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Link tracking, as you may know, is an essential part of internet marketing that most people seem to disregard during their online ventures. They seem to think that investing in paid traffic will automatically give them the success they want.

That is not how easy marketing is. It is not an online game where you pay to win, it is more of a gamble whereas you take risks. This means that you may earn a lot of money in the process, or you’ll lose more than what you earn. That is how online marketing works.

But with link tracking software, you now gain the ability to recognize these risks and put a stop to your current strategy in order to avoid losing more than what you pay for on paid advertisement or any other lead generation tools.

It’s a blessing to the internet marketing world if you will.

In this write-up, we’ll be discussing the top 10 best link tracking software of 2019. I will list each of their features along with their pros and cons for you to understand why they are included in the list.

But before that, let’s discuss a little bit about link trackers and why they are an important part of online marketing.


What is Link Tracking?

Link trackers are created for the purpose of observing if any of your campaigns or ads get enough recognition from viewers or possible customers. It provides data that shows how many people have clicked it and how many conversions were made from those clicks or engagements.

Observing your visitors’ behavior can be beneficial to your business since you’ll know the reason what urged them to click or what made them skip your campaign efforts. You’ll be able to learn the factors regarding these activities and improve upon them accordingly.

It is a helpful way to gain analytics for your marketing campaigns, to measure how effective your strategy is and whether you need to update or improve your content to gain more traffic to your links.

That said, here is the list of my top 10 link tracking software of 2019 (from top to least):



ClickMagick is a browser-based application that offers an extensive and all-inclusive range of features that are intended at optimizing your internet marketing efforts.

It allows you to create tracking links that will show who clicked it and which click produced a sale if set up correctly. This will give you an awareness of how engaging your ads are and on who your targeted audience is.

ClickMagick also has several advanced features that most click trackers do not have. Features like Automatic Bot Filtering, Click Fraud Monitoring, and a lot more.



ClickMagick currently has 24 unique features that you can enjoy once you have purchased or subscribed to their services. It can also be said that most of these features are not available on ClickMagick’s competitors.

Unfortunately, we won’t be discussing all of these features in this write-up, but only it’s top features will be covered below.

Now, let’s discuss some of the available features it offers:

Automatic Bot Filtering

As you may know, there is an insane quantity of bots across the internet. Some of these bots can be considered “friendly” and identify themselves as such, while the others are malicious bots that masquerade themselves as legitimate processes. With this feature, ClickMagick can filter out all these bots and protect your online businesses altogether.

Click Fraud Monitoring & Traffic Quality Analysis

ClickMagick also features a click fraud monitor to prevent such an illegal activity from happening. It can quickly identify certain irregularities and immediately flag them as fraudulent clicks. That being said, it also analyzes the quality of the traffic as it monitors your campaign’s performance and activity.

Advanced Geotargeting & Mobile Optimization

These two features are focused on optimizing your ads or campaigns by catering to your viewer’s needs and conditions. It is basically expanding your audience by creating a relatable Ad for them to interact. For instance, if you want to feature a business in the UK, you can target that geographic to gather clicks and conversions. As for mobile optimization, it is only logical to think that mobile phones dominate the market, ultimately beating computers in the top spot. Launching your campaigns on mobile and optimizing them is your best bet of earning a sizeable profit.

Effortless Conversion Tracking

This means that ClickMagick immediately tracks all actions made by any visitor (Subscribing, purchasing, adding an item to a cart, and many more) without missing a single conversion.

A/B Split Testing

ClickMagick offers a split testing whereas it can automatically alert you which webpage is the winner. With split testing, you are free to compare the A and B versions of your webpage and see which one produces conversions more.

Multi-Mode Link Rotators

Rotators are a powerful tool, especially for traffic providers. With these, you can set two or more URLs under one link, and it will rotate every now and then. The way these links rotate depends on what mode you are using. Currently, there are four modes you can choose from:

  1. Sequential mode – This mode makes the URLs change after every click in a sequenced manner. For example, the first click will lead you to the original URL. The second time you click will redirect you to the following URL, and on the third click, you’ll be brought to the next assigned URL. It’s that simple.
  2. Spillover mode – This mode is the same as the previous one, but the only difference is you are free to choose which URL the viewer will be directed to after they’ve visited them all.
  3. Fulfillment mode – This assigns the first URL and lets it gain the maximum number of clicks it needs before moving on to the next URL.
  4. Random mode – Just as its name suggests, it assigns random URLs per click.

