ClickFunnels Review

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It's important to know that many article variations are claiming an honest ClickFunnels review whether it is “100% exposed.” or is it a scam? Well, those are all OUTDATED.

Selling stuff online is the craze nowadays. This is mainly because people are more inclined to order things online and have these delivered right at their doorstep. It is hassle-free since you can purchase anything with just a click of a button.

That being said, you may think that selling your products online is easy since a lot of people prefer this kind of shopping rather than having to go all the way to a physical store to get the item you wanted.

Unfortunately, that is where you are mistaken.

Posting an item is easy. You just need to choose a product to sell, upload a photo of it, set a price, then poof! Your item has been posted. After that, do you think you will get your very first sale?

Well, no. Just because you put something up for sale does not mean people are going to see it.

Selling an item involves a lot of comprehensive processes that would leave you scratching your head for hours figuring out what you are doing wrong—this, of course, refers to novice internet marketers or business owners who still have no idea how to sell online.

This is where the importance of sales funnels come into place.

With sales funnels, you can dramatically increase your traffic, conversion rate, and sales. But for that to happen, you have to build a highly profitable one to ensure that your sales are going nowhere but up.

Enter ClickFunnels, a funnel building software that is actually the most popular of its kind across the internet.

In this write-up, I will be giving my own thoughts on what ClickFunnels is all about and see if it is a great program or not.


What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a funnel building software that removes the burden of selling, delivering, and building lists online. It has a wide set of tools that makes it easier for marketers to set up their own online store.

Russell Brunson founded ClickFunnels in hopes of changing the lives of online entrepreneurs. He is a renowned internet marketer who also created a whole bunch of software that is very useful for internet marketers. This is an essential tool that internet marketers frequently use to help generate a substantial amount of profit by acquiring high-quality leads that are sure to convert. Another thing you should know is that he is actually the reason why the concept of sales funnels became popular.

Also, Russell wrote several books that sold more than 200k copies in his career. He is extremely passionate about marketing since he was a child. Eventually, his effort led him to become a successful and prominent figure in the field of digital marketing.

ClickFunnels has come a very long way since its initial release. A lot of internet marketers and online entrepreneurs agreed that ClickFunnels helped them tremendously in building their very own sales funnels from scratch. Back then, sales funnels are a huge pain in the neck to build due to the lack of funnel building tools.

And that is the main reason why Russell decided to create a software that is sure to be used by most internet marketers around the globe.

Again, ClickFunnels is a sales funnel-building program that is designed to help you build your own sales funnels. It has a very accessible way of constructing a sales funnel, incorporating a simple drag and drop feature, it surely gives it a plus in user experience.

You can still be able to integrate your HTML and CSS codes if you prefer to customize your sales funnels that way, but if you want the easier way, then you’re better off using its drag and drop funnel and page builder.

Not only does ClickFunnels allow you to create the sales funnels you want; but it can also help you create landing pages, membership sites, webinar funnels, and a whole lot more. And if you upgrade your plan, you can have access to their email automation tool called Actionetics. Plus, you can also have their affiliate marketing program named Backpack. It is packed with a lot of tools and resources, which makes them really determined in your success.

ClickFunnels is basically an all in one digital marketing program that offers a comprehensive set of tools in its packages.

What is included in ClickFunnels?

As you may have noticed, ClickFunnels seem to focus on building sales funnels—which is almost true since it is specifically created by Russell for building funnels. But as the years went by, ClickFunnels now have a lot of tools and resources that cater to all of your internet marketing needs.

Let us go through these features and applications one by one.

Features of ClickFunnels

Funnel Template Blueprints


This feature is hands down one of the best ones ClickFunnels has. Not only does it make things easier for users to build their own funnels, but it also provides those who have not yet built a sales funnel at all.

As of now, Russell has identified at least 26 types of funnels, those of which he has already used in his own businesses.

Aside from that, ClickFunnels also has a marketplace where you can buy and sell funnel templates freely. Usually, I do not go to the marketplace that often because once you have learned the ropes of creating a high-converting sales funnel, you will not find the need to check for templates every once in a while.

Other than that, the templates that you will find are pretty amazing and are not created for the sole purpose of selling them; they are made to convert and generate high-quality leads.


Easy to use Drag & Drop Visual Editor

ClickFunnels incorporates an easy Drag & Drop feature that makes funnel and page building easy. You will never have to manually code things one by one, hoping you made the correct change until it becomes the way you wanted it to be.

Although it may not be as flexible as other funnel and page builders out there, ClickFunnels makes up for its intuitiveness and can still help you achieve the design you want.

All in all, this feature should be sought after whenever you are looking for an editor or builder software, specifically for funnels and landing pages. I personally prefer having this feature since it saves me time in editing my sales funnels. Combine this feature with the funnel templates, you can pretty much accomplish a lot of your tasks after just a few tweaks on your funnels or landing pages.

