ClickFunnels Actionetics Review

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Email marketing is a vital element for online businesses. It is a way of keeping in touch with your customers about your products, services, and offers.

It builds a firm relationship between you and your customers that will surely benefit both party’s best of interests. Once properly implemented, it will most likely be your most valuable asset in the totality of your online entrepreneurship.

You’re probably thinking “Emails are so old school” and “There are a lot of better options than emails.”

Well, you are not wrong, but you aren’t right either.

Email marketing is not as dead as you may think it may be. In fact, email marketing has remained to be one of the biggest and most effective forms of online marketing to this date.

The reason for this is that there are no algorithms involved. You are completely in control of your list. You decide who receives it or not. It is all on you, which is more than enough for it to be deemed as one of the most effective online marketing tools to date.

The reason you’re probably reading this review is that you’re looking for an excellent email automation program that perfectly complements ClickFunnels’ functions.

Although there are a lot of email marketing services available on the internet like Aweber, ActiveCampaign, and ConvertKit; why not make use of ClickFunnels’ own email automation service called Actionetcs?


What is Actionetics?


Actionetics is an email automation platform under ClickFunnels. It is integrated directly into your sales funnel structure in order for you to automate your subscriber actions. It works similarly to other email marketing platforms like creating email lists, sending automated emails and broadcasts, and stores contacts automatically.

It also has its own lead scoring system, which is called Action Score. This feature will automatically record your contacts’ engagements and will help you further optimize your processes.

Actionetics was not originally a part of ClickFunnels back in the day of its release. In fact, it was only added later in 2015 with an affiliate platform called Backpack.

One thing you also need to know is that Actionetics only works exclusively with the sales funnels that you have created in ClickFunnels. It won’t work on other lead generation platforms, even if it is your preferred one.

What are the features of Actionetics?

Smart Lists

Actionetics, like most marketing services, allows you to build your own email lists from scratch. One unique feature that makes Actionetics different is its Smart Lists feature.

A Smart List automatically adds or removes a certain contact based on what rules you have specified. You can place a wide array of rules that you can set in order to maximize the effectivity of your email lists, or in this case, Smart Lists.

Here are some of the rules that you can use for your automation process:

  • Contact Rules – This will match a contact through Action Scores, tags, and other contact fields like names, email address, etc.
  • Funnel Rules – This will match a contact who visits a specific step in your funnels.
  • Product Rules – This matches contact who have purchased a certain product.
  • Email Step Rules – This set of rules will match a contact who opened a specific email in your funnel.

Unlimited Contacts

This has got to be my preferred feature out of all. In Actionetics, you are allowed to have an unlimited number of contacts without increasing your monthly bill.

Most email marketing services offer a limitation on your contact lists and will only increase if you avail for their larger plans. See ConvertKit for example, it offers $29 a month with a subscriber limit of 1K. And if you want to increase the limit, you’d have to upgrade to their $49 monthly plan for you to achieve 3K subscriber count.

As for Actionetics, you will have to pay an expensive, yet constant, price since it is a part of a payment plan—not a standalone product. Plus, if you avail the said plan, you will not only enjoy Actionetics, you will also have access to a lot of other products ClickFunnels has to offer. It is a great package if you ask me.

Action Funnels


Actionetics has a way of building an efficient automation process that consists of a series of steps that allows you to either send an email or perform a certain action during that process. This is also known as Action Funnels.

Through these actions, Actionetics allows you to integrate with a lot of third-party services like Facebook, Twilio, and even Shopify.

And to be specific, here are some things you can do with these third-party services:

  • You can add contacts from Actionetics to your custom audience on Facebook for you to retarget later with ads through Facebook integration.
  • You can send SMS messages with the Twilio integration.
  • You can send product purchase information to your Shopify store for product fulfillment through the Shopify or Shipstation integration.

For now, ClickFunnels is still adding more possible integrations to increase the capability and create powerful marketing automation.

Flexible Email Delivery

Flexible Email Delivery

Another thing that makes the Actionetics different from other email services is that it doesn’t directly send emails. In fact, it relies on a separate SMTP service for it to do so. It may seem like this as an undesirable feature, I see this as an advantage because it gives you a little more flexibility.

This means you will not be limited to the type of email marketing you can do in your email service. Some email services like ActiveCampaign does not welcome affiliate marketing in their platform. However, by using your own SMTP service, you are free to do affiliate marketing without any restrictions.

