ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Review

This is the most updated ClickFunnels Affiliate Program review you'll find on the web (Updated Last Month).

It's important to know that many article variations are claiming an honest ClickFunnels Affiliate Program review whether it is “100% exposed.” or is it a scam? Well, those are all OUTDATED.

If you are an affiliate marketer like me, or if you are looking for another way to earn money aside from your existing online business, then have a look at ClickFunnels affiliate program!

But why, ClickFunnels? I will tell you in a minute.

Firstly, affiliate marketing is a proven form of internet marketing that will earn you a consistent flow of income every single day.

A lot of online marketers or business owners are not really interested in creating their own products. In fact, they are way more interested in selling other people’s products and earn a certain percentage of commission. Some probably found it as an easy means of making money online, especially if you found a famous company with a substantial following.

Although affiliate marketing may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there are still a majority of online marketers that choose this business model. Affiliate marketing is actually the best way to earn a passive income.

Well, I am going to tell you this upfront, I really love the affiliate program of ClickFunnels. In fact, I believe it is one of the best affiliate programs that you can use throughout your online marketing career.

However, I will write this review as unbiasedly as possible because I want you to learn the facts first before reading my opinion on ClickFunnels affiliate program.


What is ClickFunnels?


ClickFunnels is a funnel building software that removes the burden of selling, delivering, and building lists online. It has a wide set of tools that makes it easier for marketers to set up their own online store.

Russell Brunson created ClickFunnels in hopes of changing the lives of online entrepreneurs. He is a renowned internet marketer who also created a whole bunch of software that is very useful for internet marketers. This is an essential tool that internet marketers frequently use to help generate a substantial amount of profit by acquiring high-quality leads that are sure to convert. Another thing you should know is that he is actually the reason why the concept of sales funnels became popular.

Also, Russell wrote several books that sold more than 200k copies in his career. He is extremely passionate about marketing since he was a child. Eventually, his effort led him to become a successful and prominent figure in the field of digital marketing.

ClickFunnels has come a very long way since its initial release. A lot of internet marketers and online entrepreneurs agreed that ClickFunnels helped them tremendously in building their very own sales funnels from scratch. Back then, sales funnels are a huge pain in the neck to build due to the lack of funnel building tools.

And that is the main reason why Russell decided to create software that is sure to be used by most internet marketers around the globe.

Again, ClickFunnels is a sales funnel-building program that is designed to help you build your own sales funnels. It has a very accessible way of constructing a sales funnel, incorporating a simple drag and drop feature, it surely gives it a plus in user experience.

Why choose ClickFunnels?

This is where it gets interesting.

ClickFunnels offer tons of amazing benefits to all of their affiliate marketers. And trust me, you will love it too.

As I have mentioned before, ClickFunnels has one of the best affiliate programs in the market, in which I personally admire. They offer 40% recurring commission for every referral you make. By doing so, you will get a chance to be one of the winners of amazing prizes like getting your very own dream car and becoming a member of the “Two Comma Club.”


ClickFunnels offers a fixed 40% of commissions for every referral you make. You do not have to be a top earner or a VIP to earn this percentage because every member is entitled to enjoy 40%, which automatically makes it one of the best out there.

ClickFunnels’ basic plan costs $97 per month. If you managed to make a sale through your affiliate link, you would automatically earn 40% of the original price, which is $38.80! Take note that $38.80 is a monthly recurring income.

Now, for the best part.

ClickFunnels, like most affiliate programs, rewards you 40% commission for EVERY referral you make. This means that if you managed to refer at least 100 people, you would inevitably earn $3,880 every single month!

Of course, this affiliate program is not only exclusive for the main product, which is ClickFunnels main plans; it will also apply to all of the products under the ClickFunnels product umbrella.

Here are a few examples:

  • Funnel Scripts

Funnel Scripts is a copywriting software that helps nonprofessional copywriters create a compelling copy without hiring someone to do it for you. It has several unique features, and generating high-quality copy is not the only thing Funnel Scripts can do.create

This costs $497 annually, which is roughly about $41 a month. So far, there is no one-time payment available or any other payment plans other than per year. Therefore, if you take 40% off of Funnels Scripts, you will earn $198.8 as your commission!

  • Funnel Hacks

Funnel Hacks is a training program that is included in the Etison Suite plan. In fact, it is one of the main offers of this plan, along with Funnel Builder Secrets, Actionetics, and Backpack.

Bundled in this offer are:

  • 6-month free of the Etison Suite account
  • 6-Week Funnel Hacks MasterClass
  • Instant Traffic Hacks
  • Inception Secrets
  • SOAP and Seinfeld Email Sequences
  • And even a free T-Shirt!

Funnels Hacks costs about $997, which will earn you a whopping $398.8!

  • ClickFunnels “One Funnel Away” Challenge

The “One Funnel Away” Challenge is another training course led by Russell Brunson that teaches you how to launch your very first funnel via daily training and live coaching for the next 30 days.

It currently has 2 existing plans: The first plan only costs a one-time payment of $100, which has all the features except for the physical package.

And on the second option, you will have to pay for the “One Funnel Away” Challenge Kit’s shipping fee, which costs $19.95 of your currently reside in the US and $29.95 if you are outside of the US. This brings it to a total of either $119.95 or $129.95.

Although, keep in mind that the shipping fee is not included in the calculation of your 40% commission. This will earn you $40 tops.