Has an extensive library of widgets for your pages

As you may know, widgets are very important when creating a landing page or any page at all. It increases the likelihood of your visitors to stay and interact more with your content, leading to more conversions. This also gives your visitors a great user experience, which is also an essential element in online marketing since it increases sales and drives more traffic along your way.

Fortunately, ClickFunnels did not fall behind when it comes to widgets. It has all of the basic widgets like Headlines, Images, Text Box, Buttons, and other media that you can place on our page.

Aside from that, ClickFunnels also has a library of advanced widgets that require a bit of tweaking when placing them. These are:

  • Custom HTML
  • SMS Signup
  • Facebook Comments
  • FAQ Blocks
  • Progress Bars
  • Surveys
  • Pricing Tables
  • Countdown Timers

There are also a lot of other things that you can add aside from the ones mentioned above. If you want to create a membership website, ClickFunnels has that plugin. If you are going to be selling online, there are shipping forms and checkout pages that you can also add.

Plus, you are free to customize these widgets to your liking.

Those are basically the features of ClickFunnels. At first, you may think that it is inadequate, but what if I tell you that it has a lot more to offer?

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

A lot of online marketers or business owners are not really that interested in creating their own products. In fact, they are way more interested in selling other people’s products and earn a certain percentage of commission. Some probably found it as an easy means of making money online, especially if you found a famous company with a substantial following.

Fortunately, ClickFunnels has one of the best affiliate programs in the market which I personally adore. They offer 40% recurring commission for every referral you make. By doing so, you will get a chance to be one of the winners of amazing prizes like getting your very own dream car.

Plus, ClickFunnels has this thing called a “Sticky Cookie,” which is an amazing little feature that lets you earn a passive commission whenever your referral purchased an upsell. The sticky cookie is automatically embedded on your referral’s web browser and will forever stay (thus the term sticky) there unless they clear their browser’s cookies and cache.

The affiliate program is made easier with ClickFunnels’ own affiliate management software called Backpack, which I will be going through in a bit.

Software and Training programs under ClickFunnels

Funnel Scripts

Copywriting may seem easy since anyone can write a simple English paragraph, but it is much more than that actually. You need to have the proper skills needed to write an effective copy that will definitely generate sales.

You actually have to be compelling to lure in customers. In this context, a copy is connected to quality; and believe it or not, quality is very important in internet marketing, especially now since Google’s algorithm is now focused on quality content.

Enter Funnel Scripts, a copywriting software that helps non-copywriters create a compelling copy without hiring someone to do it for you. It has several unique features, and generating high-quality copy is not the only thing Funnel Scripts can do.

Funnel Scripts is also very accessible to anyone since it is easy to use. You just fill the forms with information, and you’re all set. It’s basically copywriting made easy because everything is automated and prioritizes the target audience.

With Funnel Scripts, you can create a lot of scripts depending on what you want. These can be:

  • Sales Copies
  • Ad Copies
  • CTA Copies
  • Headlines & Subject Lines
  • Product Description
  • Email Subject Lines
  • Lead Capture Scripts
  • Video Sales Letter Scripts
  • Email Scripts
  • Webinar Scripts

ClickFunnels Actionetics

ClickFunnels -Actionetics

Actionetics is an email automation platform under ClickFunnels. It is integrated directly into your sales funnel structure for you to automate your subscriber actions. It works similarly to other email marketing platforms like creating email lists, sending automated emails and broadcasts, and stores contacts automatically.

It also has its own lead scoring system, which is called Action Score. This feature will automatically record your contacts’ engagements and will help you further optimize your processes.

Actionetics, like most marketing services, allows you to build your own email lists from scratch. One unique feature that makes Actionetics different is its Smart Lists feature.

Another thing, Actionetics also has a way of building an efficient automation process that consists of a series of steps that allows you to either send an email or perform a certain action during that process. This is also known as Action Funnels.

Actionetics was not originally a part of ClickFunnels back in the day of its release. In fact, it was only added later in 2015 along with an affiliate management platform called Backpack. These two are only available if you purchased the Etison Suite Plan.

ClickFunnels Backpack

As mentioned before, the Backpack is ClickFunnels’ own affiliate management program that lets you, well, manage your affiliate links more efficiently without giving you a headache in the process.

Through this, you have full control on all of your affiliate functionalities such as setting up an affiliate link, create commission plans for your affiliates, integrate your links on your sales funnels, and lastly, monitor their performance.

Essentially, this program helps you in managing all of your affiliate links without the need for scouring through all of your affiliate links and analyze them one by one.

Aside from those, you can also do the following:

  • Lets you view your affiliate progress.
  • Allows you to view individual affiliate profile.
  • Lets you organize your affiliate funnels.
  • Lets you view payments due.
  • Gives you the authority to set commission plans and tiers.