This will also help you avoid issues regarding email deliverability. With email services like ConvertKit, you’re unknowingly sharing an SMTP service with other users. If any of them are performing terribly in their email marketing processes, it might indefinitely affect your email deliverability.

This will not happen if you use your own SMTP service, but if for some reason your emails do get blocked, you are free to change your SMTP service with another and continue on with your automation.


Pricing -Of- Actionetics

Actinetics is not a standalone email marketing service. Moreover, it is actually a part of ClickFunnels Etison Suite Plan that costs $297 a month.

Although it does not compare well with the price of other email marketing services, it is still worth considering because of the fact that it is actually just a part of a package that has tons of other useful marketing tools like Backpack.

Another thing is that it also requires you to avail for a separate SMTP server provider for Actionetics to work. This means you’ll have to pay a different fee (not on ClickFunnels) to utilize Actionetics completely. There are free options that you can use like SendGrid, or if you are willing to pay, you can use Mandrill, MailChimp’s own SMTP provider.

If you pay $997 initially, you can have access to Actionetics for free in 6 months. This cuts the cost down to at least $167 per month, which is the best deal you could get.


Who is it for?

It is highly unlikely that Actionetics is aimed at anyone. It hardly passes as an affordable email marketing tool despite its amazing features. The problem is, despite its price plans and package inclusions, it is still hard to recommend to aspiring marketers or those who currently have a small list of subscribers.

Yes, it does have an unlimited contact listing, but it is not enough for novices to spend $297 every month for that sole purpose. Plus, they won’t be using some of the products involved in the package (although Backpack seems great).

So, in my opinion, I believe Actionetics is geared towards online marketers that already acquired a huge following and earned enough money that lets them afford the Etison Suite plan.

But if you’re still willing to pay for that, you are free to do so. It might suit your style, at the very least.

Actionetics vs. ConvertKit


So how does Actionetics compare to one of the many email service out there, one of which is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit’s visual automation builder is a good start, and it’s much more flexible and accessible for newcomers to use. For Actionetics, not so much.

Since Actionetics doesn’t support custom fields, you can’t use it to create more accessible and flexible automation, unlike ConvertKit.

Plus, in ConvertKit, you can split test your automation, although it is limited. This will at least increase your conversions, unlike Actionetics.

Actionetics does not even compare to ConvertKit’s price range. ConvertKit is cheaper by a long shot.

But, there are also a few advantages Actionetics has over ConvertKit.

It is directly integrated with ClickFunnels, so you don’t have to switch over to another program to handle your email automation process. Everything is in the same place, which a lot of people prefer (one of those is me).

It also works perfectly well because of the compatibility it has to all your created sales funnels on ClickFunnels.

This comparison is highly dependent on which software suits your business the most.

If your business is solely for marketing and sales, ClickFunnels is the one for you. If you’re into blogging, content marketing, and small types of businesses, ConvertKit will suit you the most.

Both are great in their own terms.


  • Create Smart Lists for dynamic email segmentation.
  • Use Action Score to promote to your best leads.
  • Capability to share your Action Funnels with others.
  • Can add unlimited contacts.
  • 14-day free trial.
  • Can switch out SMTP servers.


  • Too expensive for small lists.
  • No visual automation builder.
  • Limited automation building.
  • Cannot customize how Action score is calculated.
  • Needs ClickFunnels in order to be used.
  • No Split tests.


It’s hard to recommend this product, because the price is a bit too much for what it offers, especially to those who have a small list of subscribers at first.

But if you’re going to use ClickFunnels eventually, then it would only make sense for you to try Actionetics as your email marketing platform. It can be quite easy to use, and it has a handful of useful tools and resources that you can use to improve your email marketing process.

Since it is a product of ClickFunnels, this allows you to make one less monthly recurring payment for your email service.

Although it does require upgrading to the ClickFunnels’ Etison Suite plan to use, if you are going to use this plan anyway, then I would recommend giving Actionetics a go as your email marketing platform.

In conclusion, if you plan on spending more on tools and resources, Actionetics is one definitive candidate that should be part of the marketing tools you are considering to use. Its the ability to integrate to ClickFunnels and Backpack’s affiliate marketing platform is something a lot of marketers will surely appreciate.


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