Add Retargeting Pixels to Any Link

With this great feature, you’ll be able to increase all your offers’ exposure quite dramatically. It follows your recent viewers to any website, persuading them to try your products with incredible offers.

Dynamic Affiliate Links

This feature allows you to bypass an affiliate sales page and send your visitors to another page while you still earn your affiliate commissions. Although you are free to do this, you still need to adhere to the terms and conditions of the affiliate program you’re working with to avoid any problems like losing your affiliate status.

Facebook Sharing & Google Analytics

If you’re buying traffic from Facebook and Google Adwords, you can use ClickMagick to optimize your campaigns since it is compatible with these two. You could also compose custom titles, descriptions, and images on your Facebook ads to increase the probability of conversions.

Support Team

It is also worth noting that ClickMagick has a support team that you can rely on whenever there is an issue.


ClickMagick offers an assortment of accessible and cost-effective plans, which are divided into two groups: Monthly & Yearly.

The monthly billing option consists of three price plans:

  • Starter Plan – This costs USD 17 per month and includes:
    • Up to 10,000 clicks per month
    • All core features
    • Funnel Tracking – 1 Funnel
    • 2 custom tracking domains
    • 6-month data retention
    • And 1-hour support
  • Standard Plan – Costs USD 47, which includes:
    • 100,000 clicks per month
    • All core features
    • 5 funnels
    • 10 custom tracking domains
    • 1-year data retention
    • And 1-hour support
  • Pro Plan – Lastly, this costs USD 97 and includes:
    • Up to a million clicks per month
    • All core features
    • Unlimited funnel tracking
    • Unlimited custom tracking domains
    • 2 years of data retention
    • And 1-hour support

As for its yearly plans, these are:

  • Starter Plan – Originally costs USD 204, now it costs USD 12 annually.
    • Same package with the monthly starter plan.
  • Standard Plan – This costs USD 564, now it just costs USD 33 per year.
    • Has the same package with the standard monthly plan.
  • Pro Plan – The original price is a whopping USD 1164, not you can get it for only USD 66 per year.
    • It also has the same package with the monthly pro plan.



Improvely is a click tracker that has tons of features that online marketers can utilize to track their link’s performance, test each of the results from these clicks, improve these results.

This tool can be used as a link tracker for your website and is designed to work with various Ad networks such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and many more.


Conversion Tracking and Attribution

This is one of the main features every link tracker is supposed to have, it helps online marketers track clicks, monitors online conversions, and improve for greater revenue.

Improvely presents to you the location where your conversions and revenue come from. This is so you can stop wasting a lot of your time and money on ineffective processes, which is the point of link trackers in the first place.

Improvely lets you observe the actions your visitors take in order for you to identify the point where the sale went down.

Improvely also creates a profile of each visitor of your site. This feature enables it to track repetitive visits for weeks or even months.

Detects, Blocks and Prevents Click Fraud

Improvely can detect fraudulent paid ads and subsequently block them. The fact that these kinds of ads exist means that there is a huge chance that you’ll become a victim if such an activity. If left unchecked, you are just throwing away a huge amount of money on these Ads.

Improvely will make a report that includes all the details you need on these incidents during your campaigns.

These reports include:

  • The IP addresses where the fraud click was from.
  • Location
  • Date and time
  • Referring URL

Once you have gathered all the required statistics, you can use Improvely to block these frauds.

Agency & White-Label Reports

This is one of the requirements you should consider when selecting the best link tracker. This feature is perfect for digital marketing companies that work with a number of clients.

Improvely has a built-in agency-ready marketing report, which you can send them reports on how their campaigns are performing.


Improvely offers four plans that come with a free 14-day trial to help you decide whether Improvely is the best one for you. Although, you have to input your credit card details first before signing up for it.

