Asigo System Review – Is it Worth Investing?

Hi Friends, Navjot Singh here and thanks for visiting my website to read my Asigo System Review.

Recently, I come to know that about a new marketing software platform, called the Asigo System – the ‘Copy & Paste’ eService dropshipping eStore.

The program creator claims that it's a new to build a real $2079/week online business that is completely different to anything you've seen can tap into the next $151 billion MEGA-trend after eCommerce that has HUGE demand, but virtually Zero Competition.

In this review, You will discover a brand new business model – something you haven’t come across before.

I believe This is by far the FASTEST and EASIEST way to create a PASSIVE, SCALABLE online income stream that I’ve ever come across.

Review Summary

Product Name: Asigo System

Product Creator: Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz

Product Type: Training Course & Press Release Distribution Service

Price: $2995 (One-Time) or 4 Pay of $995

Upsell/ OTOs: You can buy additional Asigo Credits as discounted price. (*Optional)

Asigo System Review


What is Asigo System ?

Asigo System is a 8 weeks of live digital training to rapidly build your own successful Service Dropshiping Business.

Apart from that, Asigo offers the white-labeled version of Ampifire, the content amplification platform.

You can say that this is a hybrid form of a new type of business model, that combines both e-commerce & affiliate marketing, as the program delivers very good margin profits on high-ticket recurring sales.

The live training and full program begins on Monday 10th August 2020, and your eService store will be provided by 19th of the August, 2020.

Asigo System Review

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How do I make money with it?

You will get your own automated eStore, selling a high demand, high-ticket “eService named AmpiFire, the people who desperately want and need this service will visit your eStore, make a purchase – and then you simply connect those buyers with AmpiFire, so the AmpiFire Team can deliver on your behalf while you get paid (every month).

It’s mostly automated – so what is there for ME to do?

Your role will be applying the “Aim & Fire” traffic system, to bring interested potential buyers to your eStore.

You may want to track the progress of these buyers as they move through The Engagement Engine and follow up with them as necessary.

The company provides you with all the training and material you’ll need to do so. Some buyers may have questions, or want to know there is some ‘human’ touch to it, so you can simply send off these answers and help move them through the funnel.

Finally, when the buyer has made their payment, you simply connect them with AmpiFire. The effort is not ‘hard’, it only requires you to be consistent. The more time you put in, the more sales you make.

Who Created Asigo System?


Chris Munch, CEO & Asigo Founder – started first online business in 2006, generated over 200,000 sales online, built 8-figures Saas platform from ground up, now i care more about time freedom.

Jay Cruiz, Asigo Co-founder – got tired of rat-race, quit job in 2013 to start own business, joined forces with Chris Munch in 2015, grew sales by 350% in record time

He has previously been responsible for a number of well-known AmpifirePressCable, VidBullet and Video News Releases (VNR)

What Am I actually Investing in?

ou’ll be getting three main things:

1) The complete and automated “eService” selling system, which gives you a way to land $1,000+/mo sales, which pay you every month for a service you don’t have to provide yourself…

2) You’ll also get your very own ‘eStore’, which is the platform, that company will set up and optimize for you to make sales, including the Engagement Engine for warming up site visitors and turning them into high-end buyers.

3) The only thing left then, is traffic – and you’re getting the closely guarded “Aim & Fire” method – so you’ll be getting targeted visitors, who are already interested in what you’re selling on your eStore!

How eService Dropshipping Cycle Works?

The company developed this method to be both “plug and play” simple AND capable of generating massive profit margins.

Like I mentioned earlier… Automation makes our lives easier and gives us more free time.That means more time to grow your business, more time with your family, and more time to spend doing the things you love.

Services achieve the same thing… someone else does something you can’t, or don’t want to. Combing the two – automating a service – multiplies the effect.

Want an example?

