Amazing Selling Machine Review

Hey Folks, Navjot Singh here, and thanks for stopping by to check out my Amazing Selling Machine Review. For those who don’t know, I never review a product unless I actually get it first, go through it, use it, and pretty much make sure it delivers what it promises.

Sometimes, being an affiliate on Amazon is not enough to sustain your daily living, especially if your affiliate marketing business is not doing so well—which can happen to anyone even if they did their best. And that is why it is better to look for an alternative means of making money instead of focusing on a single business model.

What I propose is for you to research on multiple income streams that you can implement on your business to at least make money every step of the way.

And one of the prime business models that I can recommend is via Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) business. This is not entirely different from being an affiliate on Amazon, the only thing that makes this unique is that you are earning money directly instead of a fixed percentage of commissions.

Through sheer hard work and perseverance, you can potentially earn a million dollars on sales by the end of the year.

The only problem with that is how would you be able to execute your plans and processes seamlessly and effectively. And I am telling you, this is not as easy as you may think it would be because sometimes you will not make a sale despite doing your best.

Fortunately, there is a training program that helps you proceed with Amazon FBA business model and be successful without encountering major issues along the way. In my opinion, this course will teach you the correct approach and have a solid start on your business.

Of course, you can run your Amazon FBA business with just the basic knowledge, but I would highly recommend going for the safer route instead of going in headfirst—which will most likely cost you huge losses than earnings.

It is a hassle at first, but once you get the hang of it, you can rest assured that everything will go uphill rather than downhill.

And the training program that I am talking about is the Amazing Selling Machine (which is currently in its 11th version). I will be detailing everything you need to know to at least help you decide whether this program is perfect for you or not. I will provide an honest, unbiased review, so do not worry about me skimping on some details.


What is the Amazing Selling Machine?

The Amazing Selling Machine is a comprehensive, elaborate training program that helps you get a fresh start on leveraging Amazon’s capabilities and create a highly profitable business out of it using the Amazon FBA business model. It includes 8 modules which you can go through one by one. The reason for that is because each module will give you a certain activity that you must accomplish before proceeding to the next module—this is done to ensure the success of your efforts and to avoid skipping modules.

It will literally force you to succeed if you think about it.

Aside from the 8 modules that include over 120 up to date videos, you will also be provided access to 8 weekly coaching calls and other tools and resources that will surely be beneficial to your business plans.

And with the upcoming release of Amazing Selling Machine 11, there are bound to be some changes and improvements that will be in line with Amazon’s latest updates and changes. That is one of the great things about ASM, it always stays up to date with the current trends, rules, and other changes on Amazon—giving you the best advantage throughout your ventures.

Who are the founders of the Amazing Selling Machine?


Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark met way back in 2011 and formed an unbreakable partnership that led them to create a training program that teaches people how to sell products on Amazon effectively.

Jason Katzenback started out by creating eBooks that are potentially helpful towards a certain group. He started out small and sold these books on Amazon. And as time went by, he and a few others decided to create a program called Portal Feeder, which helps other people how to grow a business and eventually solve their problems and such.

After that, Jason met Matt Clark in 2011, who was also reliant on Amazon’s money-making features. Matt is actually successful and sold a lot of products on Amazon, earning him crazy amounts of money back then. And with that, both Jason and Matt formed a partnership and created an Amazing Selling Machine.

What is included in the Amazing Selling Machine?

Amazing Selling Machine currently has 8 main modules that you can access one by one. Each module is highly valuable, and it is imperative that you go through each with the correct approach instead of just diving in instantaneously.

Welcome Module: The Amazing Selling Machine Business Process and Mindset

Much like most training programs, there is always bound to be a module dedicated to letting you know the basic information before immersing yourself in the next modules. These welcome modules usually include mindset training as well as the general aspect of the business model.

And that is exactly what this Welcome Module is all about.

You will be introduced to all the features and benefits that you will acquire after each training video. Aside from that, you will also be provided with the correct mindset and how to maintain it all throughout the whole training program.

Module 1: Building Your Product Opportunity List

In the actual first module, you will be tasked to create a seller’s account on Amazon. It may seem basic, but there are actual steps that you should follow in order to get a fresh start.

After creating your account, you will then be taught how to look for a product that will definitely sell and learn the reason why it sells. This information will greatly help you with the second module, which teaches you how to source the said product.