Much like Actionetics, Backpack is only available in the Etison Suite Plan.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

You may have noticed that affiliate marketing has become the rage nowadays. In fact, the majority of internet marketers prefer affiliate marketing that other forms of marketing. If not, they would incorporate it into other forms of marketing to maximize their profit and build an everlasting online business career.

But honestly, affiliate marketing is not as easy as casting a fishing rod on a lake and expect fishes to bite almost immediately. You have to use high-quality bait that will entice a lot of fish in a single cast.

In that same essence, you would have to be far more creative in executing different strategies. This is basically a trial and error procedure, you may either fail, or you may earn a few thousand dollars—it is actually quite uncertain, to be honest.

Luckily, ClickFunnels recently released an affiliate training program called ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp. It is a bonus program that will help you become one of their so-called “Super Affiliates” and earn thousands daily. The training spans for about a hundred days, and during those days, you will be given step-by-step training by these super affiliates.

The ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp is a free training program that you can immediately sign up to.

Funnel Hacks

Funnel Hacks is another training program that is included in the Etison Suite plan. In fact, it is one of the main offers of this plan, along with Funnel Builder Secrets, Actionetics, and Backpack.

Bundled in this offer are:

  • 6-month free of the Etison Suite account
  • 6-Week Funnel Hacks MasterClass
  • Instant Traffic Hacks
  • Inception Secrets
  • SOAP and Seinfeld Email Sequences
  • And even a free T-Shirt!

Unfortunately, in March 2019, Funnel Hacks’ links were being withdrawn and substituted by Funnel Builder Secrets. That said, I will still be updating this review, depending on the current state of Funnel Hacks.

Although, you should keep in mind that ClickFunnels may or may not be phasing out Funnel Hacks from their plans. It seemed like they are just encouraging their affiliates to promote the Funnel Builder Secrets offer more, as they have taken out some of the affiliate links of Funnel Hacks from the ClickFunnels dashboard.

However, all the Funnel Hacks links still continue to work for now, while some links will redirect you to Funnel Builder Secrets.

ClickFunnels 9 Secret Funnels Training

The ClickFunnels 9 Secret Funnels Training is an advanced sales funnel training program created by ClickFunnels. It teaches you about the 9 core business funnels that you can use in your online business that is sure to double your sales once you incorporate them properly.

The training only consists of a single video that spans for about 3 hours (3 hours and 37 minutes to be exact) and consists of all the necessary information you need to know about the 9 core funnels and on how to properly use them. It is an extremely good upsell, one of the fewest upsells that I actually like.

ClickFunnels “One Funnel Away” Challenge

Insert YouTube Video:

The “One Funnel Away” Challenge is another training course led by Russell Brunson that teaches you how to launch your very first funnel via daily training and live coaching for the next 30 days.

You will be taught by:

  • Russell Brunson – The Strategist
  • Russell will teach you with new videos created and structured specifically for this challenge. He will lay down the solid foundation, so you can master the core fundamentals and strategy behind your 30-day plan.
  • Julie Stoian – The Transformer
  • Julie will guide you through the course of turning your customized 30-day plan into an actual funnel that is effective.
  • Steve J. Larsen – The Executioner
  • Steve will be coaching you every single day through live group calls. You can have your questions answered whenever you need extra help in completing your daily tasks.

There are actually 5 weeks worth of lessons in this challenge that you can partake in.

The first week is actually a preparation week for you to be equipped with the correct mindset before treading on towards the next four weeks of the challenge.

Over the next 4 weeks, you will have daily lessons sent directly to your inbox. Each training builds upon each other, so you must go through them in order and without skipping a lesson. After every lesson, you are given a “mission” to accomplish which requires you to apply everything that you have learned (skills and strategies) to your online business—you can see this as your homework.

Pre-training (Creating the belief):

  • Lesson 1-The Framework.
  • Lesson 2- One Funnel Away.
  • Lesson 3- The Who, Not The How.
  • Lesson 4- Funnel Hacking.
  • Lesson 5- Lady Boss Story.
  • Lesson 6- The Map.

Week 1 (Hook, Story, Offer):

  • Lesson 1-Offer Hacking.
  • Lesson 2- The Greatest Showman.
  • Lesson 3- Offer Sequencing.
  • Lesson 4- The Secret of Ecovers.
  • Lesson 5- Creating Your Products.

Week 2 (Your hooks and stories):

  • Lesson 1- Testing Your Material.
  • Lesson 2- Epiphany Bridge.
  • Lesson 3- Publishing Your Origin Story.
  • Lesson 4- Testing Hooks/ Stories.

Week 3 (The Funnel):

  • Lesson 1- Generate a Lead/ Make a Sale.
  • Lesson 2- ClickFunnels.
  • Lesson 3- Squeeze Page.
  • Lesson 4- Sales Page/ Order Form.
  • Lesson 5- OTO Page.
  • Lesson 6- Members Area.

