Gael Breton’s The Authority Site System Review

Creating and running your own website is the next big thing.

Although it’s quite hard to predict if the things on trend now will still be in fashion tomorrow, in general, people’s consumption of content over the internet has increased manifold over the past years.

To accomodate this growing need, content creators have come up across YouTube, WordPress, Spotify, and so many other platforms. Although content types other than text have shown a significant growth, textual content still contributes a larger share of people’s internet consumption.

Websites like HuffingtonPost and Mashable get around 1 million unique clicks per month. This just goes on to show the power of the Internet and how more and more people are getting internet access. Traditional media powerhouses like Print and Television media outlets (like New York Times) have started offering digital content to tap into the growing internet economy.

Bloggers have started making handsome money over the internet. So much so that it has grown as a career option for many.

It’s safe to assume that reading this, you either have your own website or you are planning to start a website of your own. Tapping into this growing industry is one of the most obvious things to do if you plan on generating a good amount of money for you.

But here’s a spoiler: things are brutal over the internet.

Name any niche, and you will find dozens of websites already present there. There’s hardly any niche, even if its a microniche like gym products, that are left to target. This is bad news for a content creator (or would-be content creator)‌ like you.

If users are dissatisfied with your services and offerings, it won’t take much time for them to shift to your competitors within a fraction of a second. As there are so many options available on the platter. While it may be good news for the users that they are being provided with so many options, as a website owner you would always have to be on your toes.

One of the ways to make sure that you get on to the top, and stay there, is to prove that your service is more worthwhile compared to your competitors. Why should they stick to your website? What do you offer differently?

Websites usually try to make themselves an authority website. It solves a lot of users’ concerns of getting legit and better content. But building an authoritative website is no child’s play.

If you are someone who has his/her website but is planning to increase their revenue or page views, striving to become an authority website must be in your to-do list. While it is easy to believe that you have a head start over the others who are at the moment still pondering about wanting to create their own website and start earning, it is still a long road ahead.


What Is Authority Site System?

Authority Site System in simple words is a basic course that teaches you all the basics on how to create your own highly profitable, authoritative website. It contains a vast and comprehensive set of materials that covers every facet of making your authority website. Formerly known as Authority Hacker Review.

You may wonder why you should go for a course, which is a natural reaction. But being a newbie, there are lots of pitfalls that you might fall into. Although you can’t insure yourself against stumbling from any type of problem, there are lots of common problems and knowledge corresponding to it which can help you. This is just one of the things offered by the course:‌ how to avoid common pitfalls.

Another question that might pop up in your mind would be why you should go for this course when there is a ton of information available on the internet. Fair question, except there are two problems.

First, you will have to collect lots of different information spread across different categories. Even if you end up collecting a fair share of information, there would be a lot of disorganized information through which you would have no idea how to browse.

Second, all the information provided may or may not be backed by actual results. There are tons of websites offering their own perspectives, but it is important that you get information that will actually work for you.

This is where the Authority Site System comes into the picture.

To tackle the first problem, it offers you streamlined content arranged in modules. So that you go in a sequence from amateur to professional level.

Additionally, this course is made by folks who have made several authoritative websites from the ground up. So they have real-life experience as to what works and what doesn’t.


What Does It Do?

This course contains different modules targeting different parts which are important to build your authority website.

It breaks the entire course into five different modules which contain videos corresponding to that specific module. Not only that, it also provides you with supplementary text summary of each video. They also provide you with a progress bar so that you can track your progress effectively.

Module 1: Authority Site Model and Online Marketing 101

This module contains 5 different lessons:

  • What is an authority website?
  • How do authority websites get traffic?
  • How authority websites generate revenue?
  • Affiliate Marketing 101
  • SEO‌ 101

This module starts off with targeting authority websites. To build your own authority website, you must know the basic whats and hows of the workings of an authority website.

In knowing these basics, you will come across the business models of authority websites and the challenges you might face while setting up one.

You will get to know 3 different ways to generate revenue from your authority websites. Plus, you will also get to know how authority websites get traffic, with more emphasis on SEO.

It includes two additional but handy topics: basics of affiliate marketing and SEO. These are the two basic elements. Knowing affiliate marketing is always beneficial as you will know additional ways to generate revenue. SEO will always be important as search engine traffic is what usually advertisers dig the most, meaning more revenue for you.