These plans are:

  • Freelancer Plan – This plan costs $29 per month and includes the following:
    • You can track up to 10,000 link clicks per month and…
    • Add a single team member
    • Track conversions and revenues
    • Click fraud monitoring
    • Built-in A/B split testing
    • Access to affiliate marketing tools
  • Startup Plan – This one costs $79/mo, which includes:
    • This plan allows you to track up to 50,000 visits
    • Access for 3 team members
    • Track conversions and revenues
    • Click fraud monitoring
    • Built-in A/B split testing
    • Access to affiliate marketing tools
  • Small Agency Plan – This costs about $149/mo and has:
    • Track over 100,000 visits per month
    • Unlimited team member access
    • Sub-Accounts that lets you create logins for members
    • Same features of the FREELANCER plan
  • Large Agency Plan – Lastly, this plan costs $299+/mo. It has:
    • 250,000 trackable links per month
    • White-Label reporting
    • Plus other SMALL AGENCY plan features



ClickMeter is an excellent link tracking tool that helps you track where your visitors are coming from and where they end up in your marketing funnel.

It is an ideal click tracking tool for advertisers, big or small agencies, affiliate marketers, and publishers. These four profiles are ClickMeter’s focused audiences.



As mentioned before, ClickMeter is geared towards the four profiles or type of online marketers. This means that its features are dependent on these marketer’s processes.

For Advertisers

  • Used to track sales and conversions from your campaigns
  • Detect fraudulent activities
  • Double-check data from paid traffic or advertisements

For Agencies

  • Monitors the campaigns of your customers
  • Track sales and conversions
  • Detect fraudulent activities
  • Real-time result sharing

For Affiliate Marketers

  • Link cloaking
  • Tracks affiliate links
  • Link shortening
  • Split tests

For Publishers

  • Helps increase clients
  • Provides visibility through views, clicks, and conversions


What’s great about ClickMeter is that it offers a free plan, unlike the previous link trackers. You can use this plan first before availing for the other plans to avoid impulsive decisions. You might get overwhelmed if you get the plans that are more advanced.

These are:

  • Free Plan
    • 1,000 trackable clicks/Events
    • 100 Datapoints
    • 30 days Data storage
    • 100+ features
    • Advanced tools for affiliate marketing
  • Medium Plan – It costs $29/month
      • 25,000 trackable clicks
      • 2,500 Datapoints
      • 1-year Data storage
      • 100+ features
      • Advanced affiliate marketing tools
      • A/B test
      • Excel export
      • Ability to create short tracking links with 1 branded domain
      • Conversion tracking and revenue
      • Retargeting functionality
  • Large Plan – Costs about USD 99 per mo
      • 200,000 trackable clicks/Events
      • 20,000 Datapoints (link tracking, pixel tracking, rotators, and banners…)
      • 2 years of Data storage
      • Advanced affiliate marketing tools like cloaking and encryption
      • Create short tracking links with 10 branded domain
      • Click fraud protection
      • Logo reports
  • X-Large Plan – Costs $349
    • 2,000,000 trackable clicks/Events
    • 200,000 Datapoints
    • 3 years of Data storage
    • Advanced affiliate marketing tools (cloaking, encryption, redirect, commission tracking)
    • Ability to create short tracking links with 100 branded domain
    • Click fraud protection
    • Dedicated support




Voluum is an AI web-based click tracker software, which also provides a tracking solution for affiliate marketers, bloggers, and marketing agencies.

Voluum has an exceptional Application Programming Interface (API), which gives you access to pull all of your data and process it without any problem.


Advanced Targeting

This link tracker lets you split the traffic and send it to different webpages and offers for your business to achieve high conversions.

A/B Testing

With Voluum, you can do A/B tests to determine which of your campaigns perform the best. It is a must for link trackers to have this feature to maximize your campaign’s performance.

Without this feature, you will unknowingly spend more money than earning some.

Mobile tracking

Voluum offers a mobile tracking feature whereas you can control your link tracking data via an application on android and IOS.

It is a portable option that really blends well with the times.



Voluum is the most expensive link tracking software that is most likely aimed at more experienced online marketers. It offers three payment plans that are quite expensive, even at the lowest plan available. Users can choose whatever plan they are most comfortable with since Voluum is a powerful tool.

  • BASIC Plan – The cheapest option, which costs $224/mo
    • 2,000,000 events
    • 6 months of data retention
    • $0.05/1,000 events average charge
    • 1 custom tracking domain
    • Reporting API
  • ADVANCED Plan – Costs about $449/mo
    • 10,000,000 events
    • 12 months of data retention
    • 2 additional users
    • $0.045/1,000 events average charge
    • 3 custom tracking domain
    • Reporting API
  • PREMIUM Plan – It costs $1124/mo
    • 30,000,000 events
    • 24-month data retention
    • 5 additional users
    • $0.04/1,000 events average charge
    • 5 custom tracking domain
    • Reporting API



AdsBridge claims to be a universal solution for all types of businesses. It provides a large scope of tools and does not limit the functionality for a user based on a pricing plan.