Week 4 (Make It Rain):

  • Lesson 1- The Three Types of Traffic.
  • Lesson 2- The Dream 100.
  • Lesson 3- Hooks (earned).
  • Lesson 4- Hooks (paid).
  • Lesson 5- What Happens When Your Funnel Flops

The One Funnel Away Challenge is hosted by the FunnelHacker Community. What’s great about this is that you can interact directly with fellow OFA participants. This adds value to everything that you learn from this challenge, like an underlying bonus.

Funnel Graffiti


Building your sales funnels requires a whole lot of effort in brainstorming and strategizing. And to understand more about your sales funnels, you need to have a visual presentation of it. You may need to fill up your whiteboard with scribbles and boxes, but it would still be not enough due to your ideas being piled up simultaneously.

Funnel Graffiti is a set of reusable stickers that can help you map out or build your sales funnels easily. You won’t be needing a bunch of markers anymore since you can place them anywhere you want. Plus, they are not that big, which means you can have more space on your board.

Not only does this benefit you, but it can also be used if you are building a sales funnel for your clients. You can use these stickers to provide a visual presentation for your clients to understand more about what kind of funnel they need for their business or niche.

You can use ClickFunnels Funnel Graffiti anywhere you like. These can be:

  • On your Whiteboard
  • Refrigerator
  • Windows
  • Walls
  • And just about anywhere—even in your car or the television!

You can also watch this Funnel Graffiti commercial:

How does ClickFunnels work?

You can do a lot of things on ClickFunnels even without its other programs. With ClickFunnels, you can now build the following:

  • Landing Pages
  • Opt-In Pages
  • Squeeze Pages
  • Membership Websites
  • Webinars
  • Sales Funnels with Upsells
  • Normal Business Websites And Blogs

In fact, the ones mentioned above are not the limit of what ClickFunnels allows you to create. Just think of any website that you want, and ClickFunnels will provide the tools needed for your website.

Technically, ClickFunnels does what it says it does. Russell tried his best to include all of ClickFunnels’ features and inclusions in all of his marketing sales pitch to avoid confusion and heart-shattering disappointment—who wants that, right?

Here is a rundown on what ClickFunnels can do and how it works:

  • ClickFunnels allows members or users to process payments efficiently
  • Create pages through its page builder
  • Create sales funnels
  • Has an affiliate management software
  • Provides a built-in email integration and automation service
  • Synchronize sales pages with emails
  • Allows A/B Testing
  • Has tons of integration

It all boils down to the fact that ClickFunnels will literally help you create a business from scratch. It has everything you need from sales funnels to email integrations. And the fact that you can build your own website with ClickFunnels still amazes me to this day.

The main goal of ClickFunnels is to help you sell your products online but based on how it works, it can be said that they are way past that goal—which says a lot about their passion for digital marketing.

ClickFunnels Pricing Plans

Based on what ClickFunnels is offering, you may have already assumed that the price is definitely high on this one.

Well, you are not wrong on that part. ClickFunnels does, in fact, have an expensive pricing plan, but that is not to say that it is not affordable at the very least.

Initially, ClickFunnels has three existing price plans. But, as the years went by, they evolved and narrowed it down into two separate plans: the Basic ClickFunnels plan and the Etison Suite plan.

AS of now, the Basic Clickfunnels plan costs $97 per month. This is actually the cheapest, upfront option that you can choose at the beginning.

Here are the features that you can expect with ClickFunnels Basic plan:

  • Unlimited contacts
  • You can use 3 custom domains
  • You can create 100 pages
  • Allows you to build 20 funnels of your choosing
  • Allows 20,000 monthly visitors
  • It has all page templates available
  • All funnel types are also available immediately along with the funnel template blueprints
  • You can share your funnels with other ClickFunnels users
  • A/B split testing

The downside of this plan is that you will not be able to use their built-in email service provider and affiliate management system, which are Actionetics and Backpack, respectively.

In order to get Actionetics and Backpack, you will have to avail for the second plan, which is the Etison Suite plan. This suite costs $297 a month, which is significantly more expensive than the previous payment.

Etison Suite, despite its expensive pricing, does have its reason. It has all of the advanced features that the Basic plan does not have.

These features are:

  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited funnels
  • Unlimited monthly visitors
  • 3 custom domains
  • It has all page templates available
  • All funnel types are also available immediately along with the funnel template blueprints
  • You can share your funnels with other ClickFunnels users
  • A/B split testing

And as I mentioned before, the Etison Suite plan includes the two powerful tools that are exclusive to ClickFunnels only.

  • Actionetics – The built-in email service provider of ClickFunnels
  • Backpack – The affiliate management system of ClickFunnels

These are basically the price plans of ClickFunnels.

But hold on, there is one important thing that you should know about ClickFunnels offers.

It is filled with coupons, bundles, and bonuses that will know your socks off! It blew my mind when I discovered these offers.