Just look at how NetFlix replaced movie rental services… Or how replaced travel agents… Or how Uber replaced taxi cabs…

A lot of traditional services have automated and exploded, and eServices are no different!

Best of all, this model only needs 21 sales to make a life-changing profit.

But if you’re anything like most people, you’re probably wondering, “What are eServices?!”

What are eServices?

  • High-ticket services that are sold and delivered online — 100% automatically.
  • An example eServices is to advertise anything all across the Internet within minutes (and are therefore CRITICAL to the success of ANY business, product, or website).
  • Best of all, you get paid $1,000 in recurring commissions each month for every eSservice you sell (white other experts do the work for You)

Digital services that are sold and delivered online – 100 automatically Netflix, Dropbox, and Google Ads are all examples of e-services.

And there are more amazing new eServices being launched everyday services can be super lucrative, but they are also difficult, expensive and risky to build the rise of eServices, and the future proof business model that is the #1 fastest and easiest way to build an online income stream in 2020 and beyond.

The Complete Process: In-depth

Once your eStore is set up, you simply use the “Aim & Fire” traffic system to work (there’s absolutely NO paid advertising! It’s very simple and effective…) and let your eStore do the selling.

Once the sale is made and you get paid – you connect the buyer with AmpiFire and AmpiFire does the rest. It’s essentially the dropshipping eCommerce model, but for eServices (which are much more profitable and low maintenance).


  • FAST and EASY to set up.
  • Convert traffic into buyers automatically using our proprietary eService store formula.
  • Structured in a VERY specific way (we’ve tested over 100 different versions).
  • The Program Creators know EXACTLY what works. The guesswork is ALREADY done for you.
  • NO content creation or technical knowledge required at all.


  • Designed to give you SPEED and IMPLEMENTATION.
  • Custom-built software filters through 40+ MILLION potential high-ticket buyers at the click of a button.
  • INSTANTLY connect your store to people who are already interested in buying your eService.
  • Quickly identify specific niche audiences highly likely to convert into profit.
  • ZERO paid advertising!

The company's “Aim & Fire” Traffic System is built it into the technology… so there’s no need for paid advertising!

There is no need jumping through hoops to get your ads approved… it’s just like turning on a tap… when

you want more traffic you simply turn on the tap and adjust the flow to your desired level.

That means turning on the tap is literally the ONLY thing you have to do to get traffic and buyers.

Using our traffic-generating technology and our High-Ticket Sales Seeker, you have a way to drive HUNDREDS of potential high-ticket buyers to your store DAILY.

You might be thinking, “ОК, but then how do I convert this traffic?”


  • A completely done for you sales funnel.
  • Engage visitors with highly effective conversion content to turn them into buyers on autopilot.
  • PROVEN, done-for-you email sequences.
  • Simply customize to the audience you are targeting.

We have this powerful funnel that will engage your potential customers with highly-engaging content and turn them into buyers.

The system uses done-for-you email sequences to convert the generated traffic into customers.

These follow-up emails are written and delivered in a VERY specific way.
Writing email follow-up sequences, recording sales videos, or creating sales funnels is HARD.

As you know writing high-converting email copy is difficult, expensive, and time-consuming.

The cost for the company to put together the slides and scripts of a high converting sales video is about $20,000… because their experts who can do it well, cost a lot of money, and it takes a lot of time.

It’s one of the highest paid marketing jobs out there. You probably don’t need me to tell you that.

The Good News is you won't need to do any of that.

The company has a solution named “The Engagement Engine”, that you can use for complete Done for You Solutions.


To earn the money, Simply collect information from the buyer and plan a campaign.


  • The systems you’ll use to secure subscription customers and get paid upfront.
  • Software transfers the buyer to your eService store where the sale is made online.
  • Your customer inputs their payment details on the checkout page and signs up for a monthly eService campaign.
  • NO need to talk to customers. Close the sale and accept payments on 100% autopilot!

By talking to customers you can close more sales, but it’s not required.