This tracker can serve as an excellent groundwork for affiliate program software and affiliate network software via a multi-user access that lets you monitor the actions of your affiliates.


Real-Time Stats

AdsBridge system proposes clear stats, which shows real-time results. You are free to filter and edit these reports, use several parameters to view statistics and access the effectivity of your investments.

Traffic Management

AdsBridge’s traffic distribution system can help you route traffic to your most relevant offers by using 20 different filters.

These are:

  • Country
  • State / Region
  • City
  • Language
  • Traffic type
  • IP address
  • OS
  • ISP
  • Mobile provider
  • Connection type
  • Device
  • Device manufacturer
  • Device model
  • Referrer
  • Browser
  • Sub ID
  • Day
  • Time
  • User agent
  • Uniqueness

Bot Filter

You can detect all bot traffic by adjusting filters on more than 19 parameters using the industry standard databases for the device, IP, and GEO detection/intelligence.


AdsBridge offers an extensive price range, which is quite reasonable based on what it offers. What great about it is that it offers a free trial (as shown below) that lasts for 14 days.

I will not waste your time by presenting ALL of the inclusions of their packages because it is a lot to include in this write-up. Plus, the only difference each plan has is their respective visits/mo limit, which spans up to 50 million.



Linktrackr is another link tracker that offers the same feature as the previous ones above. It offers a handful of features that you can use to maximize your profit on your online business.


URL Rotator software

This should be a feature you should always consider in choosing a good link tracker to maximize your acquisition of traffic. It distributes incoming  traffic to all your URLs, making it easier for you to keep your business up and running.

The URL rotator rotates traffic to a limitless number of websites so that it only sends quality traffic to your viewers.

Link Tracking Analysis

All you have to do is enter your URL, modify it a bit, and then you are now free to use the tracking link on all your websites, ads and other campaigns.

LinkTrackr is also perfect for tracking your affiliate links using SubID tracking.

Conversion tracking

Like most great link tracking service available, LinkTrackr helps pinpoint where your sales and leads with great accuracy by placing simple (Javascript and iFrame) tracking codes on your websites or campaigns.


LinkTrackr is one of the cheapest link tracking software that you can use as an alternative for other link trackers out there. It is geared towards small-time online businesses who do not have a sizeable following. It is great for novices because of its low price.

  • LinkTrackr Basic Plan $9/mo
    • 100 tracking links
    • 10,000 clicks
    • Advanced cloaking
    • Branded domains
  • Pro Plan $19/mo
    • 500 tracking links
    • 50,000 clicks
    • Advanced cloaking
    • Branded domains
    • Conversion tracking
  • Hyper Plan $39/mo
    • 1,000 tracking links
    • 100,000 clicks
    • A/B split testing
    • Other Pro plan features
  • LinkTrackr Extreme Plan $69/mo
    • 5,000 tracking links
    • 500,000 clicks
    • Other Hyper Plan features



ClixTrac is a free banner and link tracking service that lets you track how many times your ads and links are viewed and clicked. This service, much like the previous software, can be used to track the ads you place on your website or on other websites.

Aside from banner ad and text ad tracking, ClixTrac also provides a basic URL tracking service that allows you to track the clicks on URLs that you set up. This is a great tool when you're doing affiliate marketing or have a long URL that you'd like to shorten for it to look visually appealing.


Link cloaking

With Clixtrac, you can protect your affiliate links to keep your commissions from getting bypassed by shortening them in an appealing way.

A/B tests

Like most alternatives, Clixtrac click tracker is used to split-test traffic to different landing pages to see which one performs the best. It does not deviate from the rest.


Although it is marketed as a free link tracker, it also offers some paid plans that are very cheap. In fact, this is the cheapest tracker on this list.