These offers involve ClickFunnels’ standalone products, which are mentioned a while back. Within these offers, the two main payment plans of ClickFunnels are often included as part of a bundle or bonus. Here are the two of them:

  • Funnel Hacks – Funnels Hacks costs about $997 and includes the following:
      • 6-Months Etison Suite [Worth: $1782]
      • DotComSecrets Ignite
      • 6-Week Funnel Hacks masterclass [$2997]
      • Instant Traffic Hacks [$1997]
      • Inception Secrets [$1997]
      • Soap & Seinfeld Email Sequences [$997]
      • And free T-Shirt
  • Funnel Builder Secrets – This costs a whopping $2,997, which includes:
    • 12 Months Enterprise Account (or Etison Suite Plan) to ClickFunnels
    • Funnel Hacks Masterclass
    • Funnel Builder Secrets Training
    • Traffic Secrets Membership
    • 12 Months Access To Funnel Scripts
    • Unlimited Funnels

As for the other products, they do not have any offers that let you enjoy any of the two main plans. However, I will still be including their prices so as if ever you become interested in these standalone products, you can quickly decide since you know their prices.

These are:

  • Share Funnel Plan – This is actually a very lowkey product that is not advertised anywhere, unlike other ClickFunnels products. For $19 a month, you can create three funnels and 10 pages. This can serve as your trial run if you want to determine whether ClickFunnels is the right one for you.

You can only get this by registering for the ClickFunnels trial through someone else’s share funnel link, which is commonly associated with another product.

  • ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp – This training program is absolutely free of charge. You do not have to pay anything unless you are captivated by the onslaught of upsells coming your way. The upsell part is to be expected since the whole training program will not cost you anything.

There are three existing upsells that you can find in ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp. These are:

    • Traffic Secrets – This upsell costs $297, and it is a one-time payment. This training program will help you generate quality traffic. It has 24 modules and 289 lessons that revolve around traffic.
    • Product Secrets – Product Secrets is a one-time offer bump that only costs a measly $37. It is a training course that outlines 21 different product ideas for creating irresistible offers.
  • And lastly
  • The “One Funnel Away” Challenge – It currently has 2 existing plans: The first plan only costs a one-time payment of $100, which has all the features except for the physical package.

And on the second option, you will have to pay for the “One Funnel Away” Challenge Kit’s shipping fee, which costs $19.95 of your currently reside in the US and $29.95 if you are outside of the US. This brings it to a total of either $119.95 or $129.95.

  • Funnel Scripts – This costs $497 annually, which is roughly about $41 a month. So far, there is no one-time payment available or any other payment plans other than per year.
  • Funnel Graffiti – This physical product is actually free, although there is one small catch: you have to pay for its shipping fee. The shipping fee costs USD 5.95 anywhere in the world.

Pros & Cons of ClickFunnels

What I like about ClickFunnels (Pros)

  • Has a very intuitive and efficient drag-and-drop page builder
  • An extensive library of funnel and page templates that are designed and tested to convert
  • Built-in checkout pages
  • Has a solid built-in affiliate program management system called Backpack (exclusive on Etison Suite Plan)
  • Built-in email marketing automation service called Actionetics (Also available in Etison suite only)
  • Has a very comprehensive A/B split testing tools
  • Can integrate with over 100 complimentary eCommerce programs
  • Has the ability to integrate with custom domains and WordPress sites
  • The money you spend on ClickFunnels will not go to waste and does not increase, unlike when hiring someone to do the job for you.

What I do not like about ClickFunnels (Cons)

  • It still lacks some freedom in customization despite the drag & drop feature
  • Very expensive and it is clearly geared towards high-income marketers
  • It can get quite overwhelming at first, especially its features
  • No 24/7 chat support
  • The Basic Plan is extremely limited for the price of $97. It is a bit clear that Russell is much more inclined on selling the Etison Suite Plan.

ClickFunnels Comparison

ConvertKit vs. ClickFunnels


This comparison is highly dependent on which software suits your business the most.

If your business is solely for marketing and sales, ClickFunnels is the one for you. If you’re into blogging,

content marketing, and small types of businesses, ConvertKit will suit you the most.

Both are great in their own terms.

Thrivecart vs. ClickFunnels

This assessment is a bit of a stretch because Thrivecart and ClickFunnels are quite different in their usage. Although it is no doubt that ClickFunnels is a more popular solution when it comes to funnel building, sales, lead magnets, and other online marketing stuff.

That is where the difference takes place. Thrivecart is only focused on being a shopping cart with a few features like affiliate management. It is not a landing page builder, unlike ClickFunnels that can set up a landing page easily.

The reason for that is because ClickFunnels does not plan on being a shopping cart program, unlike Thrivecart. ClickFunnels is more of an all-around program for online entrepreneurs to use. This explains its expensive price plans.

