.

Calling it a scam is hugely overthinking it because what it offers, it delivers quite well. Another thing, based on its user reviews and testimonials, it is evident that it has helped a lot of marketers.

Is it worth it?

ClickMagick is not just a click tracking program. It also has several unique tools to improve your campaigns and increase traffic. That said, it is more than a tracking tool.

In addition to that, you can get ClickMagick for an affordable price with all the fantastic features included in the package. This means that if you are an affiliate, you can earn a lot of commissions because of its accessible price range and discounts.

So yes, it is worth every single penny, and you will not regret having it.


If you’re an online marketer who wants to increase your daily income and successfully launch campaigns that will convert, then I highly recommend this program because of its overall features. It offers more than what you pay for and delivers more than what it is supposed to.

It is a browser-based service that has everything presented to you in the dashboard, which makes it all the more perfect for online marketers who have several sites and links to manage at once.

Plus, if you’re still unsure on whether you want it or not, you could always sign up for a FREE 14-day trial. That way, you can see if it is the one for you.


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