    • Free
      • Unlimited banners and links
      • Real-time tracking (100 clicks per link)
      • Retargeting and other features
  • Premium – $4.95 per month
      • 20,000 impressions per day
      • Track unlimited clicks
      • Daily, weekly or monthly reports
      • Plus all the free features
  • Professional – $9.95 per month
    • Unlimited impressions and clicks
    • Downloadable reports
    • And all the premium features

redtrack is cloud-hosted ad tracking software that offers data analytics and campaign optimization solutions for your businesses. It developed a platform that allows affiliate marketers and media buyers to challenge complex performance tracking and data using a single tool that scales and adapts as their online businesses prosper.


Campaign reporting provides real-time reports on campaign performance, clicks, and conversions across 30+ data attribution points.

Redirect based on weight

This feature lets you control the volume of the traffic redirected to stream, landing or offer based on the automatically-generated designated weight of these traffic.

Direct tracking LP Pixel

With, you can collect data from direct and organic visits. This allows you to run advertising campaigns efficiently without redirects on Google, Facebook, and other paid traffic solutions.


RedTracker.Io also provides a free 14-day trial that you can use if you are still skeptical in buying it or still looking for other options. It offers tons of useful features that you can easily access once you become a member.

    • Starter – $29 per month
      • 300,000 clicks
      • 0.06 / k overcharge
      • Personal on-boarding
      • 3 custom domains
      • 12-month data retention
      • Core tracker features
    • Pro – $79 per month
      • 3,000,000 clicks
      • 0.04 / k overcharge
      • Personal on-boarding
      • Unlimited domains
      • 12-month data retention
      • Starter features+
      • Fraud Report
      • Rules & alerts
      • Conditional postbacks
      • 3rd party integrations
    • Business – $339 per month
      • 15,000,000 clicks
      • 0.034 / k overcharge
      • Personal on-boarding
      • Unlimited domains
      • 24-month data retention
  • Pro features+
          • Multi-access
    • Custom – $939 per month
      • 50,000,000+ clicks
      • Personal on-boarding
      • Unlimited domains
      • 24-month data retention
  • Business features+
        • Custom features is a web-based link tracking tool that helps optimize your marketing campaigns on all Ad networks, social media, and your affiliate links.


Autotagging automatically tags the location where your traffic comes from. This is so you don't have to waste time creating a special link for every marketing channel.


With, you are able to track numerous types of channels using several different verticles. You can track conversions, sales, open rates, social brands, and many more.

Plus, it is capable of A/B testing and is good for cloaking links. It is also good for tracking social media reach.

Pricing has a reasonable range of price plans that has a wide array of useful features you can implement on your marketing strategies.

    • Standard – $39 per month
      • Unlimited Events
      • Unlimited Datapoints
      • 1 Year Data Storage
      • Affiliate Marketing Tools
      • A/B Split Testing
      • Sharable Reports
      • 1 Branded Domain
      • Track Conversions & Revenue
  • Enterprise – $99 per month
    • Everything Marketing Plan Offers +
    • Lifetime Data Storage
    • 25 Branded Domain
    • 25 Sub-Accounts
    • Social Media Reach Tracking is another alternative link tracking service for anyone who does any type of online marketing or advertising.

It is supposed to be the “secret weapon” of the top online marketers in the whole world. It does sound a bit too much, but based on its usability, it is actually worth a shot.


  • Split Testing
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Retargeting
  • Link Rotation
  • Emails and Click Tracking

Pricing offers an extensive price range that has a lot of listed features that you can see on their pricing page. The cheapest one is the Basic plan which has all the basic features that a link tracker generally contains. More advanced features are unlocked whenever you upgrade your payment plan.

Conclusion: Most Recommended Product

As you may have seen, ClickMagick easily topped the list as the best link tracking software you can find on the internet.

ClickMagick is recommended by most internet marketers, and It is a browser-based service that has everything presented to you in the dashboard, which makes it all the more perfect for online marketers who have several sites and links to manage all at once.

Unlike most link trackers that are geared towards a specific audience, ClickMagick is actually aimed at any type of online marketer, be it novices or experienced, they are sure to enjoy the efficiency of ClickMagick.

So yes, I highly recommend ClickMagick. It is safe to say that it is the  best link tracker out there.


Clickmagick has given me an extended trial (the trial on their site is only 14 days). I couldn't get you a Clickmagick discount code, but this is the best offer you will find anywhere online!

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I hope you have enjoyed my Best Link Tracking Software Review. If you have any doubt or queries, please let me know in the comment box. I will be glad to assist you.

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