LeadPages vs. ClickFunnels

As the name suggests, LeadPages is focused on creating landing pages that are sure to generate high-quality leads. It is actually one of the most popular landing page builders out there due to its ability to make your landing pages fancier.

It can be arguable that it is a much better landing page builder than ClickFunnels, but ClickFunnels is better in terms of building sales funnels.

ClickFunnels vs. SamCart

SamCart is the direct competitor of Thrivecart due to their striking similarities. This also makes it a competitor of ClickFunnels.

Simply put, SamCart is geared towards building high-converting checkout pages, much like ClickFunnels. The only thing that SamCart lacks to be better than ClickFunnels is the ability to capture leads and create highly-effective sales funnels.

Plus, the customization flexibility of ClickFunnels is definitely better than that of Sacmcart.

ClickFunnels vs. Builderall

Builderall and ClickFunnels offer almost the same amazing features. The only difference is their price range, which is $49.90 for Builderall and $97 for ClickFunnels.

You may think that Builderall is a much better choice since you can get it for a much lower price than ClickFunnels, but I beg to differ. The reason why ClickFunnels is a bit more expensive is due to the advanced features it has.

This is not to say Builderall is not a good funnel and landing page builder. In fact, it is an amazing all-in-one program that actually does its job. But there is no denying that ClickFunnels, specifically its Etison Suite plan, is far more superior than that of Builderall’s.

ClickFunnels vs. Kartra

Another close competitor of ClickFunnels is Kartra. Kartra is also an all-in-one funnel building software that has earned quite a huge following over the years. The two programs may differ in their functionalities, but they still offer funnel building features as well as other tools needed for internet marketing.

That said, Kartra still has some shortcomings when it comes to its tools. It lacks training programs that will give you a headstart in building an effective sales funnel and landing page whereas ClickFunnels is filled with groundbreaking webinars and videos that are sure to change your funnel building habits—and this is coming from my experience.

ClickFunnels vs. Shopify

This comparison, much like SamCart and ThriveCarts, is also highly dependent on what sort of business you are trying to build. If you are planning on starting an online store that hosts a wide variety of digital and physical products, shopping cart programs may be of best interest for you.

But, that does not mean ClickFunnels is not reliable when it comes to online stores. Since ClickFunnels is an all-in-one software that is proven to help a lot of online entrepreneurs over the years, it still holds up on its own against shopping cart programs. In fact, it is far easier to use, especially for beginners.

ClickFunnels vs. Kajabi

Although Kajabi and ClickFunnels are almost essentially the same in terms of their features, they are still quite different from one another in certain aspects.

Most importantly, their purposes. ClickFunnels is mostly geared towards building sales funnels and landing pages, while Kajabi is mainly focused on creating and selling online courses.

Plus, Kajabi is more costly than ClickFunnels’ price plans.

ClickFunnels vs. Convertri

These two shines the most in their own ways. ClickFunnels is mainly geared towards building sales funnels and affiliate marketing, while Convertri is more on page building and user experience. The difference in their fields of expertise are not that significant but are actually quite related since both heavily rely on conversion to see their effectivity.

ClickFunnels vs. Infusionsoft

Another alternative program is Infusionsoft. But despite that, these programs have different target audiences. Personally, I believe ClickFunnels is effective for independent online business owners, most definitely the small ones while Infusionsoft is aimed at a larger digital marketing firm or business.

ClickFunnels and Infusionsoft may seem equal at first, but ClickFunnels is far more popular and is quite easier to use than Infusionsoft—making it great for beginners as mentioned before.

ClickFunnels vs. Unbounce

This comparison is quite one-sided since ClickFunnels and Unbounce specializes in two different things. ClickFunnels on funnel building while Unbounce focuses on landing pages.

The reason why it is one-sided is because of what ClickFunnels is offering. It has very intuitive features and has a lot of ways you can optimize your processes, unlike Unbounce.

ClickFunnels vs. Ontraport

Ontraport is a great choice if you have a whole of team online marketers who would want to monitor your company’s sales and automation processes. Plus, it is the superior choice if you want to integrate with a lot of programs across the internet.

In addition to that, the price range of Ontraport is more expensive than ClickFunnels. Making it apparent that it is geared towards larger businesses rather than smaller ones. This makes ClickFunnels far more accessible to a lot of online marketers, especially those who are just starting out.

ClickFunnels vs. Instapage

Both ClickFunnels and Instapage are very intuitive and overall amazing page building programs. Much like the other alternatives, the only difference is that Instapage is geared towards building and optimizing landing pages, unlike ClickFunnels, who specializes in both sales funnels and landing pages.

It is clear that ClickFunnels currently has the edge over Instapage, but that does not take away Instapage’s amazing features. It is still a solid program, but ClickFunnels wins this one.

ClickFunnels vs. Market Hero

I am not really a fan of Market Hero mainly because of its limited features. It does not even compare that well on ClickFunnels’ features.