Module 2: Suppliers, Samples, and Profit Numbers

This one may sound basic to anyone, but sourcing products overseas, particularly in China and in the United States, is actually difficult to accomplish. If you managed to find a supplier and end up being supplied, counterfeit products would definitely lead to your downfall—which is a critical error that can happen to anyone, especially novices.

With this module, you will be taught how to source the best product that will prove to be beneficial and can potentially earn you a lot of money. And through that, you will be taught the proper way of getting samples in order for you to effectively evaluate a particular product to avoid getting caught up with frauds or products that will potentially damage your business.

Module 3: Ordering Your Inventory and Creating Your Brand

As the title suggests, you will learn how to create an effective brand name that will help you get your products across Amazon and sell quickly. Establishing a brand will not only increase the likelihood of your items being sold, but you will also appeal to a lot of potential customers into buying from you because of recognition and, most definitely, legitimacy. That is the magic of brand names.

Aside from that, you will also be guided on how to incorporate your inventory on Amazon for you to start selling your products.

Module 4: Building Your Brand Assets

This module basically teaches you how to branch out and spread your brand throughout the internet. You will be taught how to create your own brand’s websites as well as create social media profiles that will highlight your products on Amazon.

This is basically marketing your products through social media and official websites, much like every other company.

Module 5: The Perfect Product Page

A product page is important to launch your product successfully. And you cannot just create a product page nonchalantly, you would have to follow a few sets of guidelines in order to get the most out of your Amazon listings.

In this module, you will be taught the 8 components needed to create the perfect product page for your listings on Amazon.

Module 6: The Perfect Product Launch

When you launch a product, it is not as simple as putting it up for sale on Amazon; it actually takes a lot of consideration and careful planning before doing so in order to get the most out of the launch.

You will be taught which step to take to drive traffic and sell your first batch of products. That is the main goal of a product launch, not just posting it up for sale and hoping someone will get ahold of your product page.

Module 7: Advanced Marketing and Traffic Tools

Aside from the previous module that teaches you how to create social media accounts and build your website, you will now be taught advanced marketing strategies and techniques which will help you procure more customers and sell each item at a speedy rate. Plus, you will also be trained on how to provide excellent customer service for your customers to keep them satisfied with your service.

This will help you maintain a consistent relationship between you and your customers, earning you more recognition as a seller.

Module 8: Taking Your Business to the Next Level

As for the final module among the 8, you will learn how to scale your business properly and increase your earnings tremendously. This is basically putting everything you have learned to the test and improve upon each process. This also includes training where you can learn how to create a solid team to run your Amazon business.

Supplementary Lessons

As for now, there are 9 videos which consist of interviews among all successful Amazing Selling Machine members. These interview videos are great if you are still having doubts about the success of other people in ASM. Plus, you will also pick up a lot of new ideas that you can incorporate into your business to make it more effective than before.

Private Resource Vault

The Private Resource Vault is basically a library where you can find a collection of PDFs, videos, and other files that you can freely download any time. These PDFs and videos are very helpful if you want to learn more about selling stuff on Amazon. I highly recommend going through these files to expand your knowledge and, most likely make your Amazon business more effective.

There are also tools included in this “Vault,” but these tools are not needed, in my opinion. Although they are good tools, I still believe that these are partly for promotional purposes rather than a requirement.

Amazing Selling Machine Pricing

Amazing Selling Machine is not offered cheap, that is for sure. For a one-time fee of $4997, it is surely not something that most aspiring internet entrepreneurs would want to get. Even if it has a 6-month payment option that requires you to pay $997 each payment, it is still quite intimidating, not to mention highly expensive to boot.

At first, I thought to myself that I will not go near ASM mainly because of its ridiculously high price, but as I went through different user reviews about it, I decided to go and try it out to see if it will really help me out with my Amazon FBA business.

And that is the reason why I believe that the pricing of ASM is definitely the main reason why a lot of people would not want to pursue this training program.

There are currently no available discounts or coupons for Amazing Selling Machine, which is a bit unfortunate since saving a few dollars may actually urge other people to get this jampacked training program.

If ever you have decided on getting ASM, you can immediately prompt for a full refund if you think it is not for you. The 30-day money-back guarantee will have you covered.

For the soon-to-be-released Amazing Selling Machine 11, there will be a feature called 6-Month Buyback Promise that gives you the option of selling your Amazon business to ASM for the same price of the training program plus $5000 worth of inventory. This is only available during the first 6 months, in which you decided you do not want to continue anymore.

