Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review

You probably stumbled upon this review because you are researching information about Affiliate Marketing Mastery. Well, I sincerely welcome you to this blog post as well as commend your efforts for looking more into this product instead of diving in headfirst without a plan.

Trust me, you will feel extremely bad and will regret your decision of getting something without thought. That is basically how a lot of people struggle.

Another reason is that you are probably interested in affiliate marketing and wish to jumpstart your online career.

A lot of online marketers or business owners are not really that interested in creating their own products. In fact, they are way more interested in selling other people’s products and earn a certain percentage of commission. Some probably found it as an easy means of making money online, especially if you found a famous company with a substantial following.

Although affiliate marketing may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there are still a majority of online marketers that choose this business model. It is the best way to create a passive income.

But how easy is it really?

Well, one thing is for sure; it is not as easy as you might think it is. You will surely face some struggles along the way, especially if you do not possess enough knowledge about affiliate marketing. A lot of people actually failed to earn their first income, which forced them to give up.

It may be quite disheartening to know this fact, but there is nothing you should worry about. Much like other online business models, there are a lot of training programs out there that will help you create a passive flow of income without having to risk a lot of things.

One of these programs is the Affiliate Marketing Mastery.


What is Affiliate Marketing Mastery?


To make things clear, Affiliate Marketing Mastery is not a company or an organization of some sort; it is actually a standalone product under the company Project Life Mastery, which was founded by Stefan James.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery was created back in 2016. It is a step-by-step training course that teaches you the essential information you need to know in affiliate marketing. That’s the gist of it.

Here is a video of Stefan James talking about Affiliate Marketing:

What is included in Affiliate Marketing Mastery?


One thing you should know is that Affiliate Marketing Mastery is NOT a membership training program unlike Online Business Mastery Accelerator and Life Mastery Accelerator, which are also products of Project Life Mastery.

This is mostly a training program with an existing community and support team. This is actually a good thing since the product itself did not try to market itself as something more. No unnecessary hype; just plain and simple marketing.


Once you purchased Affiliate Marketing Mastery, you will have immediate access to all of their training modules.

To sum it all up, here is the content you should expect once you join:

  • 70+ step-by-step training videos that are segregated into 7 core modules
  • Downloadable PDF that includes the transcripts of each lesson
  • An email coaching program that spans for 90 days
  • And lastly, you will be eligible to attend the weekly webinars

Here is an overview of all the core modules presented in Affiliate Marketing Mastery training program:

Module #1: Strategy & Mindset – This is basically an introduction of the whole training program and the rest of the modules. In this module, Stefan will be teaching you on getting the correct mentality you will need in starting up your affiliate marketing career.

Module #2: Niche Selection – This module is focused on helping you find the right niche for your business. Stefan will also teach you how to choose a product that will definitely lead to a relatively sum of income along your way.

Module #3: Creating Your Online Brand and Presence – You will be taught how to spread your brand across the market. You will have to set up your accounts on WordPress, YouTube, Social Media, and start your own email list. These accounts and lists are essential in spreading awareness of your brands while targeting the right audiences.

Module #4: Quality Content Creation – Stefan will teach you how to create quality content for each of your platforms to build relationships and drive traffic. The word “Quality” is the main star in this module.

Module #5: Marketing Strategies – You cannot possibly be successful without a solid marketing strategy to boot. Module #5 revolves around actual (proven) strategies to attract traffic, visitors, followers, and subscribers for different platforms that Stefan approves of. SEO plays a huge part in this module.

Module #6: Earning Revenue & Monetizing Your Traffic – Once you have learned the proper marketing strategies as well as the knowledge from the previous modules, you will now be learning about the different strategies to monetize your brand, traffic, followers and subscribers. This is basically the cream of the crop in terms of affiliate marketing.

Module #7: Performance & Analytics – The last module deals with analytics. Since you have gone through all six modules, you will now learn how to monitor your affiliate marketing ventures by performance and other important statistics. That way, you will know if your affiliate products are working or not, helping you prevent unnecessary monetary loss.



Affiliate Marketing Mastery also has a private Facebook group like the others, which you can be given access to once you join the training program. The members are likeminded individuals that are active and willing to help you with whatever queries you may have. This will pave the way for more connections, leading to a lot more traffic coming along your way.

You can also contact their support team, which can be found on Project Life Mastery’s website.


Affiliate Marketing Mastery is actually the most expensive product under Project Life Mastery. It costs $1,997, which is a one-time payment.

Although you can choose the available installment plan that can be paid in three parts. It costs $ 767, which leads to a total of $2,301 (much more expensive than the one-time payment due to the interest rate).