The ClickFunnels Affiliate Sticky Cookie

ClickFunnels has this unique feature called a “Sticky Cookie,” which is an amazing little feature that lets you earn a passive commission whenever your referral purchased an upsell. The sticky cookie is automatically embedded on your referral’s web browser and will forever stay (thus the term sticky) there unless they clear their browser’s cookies and cache.

This is an extremely advantageous feature that makes it easier to keep track of all your affiliate links easily and maximize your profit at the same time.


The ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

ClickFunnels- Affiliate -Bootcamp

And since ClickFunnels has an amazing affiliate program, Russell Brunson created a training program that will help you and many other affiliate marketers, especially beginners, to learn how to properly sell the affiliated products through different strategies that Russell and his team formulated.

It is a bonus program that will help you become one of their so-called “Super Affiliates” and earn thousands of dollars daily. The training spans for about a hundred days, and during those days, you will be given step-by-step training by these super affiliates.

The ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp is a free training program that you can immediately sign up to.

Inside the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp, you will have access to four videos that will teach you step-by-step procedures on how to turn affiliate marketing into your full-time job. This Bootcamp literally tells you that you can retire in just 100 days if you follow the steps correctly.

The only problem about the free version is that each video will disappear in just 24 hours. So, it is better to whip out your notebook and write while watching these training videos to extract the necessary information you need.

These videos are:

  • The First: My Simple 5-Step Plan to Turn an Affiliate “Hobby” Into A Full-Time Career! – In this video, you will be taught by none other than Russell Brunson. You will learn:
  • His personal step-by-step affiliate battle-plan (this provides the fundamentals of affiliate campaigns).
  • The BEST way to consume these Super Affiliates' interviews and extract their key takeaways without being overwhelmed.
  • How to simplify the business of affiliate marketing and replicate these same strategies in other niches.
  • How to customize and make these Super Affiliates' plans your own as you gain more experience.
  • The Second Step: How to Dominate the Affiliate Leaderboard and Become the #1 Top-Producing Super Affiliate – You will be taught by Jim Edwards (Chief Wizard). You will learn the following:
    • Jim Edwards’ 6-phase plan that he used to jumpstart his career from scratch and make a full-time living as a ClickFunnels Super Affiliate.
    • Jim Edwards’ 4 “pre-homework” tasks that must be done and rock-solid before you craft your message (to scale and penetrate fast).
    • Jim Edwards’ secret to overwhelming affiliate contests and becoming the top-selling affiliate for several online marketing products.
    • His “7-point checklist” that should be included in every “value trade” to beat any other affiliate.
    • How to become a product expert, even if you did not create the product.
  • The Third Step: Creating YouTube Videos That Your Audience Will Click on And Watch All the Way Through! – Joe Marfoglio, YouTube and SEO specialist, will teach you everything about YouTube, including:
  • The #1 most overlooked YouTube hack that can take your content to the top in the first 7 day
  • The “Show Formula” – which is a step-by-step breakdown of what you should be talking about (and at what timestamp) on each of your videos.
  • How to overpower YouTube’s algorithm, so that your traffic only sees a flood of your videos when they type in your keyword.
  • Joe’s “go-to” pieces of equipment that he regularly uses for shooting great videos
  • Joe’s “Know Your C.R.A.P.” method to getting your videos ranked on YouTube
  • The Fourth Step: How to Take A Simple “Agency” Approach to Generate 100+ Affiliates in 100 Days – You will be taught by Josh Rhodes, founder of Groovy Marketing. You will learn about:
    • The greatest way to get more traction without waiting years for your affiliates to build-up
    • How to build a “house of mirrors”- and why this is vital in scaling your agency
    • The secret weapon to easy one-on-one relations with potential customers that lets you both form a “win-win” situation.
    • How to identify the right P.O.P. that creates a ‘vein of gold’ and allows you to generate recurring affiliate income.
    • The “4 Areas of Impact” you should be obsessing about over the next 100 days.

Of course, this is not the only videos that you can access. There are also tons of interviews that you can watch, which features successful affiliates under ClickFunnels. They are called “Super Affiliates,” and this program helps you become one.

Read my ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review here for more information about it.


ClickFunnels did a great job of becoming one of the top marketing tools available on the internet, mainly because of how Russell understands the struggles of online marketers. This is evident in all of his products. He wrote books about internet marketing, built amazing marketing tools, formulated effective marketing strategies, and created a lot of training programs that received nothing but praise from marketers across the internet.

That, by itself, is enough to believe ClickFunnels is a legitimate company that does not hold back when it comes to assisting internet marketers.

This automatically makes its affiliate program reliable and far from being accused of scam. In fact, I am currently using ClickFunnels affiliate program, and it is borderline amazing!

The 40% commission is enough to lure me in and never let go.

I highly recommend getting into ClickFunnels affiliate program regardless if you have no use of the product itself. You don’t even have to buy a product. All you have to do is sign up to their affiliate programs and poof—you are officially an affiliate.

Plus, if you are still a novice internet marketer, this will give you a great start both financially and for the experience.

So, what are your thoughts on ClickFunnels affiliate program? If you have any questions regarding the affiliate program, don’t hesitate to send me a message on Facebook messenger or in the comments below!


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I hope you have enjoyed my Click Funnels Affiliate Program Review. If you have any doubt or queries, please let me know in the comment box. I will be glad to assist you.

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