You get paid $1,000/month in recurring payments so you can scale up your profits. And KEEP them paying every month so you can stack & scale your profits!

The model runs up to 6-figures and beyond. So, If each month you are getting just 3 sales (remember these are subscribers!) and they pay you $1,000 initially and then they pay you $1,000 next month.

They pay you for your recurring eService each month.

Obviously, you have to pay for the service to be fulfilled. The fulfillment cost is 10% of your revenue ($100 of a $1K sale).

And your profit margin is 90% or higher.

At this point, many of you would ask, “What do I sell on my Service Store?

Don’t worry, you WON’T have to build software or create your own Service.

As you’ll discover when we go through Step 5, this can ALL be taken care of for you!


  • We will take care of the delivery of the eServices FOR YOU.
  • We have a team of in-house experts ready to deliver these on your behalf.
  • It’s completely ‘hands-off’ so you can simply focus on generating additional monthly income.
  • You need ZERO expertise.

Ampifire – The Ultimate eService

Asigo, is your own branded version of AmpiFire gives you an eService to sell on your store at a 90% profit – without EVER providing the service yourself!

AmpiFire is the eService, the company has been quietly developing for several years. It gives people a way to advertise anything all across the internet in minutes.

It’s revolutionizing an industry and in massive demand. There’s no substitute for this eService because nobody else on the planet offers this service.

There’s practically zero competition because Chris & Jay created the market themselves.

What Ampire Do?

  • Create & publish posts to high-traffic authority blogs.
  • Create & publish articles to over 300 mainstream news sites.
  • Create & publish videos to YouTube & Vimeo.
  • Create & publish a slideshow presentation to SlideShare.
  • Create & publish audio clips to well-known podcast directories.
  • Create & publish social posts to Facebook & Twitter.
  • Create & publish a news announcement to Google News.
  • All in just 6 minutes… simply by filling in a form.

What Makes this Different?

  • You DON’T have to talk to customers. You will use automated online campaigns to generate sales and revenue.
  • You DON’T need any online marketing knowledge because other experts will deliver these eServices on your behalf, and the system is set up for you.
  • You DON’T need any money for ads or traffic to start. If you have a computer and an Internet connection, you already have EVERYTHING you need.
  • You’ll have EVERYTHING set up for you and READY TO GO so you can start making sales almost immediately.

What this mean for You?

  • Your personal ability is 100% irrelevant (you’re NOT doing the work!)
  • You’re NOT trading your time for money (so you can scale from 1 sale… to 9 sales… and beyond!)
  • You grow your recurring income by acquiring repeat buyers who KEEP paying you every month.

What You Don't Need?

  • No product.
  • No Ads, SEO, and Social Media.
  • No List Building.
  • No Tech Skills.
  • No An Amazon account.
  • No Inventory.
  • No Overseas suppliers.
  • No Reseller certificates, company formations, etc
  • Not available only for US residents (you can do this from ANYWHERE)

What You've To Do?

  • Pick a Niche
  • Turn on the Aim and Fire Traffic System Daily
  • Respond to Email Queries
  • Get additional traffic manually (optional)
  • Follow the training strictly.
  • Get paid for sales.

What Company Will Do?

  • They provide you with complete DFY sales tools and Automation.
  • They provide you software to generate traffic.
  • They build your eServices store for you.
  • deliver Amp eService to your buyers.
  • Continually improves the platform.
  • They provide you top-notch support and coaching.

How I can scale up fast?

By following RINSE, REPEAT, SCALE Strategy.

  • Build stores in any niche
  • Find new buyers using the platform daily.
  • Stack and Scale your recurring revenue every month.

What You are Getting Inside?