Of course, there are bound to be some restrictions before you can implement such an amazingly unique feature. One of the most probable requirements is that you should have at least a thriving or have a consistent rate of sales—which would make a lot of sense.

But I could be wrong. Do not worry, I will be sure to update this article once ASM11 comes out.


Pros & Cons


  • Amazing Selling Machine is complete with all the valuable and necessary information on how to run a business on Amazon. It literally spoon-feeds you with every detail until you learn the ropes and do everything to your own accord.
  • You also get coaching calls that are very useful. There are also recorded ones that are equally essential as that of live calls.
  • The FB group and forums are active with welcoming members. These members will also provide assistance and will offer some valuable advice to you once you befriend them.
  • The lessons being taught are easy to digest and will not make you overwhelmed with information. In fact, there are PDFs available so that you can learn at your own pace.
  • Continuous updates made it possible to adapt to Amazon’s changes.
  • It has a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • The 6-Month Buyback Guarantee feature is really good, but quite hard to achieve. You would have to strategize and implement everything you have learned in just 6 months, which is quite difficult especially if you have no prior experience with Amazon. Aside from that, it is still a solid feature that I am sure a lot of people would benefit from.
  • No risk involved
  • Provides a discount on a few tools, namely JungleScout and ManageByStats


  • The pricing is too much and will actually prevent newcomers from getting ASM.
  • Despite the training program holding your hands throughout each module, you would still need to be involved and put in a lot of effort in order to get something out of Amazon.

Who is Amazing Selling Machine for?

As much as I want to say that the Amazing Selling Machine is for everyone who wants to start up a career on Amazon FBA, I would have to say that it is not for everyone.

The reason for that is because aside from ASM being too expensive to most people, it rather requires a lot of patience and perseverance before you start making your first sale. Although it is true that ASM makes it easier to start your Amazon business, it is still rather difficult to maintain your business and consistently earn revenues.

That is why if you are not planning on working on your business all throughout, then ASM is not for you. ASM may hold your hand during training, but once you completed each module, you are left alone with everything you have learned. Of course, there are still PDFs and videos that you can access, but the rest of the process is left in your hands.

That is why I highly recommend Amazing Selling Machine if you are planning on committing to Amazon FBA Business rather than just looking at it as another means of making money online.

But I am not saying that you should not pursue ASM, if you can afford it and are willing to commit to such tasks, then go for it. The only advice that I can give you is to be mindful and strictly follow the teachings. That way, you can get closer to your goals.

One thing is for sure, if you play your cards right, ASM is definitely worth a shot.


Amazing Selling Machine is definitely an amazing training program with highly valuable lessons that are sure to help you start your own Amazon FBA business from scratch. It may not be easy to start a business, but ASM helps ease the burden even just a little bit and gives you access to a lot of resources and tools that will give you the right boost.

It is a training program that does not disappoint in leading you towards everything it promises—which is helping you start an Amazon FBA business from scratch and potentially scale it and earn millions of dollars if you managed to put in a lot of effort.

As I have mentioned before, Amazing Selling Machine is not for everyone, mainly because of its price as well as the requirement of being hands-on with the process. If you are okay with these, then I suggest signing up for the waiting list for Amazing Selling Machine 11, which will be opening on October 16, 2019.

Personally, I see ASM as a training program that provides no risk whatsoever. Despite its ridiculously expensive price range, you can earn back that amount after you implemented everything that you have learned to your business and potentially earn more than what you have invested. You cannot possibly lose your money since ASM did a pretty good job explaining each aspect clearly and ensuring that you will not miss out on anything.

Plus, you can easily back out of ASM and get your money back with their 30-day refund policy. Not only that, the upcoming ASM11 will feature the 6-month buyback guarantee that lets you sell your business along with your inventory to ASM for a price. You literally can’t lose a single penny here if you think about it.

So, if you believe that this program will help you reach new heights, then do not hesitate and grab the opportunity while you still can. I assure you; you will not regret getting Amazing Selling Machine once you make your first sale.

What did you think about Amazing Selling Machine? Have you decided to get it? Let me know in the comments below! And if you have questions, feel free to contact me on Facebook Messenger!


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I hope you have enjoyed my Amazing Selling Machine Review. If you have any doubt or queries, please let me know in the comment box. I will be glad to assist you.

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