Aside from the payment plans, Affiliate Marketing Mastery offers a free masterclass that you can sign up to. All you need to do is register and reserve a spot since the seats are very limited.

These are the things that you can learn in the free masterclass of Affiliate Marketing Mastery:

  • Discover 7 simple steps that will help you to make as much money as you want with affiliate marketing
  • Learn how to turn all of your passions profitable by building an online business that you are interested in
  • Discover how to build multiple passive income streams and put them on autopilot, for true freedom
  • Learn how to build an online brand that will make you a sustainable, long-term income

Keep in mind that this free masterclass is only available for a limited amount of time. This means that once the event is done, it will be gone for good and will be added to the collection of training videos included in Affiliate Marketing Mastery.

But, you have nothing to worry about when you feel like it does not do anything for you since Affiliate Marketing Mastery has a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • It teaches about one of the best, most effective business model which is Affiliate Marketing
  • The training is top-notch and did not miss a single detail in discussing affiliate marketing as a whole.
  • Up to date content
  • Stefan delivers what he said he would. There is no unnecessary “hyped” sales pitch that can sometimes be over the top, leading to certain disappointments when you get the actual product.
  • It has a 30-day refund policy
  • Accessible support, not only on Affiliate Marketing Mastery but also on other products of Project Life Mastery


  • It is a bit overpriced, unlike the other products of Project Life Mastery. A lot of people would not be able to afford this product
  • It may teach you a lot about affiliate marketing and strategies, but it, unfortunately, has no tools within the program. You may have to look for third-party tools.
  • Stefan’s methods are effective but at the same time takes the longest to take effect
  • There are far better training courses about SEO out there than in this program

Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery a Scam?

Well, one thing is definitely for sure,  all of Stefan’s programs are not scams. He is a legitimate online entrepreneur that has impacted a lot of people’s lives.

Another thing is that the only thing that makes Affiliate Marketing Mastery look like a scam is mainly due to its pricing. I mean, even I would not touch it if it costs almost $2,000.

That being said, I did not regret investing that much money on such a solid, high-quality training program that literally helped me improve the performance and analytics throughout my affiliate marketing career.

Who is Affiliate Marketing Mastery specifically made for?

Technically, Affiliate Marketing Mastery is made for all affiliate marketers. But, it is actually geared towards affiliate marketing novices who have little to no idea what affiliate marketing is all about.

That is actually plausible since Stefan is a great coach and will definitely take you to heights through his valuable knowledge about affiliate marketing and a lot of other things.

But, the problem with the target audience falls on the main downside of Affiliate Marketing Mastery—and that is the price range.

That alone makes the question rather tricky to answer. Although in my opinion, I would still recommend Affiliate Marketing Mastery to anyone as long as you accomplish the following conditions:

  1. Beginners
  2. Have enough money
  3. Do not have high-expectations like useful tools and resources
  4. Are more comfortable in straight-to-the-point webinars and training courses
  5. Have a great amount of patience

If ever you do not possess a majority of these conditions, I am afraid Affiliate Marketing Mastery is not the once for you and you will be wasting your money on it.

And if you are already an experienced affiliate marketer, stay away from this program since it will not have any value for you and your business.


Affiliate Marketing Mastery is an amazing training course that will teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. I actually learned a lot of things that I thought I already knew!

Affiliate marketing is not as easy as one may think, as I have mentioned earlier. That is why training programs such as this one exists. They teach you not only one, but several lessons that you can apply almost immediately on your affiliate marketing blueprints and strategies.

That being said, even if I highly recommend getting Affiliate Marketing Mastery, you are still free to check out other programs that fit in your budget. Because I believe that the pricing is the only thing keeping you away from this program.

And that is nothing to be stressing about. There are tons of affiliate marketing training courses out there that offer valuable content—although it may not have the same value as that of Affiliate Marketing Mastery.

But, if ever you decided on getting Affiliate Marketing Mastery, you should not expect your income to skyrocket almost immediately. You need to take into account the process and time it would require to achieve your first sizeable income.

Even Stefan admitted that it would take quite a long time to generate your desired earnings. Well, as they say, good things take time.

That being said, Affiliate Marketing Mastery is an overall solid training course that is actually quite worth the price because of the valuable content and effort Stefan has put into it.

Remember, knowledge is the most important factor in getting rich.

Plus, if you want to follow Stefan on his journey, you can go to his YouTube channel and watch his awesome videos. You can learn a thing or two by watching his videos and reading his blogs.

What do you think about Affiliate Marketing Mastery? Does it appeal to you?

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me in the comments below or reach out to me on Facebook messenger!

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I hope you have enjoyed my Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review. If you have any doubt or queries, please let me know in the comment box. I will be glad to assist you.

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