  • The Asigo Training Program (Value $9,993): The Core Training Program designed specifically to fast-track you to the expert level. The A to Z guide to each part of the system revealing how to set everything up so you can start generating profits in record time. You get step-by-step videos, strategy guides, checklist, process maps, and more.
  • The White Label Platform (Value $50,000): The exclusive whitelabel rights to the proprietary content amplification platform (makes you instantly look like a big company). Also, you get an easy-to-use customer portal custom-branded with your logo (each of your buyers gets their own account). The company spent 5 years and $1,000,000 developing Ampifire. Now you get to brand and sell it as your own!
  • The Asigo “Aim & Fire” Traffic System (Value $9,995): Tap into a growing market of over 50+ million eService buyers – at the click fo a button. This is a Custom-built traffic generation tool specifically designed to deliver high-ticket buyers to your eStore on Autopilot. This program allows you to get unlimited free traffic that profitably converts into sales without having to write any ad copy.
  • The Asigo “Recapture System” (Value $5,964) – The retargeting system to automatically return your “almost ready” visitor backs to your estore until they make their purchase.
  • The Asigo “Done For You” eService Fulfillment Center (Value $11,988): The Company will you deliver your eServices to your customers on your behalf. Zero expertise required.

What is the Price of the Asigo System?

You've to pay $2995 as One-time Payment or You can pay 4 monthly payments of $995.

Apart from that to maintain your eStore and funnels, you'll be charged a monthly maintenance fee of $195 starting 30 days from purchase.

For this fee, you'll also get two eServices to dropship each month for FREE (a value of $690/mo), which, if you follow our guidance, will be more than enough to return your investment many times over.

It includes ongoing software development, infrastructure, and costs and includes 2 free DFY Amps.


Pros vs Cons

  • High Profit Margins – You can earn up to $2997 or more from a single sale.
  • You get earn monthly recurring payments from clients.
  • Complete Done for You Business.
  • This is an ethical business you can be proud to tell others about.
  • Worldwide Availability
  • Front-end Investment is not affordable for everyone.
  • Various Upsells Offers.
  • No LiveChat Support. Only Email Support available.

Who Is It for?

  • You’re brand new to online business and you’re looking for a simple and proven way to earn a consistent, scalable income online…
  • You’ve got some online business experience but you haven’t got the results you were hoping for, and you’re tired of all the “hype” and false promises…
  • You already have a successful online business and you’re looking to create an additional income stream so you can take your profits to the next level.

Who Should Not Enroll?

  • This is NOT “get rich quick”
  • This is NOT “do nothing, get paid”
  • This is NOT based on “hacks” or “loopholes”
  • This is 100% about building a REAL, Consistent long-term business that is both fun and profitable.

Why You Should Join?

  • The Company provides all the software and training.
  • You DON’T need any online marketing knowledge because other experts will deliver these eServices on your behalf, and the system is set up for you
  • You don't need to talk to customers (if you don't want to)
  • Everything will be set up for you and ready-to-go
  • The fulfillment is 100% done for you.
  • You make a minimum of $500 sales on autopilot.


After reviewing the Asigo system, I can confidently say that the company offer very good opportunity to partner with them to create a life-changing online income stream in 2020… even if you have ZERO experience.

The company has put together a complete package of training, tools, and hands-on support to give you EVERYTHING you need to change your life with this amazing system.

So, If you put in the work, you get the financial freedom, you’ve always wanted, the location freedom to work from wherever you want, and the time freedom to set your own schedule.

Do you know that just one sale can worth 5-figures to you each year?


Because the Asigo System works on a recurring revenue model so that you keep getting paid for a sale your ‘eStore’ only has to make ONCE. This is the secret to true, stable, and sustainable growth.

Even if this system only made just 3 sales per month ($14,292 net profit per year) would it be worth it?

Now, the question is that who will get succeed with this business model ?

I believe people who have a strong reason “why” are 87% more likely to succeed in business than those who DON’T.

Your “why” will squash your excuses and give you the motivation you need to persevere in the face of adversity. The bigger YOUR “why,” the more likely you are to succeed.