Market Hero is a standalone email marketing tool, which lets you automate, manage, and you can also create forms. But, do not get me wrong, it still is a great program in terms of its usage, but it still lacks some more email marketing features like more automation options.

ClickFunnels vs. Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes lets you create and optimize websites. You can also build sales funnels on Thrive Themes.

The only problem is that it has no other features that can compete with ClickFunnels because that is all it can do. So, this is another one-sided comparison against ClickFunnels.

If you want to build a website and sales funnels only, go for Thrive Themes. And if you build, optimize, and manage your funnels easily, do not hesitate to try ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels vs. ActiveCampaign

ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign are very different from one another. The only plausible program that can be compared under ClickFunnels is Actionetices, which is an email marketing tool like ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaign is more on marketing automation, while ClickFunnels is focused on sales funnels. Basically, it all falls down on what you need regarding online marketing.

ClickFunnels vs. Instabuilder

Instabuilder is another landing page builder. The only difference this time is that it is a WordPress Plugin. This means that it cannot be used in other domains since it exclusively works on WordPress.

ClickFunnels is far better than Instabuilder due to the simple fact that it cannot help you build a sales funnel.

ClickFunnels vs. Hubspot

Hubspot and ClickFunnels are rivals yet are very different from one another. Hubspot is more on SEO, blogging, automation, and social media. It does not help you create sales funnels, which is where ClickFunnels shines through.

As you can see, Hubspot is not ideal if you are looking to optimize your sales funnels. You can use HubSpot not as an alternative, but for a different purpose like driving traffic to help generate leads for your funnels.

ClickFunnels vs. 10-Minute Funnels

10-Minute Funnels is basically the same as ClickFunnels, but with a more modern twist to it. It offers an efficient and effective way to build your funnels, much like what ClickFunnels does.

The only thing that puts ClickFunnels above 10-Minute Funnels is the Etison Suite Plan, which offers advanced marketing features and tools. Other than that, 10-Minute Funnels is a solid program that you should also check out. This is actually a battle of preferences—personally, I prefer ClickFunnels since it is trusted worldwide and has been operating for a very long time now.

ClickFunnels vs. Teachable

Teachable is a program that lets you create and sell courses online. Although it is easy to use, the course editor is quite unintuitive, unlike ClickFunnels’ editor. Not only that, the templates have been very limited. This means that if you want to achieve a specific design or structure, you would have to resort to coding or to hire someone good at coding.

In ClickFunnels, you do not need to code anything since it has a vast library of templates that you can use and edit with the Drag & Drop feature.

ClickFunnels vs. Getresponse

GetResponse is an email marketing platform that has gained popularity among internet marketers in the last couple of years. That is not really that surprising since it is an effective email marketing program that is complete with email templates and automation features.

The only downside on GetResponse is that the email templates are, although responsive, not customizeable, unlike ClickFunnels. They are pretty close competitors when it comes to email marketing, but ClickFunnels is better by a few functionalities.

ClickFunnels vs. Kyvio

Kyvio is another not-so-new all-in-one marketing tool that is very similar to ClickFunnels. It is cheaper than ClickFunnels, has an in-depth payment processing and integrates well on shopping carts.

But that being said, ClickFunnels is better since it has a better support system, has a very active and helpful community, and it is always up to date. Kyvio may be the cheaper alternative, but there is no guarantee that it will be of help to your business.

It definitely can become a direct rival of ClickFunnels in the future as long as it keeps on improving.

ClickFunnels vs. MailChimp

MailChimp is a free email marketing program that is great for small businesses. It also has a paid plan, whereas it will increase your subscriber limit. Even so, it is only proven to be effective on small businesses due to the subscriber limited being, well, small.

Another thing you should know is that MailChimp offers very limited customization options. You will have to use codes to get the design you wanted. Therefore, ClickFunnels is clearly the better choice.

ClickFunnels vs. ClickBank

ClickBank is an affiliate marketing program. That is all there is to it. But, given that ClickFunnels also has an affiliate management program called Backpack, it is definitely worth knowing which one is better.

ClickBank has no other feature other than managing all your affiliates on one screen, unlike ClickFunnels, who has a lot of functionalities in its arsenal. Clearly, this is an unfair comparison in regards to their respective usage and features. But, all in all, ClickFunnels Backpack is much more intuitive and offers a very detailed analysis of your affiliates’ performances.

ClickFunnels may have a lot of competitors, but one thing is for sure; ClickFunnels dominates them in some ways or another. Although it is worth noting that you should stick to your preferences and needs when choosing the right program for you. Product reviews such as this one will only serve as your guide in deciding what to get.

Who is ClickFunnels for?

It is safe to assume that ClickFunnels is for every internet marketer out there, especially those who are looking to sell something online, whether it is their own businesses or someone else’s. Keep in mind that it is not geared towards those who are selling products, you can sell services, masterclasses, create membership programs, and so many more.