Module 2: Niche Research and Website Planning

One of the important and biggest modules of the course has 20 videos to offer.

Selecting a niche is important as it is one of the preliminary steps to build a profitable website. It is advised that you select a niche with less competition as it gives you a lot of scope to come off on top of the competition.

The videos contain content on how to do the proper keyword research. The instructors make use of Ahrefs to do a lot of keyword research, and you might have to buy Ahrefs. But then keyword research is required mostly during choosing the initial niche and quite less later.

The content offered in this module is comprehensive, but the course has been designed in such a manner to accommodate novice users who might know the basics of keyword research. The instructor goes into detail exploring all the nitty-gritty details on how to find the perfect niche to target.

Module 3: Website Setup

Now that you have the niche in your hand, it is time to go into technicalities. This module helps you to build the website from scratch.

For this module, you will need to buy a hosting plan and a domain name, which are fairly cheap. Your website will be created in WordPress as it is one of the most trusted platforms to provide content. So if you are aware of the know-hows of WordPress, you already have a good start. But for people who don’t, don’t worry; enough content is provided so that all your doubts are cleared.

There are over 14 videos present in this module, and it can get tiresome after a while, but you are provided with diagrams to ease the entire process of starting a website from the ground up.

Often, people overlook this step, but it is important to have the right foundation by creating the website in the right manner.

Module 4:‌ Content Creation

This is the backbone of the magnet you are going to create to attract new users to your website. After all, content is what is going to make them come for your website.

Content creation is often a daunting task. You might have the creative juice in you to write content, but at the same time you can be a part of the population who don’t want to dabble in creating content.

The course appeals to both these types of people.

First off, you will know the basics of how to get the content live on the website and related necessary activities such as doing the on-page SEO. You will be taught different types of content and given different templates to help you write.

So what about people who aren’t interested in writing their own content?‌ The videos cover how to find people to whom you can outsource this job. Not only this, but finding the right people to whom you can delegate your job so that you get quality work.

This section contains 8 videos covering a lot of aspects on generating and publishing content. Additionally, you also get an Amazon Associates module on using the program effectively.

Module 5:‌ Link Building

By now you will have a website on your hand. Now it is time to make it more popular.

One of the best ways to engage in link building. ‌ Link building helps you increase your website’s overall SEO ‌ score, indirectly placing you on top of the search results. Being placed at the top of search results will bring in more visitors, meaning more money to be made.

But you have to be careful while building links. Building good links takes a lot of effort. If you end up accumulating bad links, your SEO ‌ attempt might get tarnished.

This module comprises content which teaches you how to generate opportunities for link building from others. What should be said, to whom it should be said, how it is to be said, and so on.

Link building is an industry in itself, with agencies charging about $80 to $100 per link. You are getting the know-how of how to build the same for less price (overall). They also teach you how to automate the process of building links so that you use your time effectively and get more out of your efforts.

Who Are the People behind It?

Mark Webster and Gael Breton are behind this course.

Mark is a systems expert and is in charge of the business side of things at Authority Hacker. He built large-scale white hat link building systems for authority websites.

Gael creates content for the blog and the course. He also manages the market research department and strategic planning.

Together they ran their own internet agency, which has worked with major companies like Atari, Expedia, and Macy’s. They also ended up building one of their best-known authority websites: HealthAmbition.

They have created content for this course based on their own experience creating their own authority website from scratch.


  • Comprehensive course; will come in handy no matter if you are experienced or novice
  • Course taught by people who are experienced in creating authority websites.
  • Lots of positive testimonies
  • Makes use of white hat SEO
  • Great support system to address your queries
  • Lots of examples and case studies to learn from


  • Pricey
  • Requires additional tools
  • Course is quite long and takes a lot of patience


It is quite expensive, and there’s no other option than buying the course straightforward for $997.

Although the hefty price tag might refrain you first from going for it, going by its testimonials of helping users make 5-digit income, it is only a small investment to get bigger returns.

Who Should Get This Course?

  • People who want to leave their 9-5 jobs to get into work-from-home jobs
  • People who want to scale things up
  • People who tried online marketing but failed at it
  • People who want to make a solid commitment to create an authority website
  • People who want to have a hefty income


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