At last but not least, I want to say that this is a new model but it’s been proven beyond doubt.

With recent global events taking place – they’ve actually ACCELERATED the explosion of eServices as an industry… which makes NOW the perfect time to start.

Thus I highly recommend joining Asigo System.

Also, please note that the purchase comes with 60-days no question asked money-back guarantee, which makes a complete no-brainer deal.

Asigo System Bonus Offer

If you're looking to buy Asigo System… then I've got a special bonus package for you. 😊🙌

If you purchase the Asigo System (by clicking below button), then you will not only receive EVERYTHING that company is offering you (including their official bonuses), but you will also receive the following bonuses for FREE!

Check Special Price


How is this different to AmpiFire or $100k Shout Out?

AmpiFire is the content amplification platform, which powers The Asigo System by giving you high value, high demand service to sell (without your having to fulfill it yourself).

The $100k Shout Out was the training program that the company offered last year, which helped people build a 6-figure business with AmpiFire.

With The Asigo System, the company take the best parts of the $100k Shout Out business model, automate it, and give you your own branded version of AmpiFire, so you can sell it under your own brand and make even bigger profits (99% automated).

Are we limited to just one niche?

In principle no, but it’s best to start with one and specialize. The company will give the training and a list of The Top 10 Niches to target.

Are there any other costs? (domain, hosting, software, ads etc…)
No – you have everything you need within The Asigo System to hit $5,769+ per week and even 10x that.
Can I sell other things on my eStore?
Potentially yes – but the company strongly recommends you stick with selling AmpiFire exclusively and don’t have support in place for any other service.
Can I do this alongside ?
Yes – but the more time and focus you put into this, the better your results will be.
Why are you capping membership/enrolment?
Because this is a brand new program and the software is new, the company limiting the number of people who can get access.
What does ‘Done for You' mean?
It means the company do it for you 🙂 Their tech team will build and optimize your eStore for you… and our AmpiFire Team will deliver the service for you. All that’s left for you to do is use the “Aim & Fire” traffic method to populate your site with interested visitors; connect buyers to AmpiFire – and get paid every month $1,000+ for each sale you make (unless you decide to charge less, but I don’t recommend that – there’s no need!)
How do I do X? / What if Y? / Should I do Z?
The company will give you all the training you need to build a 6-7 figure business, as part of your investment. All your Asigo-specific questions will be answered there.
How does The High Ticket Sales Seeker work?
You simply enter your keyword(s) and hit ‘go’ and the sales seeker automatically seeks out the segment of people who may be interested in the Amps you sell on your eStore (you’ll be shown what type of keywords to use for best results in the training)… you then connect them with your Asigo Engagement Engine, which interacts until they’re ready to buy.
Can I make $X/mo with this?
If you follow our guidance to the letter, your eStore will be making sales worth $1,000+/mo… which means you get paid for sales your eStore only has to make once… or to put it another way, a single sale should pay you for several months (there is no end limit so this could be for years because people love this eService) and there’s no practical limit to how many you can make. So invariably the answer is ‘Yes’.
Won't there be lots of competition?
No – there are over 50,000,000+ people out there who could use this eService and potentially buy from you.
Do I really not need an advertising budget?
You really do not need an advertising budget – there are NO PAID ADS involved, you simply use our “Aim & Fire! Traffic method and that will deliver all the high-ticket recurring buyers you need.
Why don't the company just do this themselves?
The company do. However – they are focused on developing the platform, so the more successful users the have, the more testimonials and case studies they can get – the more quickly they will grow and develop. As such, they’re heavily invested and interested in your success. Your success absolutely becomes their success and vice-versa.
Is there is any money-back guarantee?
They company has a 60-day money back guarantee – and even let you keep the 7-figure training course they’re delivering alongside The Asigo System; so even if it turns out this isn’t for you – you can apply this training to your next venture. That high-end training is valued at $4,995.

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