You basically decide what to do, and ClickFunnels will help you make it a reality.


Interestingly, I am quite torn if ever I will recommend using ClickFunnels to beginners due to its price range. Although one thing is for sure, ClickFunnels is definitely an amazing funnel building software that does what it is designed to do, which is to build sales funnels and landing pages.

It may be very expensive for some people, but in my opinion, It is worth the risk as well as the investment. And that is a part of internet marketing you cannot possibly get rid of. You have to take risks for you to advance on to the next stage of your internet marketing career.

And to ease your worries, ClickFunnels is not a scam. It is a very reliable program that is used by a lot of people around the world. Plus, it is safe to say that it is the most popular funnel building software in the market. This speaks volume when it comes to ClickFunnels’ legitimacy.

Moreover, you can register for a free 14-day trial if ever you are still skeptical. You do not have to enter your credit card details on the signup page. All you need to do is to enter your credentials, and you are done. And if you still have not decided on getting ClickFunnels’ services, you can extend your trial by availing the Share Funnel plan, which only costs $19.

It may be too limited, but it can give you enough time to decide on an upgrade.

So, you may ask, what do I think about ClickFunnels? Well, it is an amazing software that I personally use on my daily online business management needs. It is complete with the really helpful features, especially those under the Etison Suite plan.

I would highly recommend joining ClickFunnels, but only if you have the funds. If not, you do not have to rush things over. There are still a lot of competent programs out there that you can use in the meantime while saving up for ClickFunnels.

If you are still a novice, I suggest using that time to read more on how to create sales funnels and other essential skills an internet marketer should have. That way, you will be properly equipped when you use ClickFunnels; allowing you to maximize your profits by tenfold or more!

Do you have any questions about ClickFunnels? Let me know in the comments below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.



How to join ClickFunnels Affiliate Program?
Joining ClickFunnels Affiliate Program is quite straightforward. What you need to do fill out the required forms, create an account on Tipalti (where you will receive your commissions), and you are in! It is quite easy, but keep in mind that you should follow the rules.

Does ClickFunnels Have an active community?
ClickFunnels has an official Facebook group with over 100K members. On the other hand, the group for affiliates called ClickFunnels Avengers Facebook group has members of over 30K.Both groups are active, and whenever you ask a funnel or business-related question, your fellow members will not hesitate to entertain your queries.Aside from those two, you can also find other ClickFunnels Facebook groups lead by other experienced marketers. I’m sure you can find the right community for you.

Is it a scam?
No. ClickFunnels came a long way to reach this kind of popularity from prominent internet marketers. Although it is significantly difficult to maintain a purely positive reputation since scamming has become apparent in the internet throughout the years.That said, it is not surprising that ClickFunnels is caught in some bad apples in the industry. And that is most likely the fault of other promoters who only spread lies about it and fooling people along the way.
It does have its flaws (as seen on the Cons section), but it is definitely not a scam.

Are there any training programs about sales funnels?
There are a lot of training programs that you can get on ClickFunnels. It may cost you a bit, but the quality of the information and skills are close to being unparalleled since the coaches are extremely passionate and experienced in their own field.One thing I would recommend taking is the “One Funnel Away” Challenge. Trust me, you will learn a lot from this training program.Read my “One Funnel Away” Challenge review here!

Is the affiliate program even worth it?
Absolutely! Not only will you be earning 40% recurring commission, but you will also get the chance of owning your dream car! It does not matter what car you want; it can be a Ferrari, a BMW, or even a minivan if that is what you really want.All you have to do is to get at least 100 active referrals to be qualified in owning your dream car. Once you accomplished that, $500 will be sent as a lease for your car, and if you keep increasing your active referrals, the lease will also follow suit.

Do I need to be techy to be able to use ClickFunnels?
ClickFunnels has an easy to use interface. It may be somewhat overwhelming at first, but you will eventually get used to it and master the ropes.You do not have to be proficient in computer knowledge since coding is not that big of a deal in ClickFunnels. In fact, the Drag & Drop feature completely discards the need for coding.

Do I need to build a lot of funnels to be successful?
Believe it or not, there are a lot of marketers who became successful with just one funnel alone! That means you do not have to build several sales funnels in order to succeed. If you have the proper knowledge and are open to more possibilities, you can keep tweaking one of your sales funnels until it becomes a high converting funnel.

Is there a ClickFunnels Bonus?
Yes, there is! If you signed up through this link, you would be eligible to receive my bonus ClickFunnels bonus package that will blow your mind! These bonuses will be beneficial to you, especially if you are a novice internet marketer. You will get the proper coaching, high-value training courses, lifetime list of recurring affiliate programs, and so many more!

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I hope you have enjoyed my ClickFunnels Review. If you have any doubt or queries, please let me know in the comment box. I will be glad to assist you.

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