Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Review – Start Your Own Consulting Business

Hello! It’s Navjot Singh, and I’d like to welcome all of you to my review of the Consulting Accelerator Program. You might have heard something about this program that piqued your interest, which is probably why you’re here. It’s understandable if you want to do some research and know more about the program before you decide to purchase it. And I’m here to help you with exactly that!

In this review, I’ll be taking you through a detailed tour of the Consulting Accelerator program by Sam Ovens. I’ll be covering every aspect of the program – what it offers, the course content, what you will be learning in this course, the cost, pros and cons, and most importantly, if it lives up to its claims and is worth your time and money.

Note: I always like to inform my readers that every course and training program that I review is personally purchased, tried, and tested by me. I only recommend programs after going through myself and ensuring that they deliver what they claim and live up to the expectations.


What is Consulting Accelerator?


Consulting Accelerator is a 6-week training program that teaches you how to start a profitable consulting business from scratch. Consulting is all about offering your knowledge and expertise to clients in order to solve a problem that they are facing. Many people work as professional consultants in various industries, be it health and wellness, marketing, real estate, or finances.

The concept behind the consulting business is pretty simple. If you have enough knowledge and experience in a certain field, you help others who are facing problems in that field and in return, charge some payment for your services.

Consulting Accelerator is designed to raise you up from an absolute beginner level, so it covers the A to Z of consulting business. Even if you don’t have a clue about the consulting business and it works, you will learn all of it in the program. It starts off from the basics of consulting, then teaches you how to pick a niche or industry that suits you, find clients for that niche, and provide enough value to them, so they are willing to pay for your problem-solving expertise.

Who is Sam Ovens?


Sam Ovens is a successful, self-made entrepreneur who also made it to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2017. It shows that his earnings, as well as his reputation as a businessman, are legitimate. He started his journey as an entrepreneur by launching his own software business by the name of Snap Inspect. After some years of dedication and hard work, his business became very successful, so he also started a consulting business as a side hustle.

His own expertise and knowledge, which he gained over the years of starting and growing his software business, enabled him to become a successful consultant. By sharing what he had learned as a businessman, he was able to provide solutions to the issues faced by other people in the industry. Now with the Consulting Accelerator program, he shares the same knowledge, strategies, and tactics which he learned by working as a consultant himself.


What Is The Course Content Of Consulting Accelerator?

Consulting Accelerator includes 50 modules of training, which are divided into six weeks of content. You will be focusing on one specific topic every week, and the total duration of the entire program is about 105 hours. Here are the full details of the entire course content for Consulting Accelerator with a week-by-week breakdown of the lessons.

Sam-Ovens-Consulting-fundamentals and foundation

First Week: Fundamentals and Foundations

The first week is all about the basics, and it contains eight modules as follows:

  1. Overview – explaining what a consulting business is and how it works.
  2. Setting your foundations – an introduction to what you will be learning from this program.
  3. Natural law and equation – helping you get into the consulting mindset and understanding the ‘consulting equation,’ a method of providing value to clients.
  4. The evolution of a consultant – explaining the different processes and stages you will go through in your journey as a consultant.
  5. Taking a view of the market – analyzing the market for consulting business so that you can set yourself apart from others.
  6. Picking your 2.0 niche – teaching the process of picking a profitable and suitable niche that you are comfortable with.
  7. Crafting your MVO – learning unique ways to offer your services to clients.
  8. Resonating your message – learning to convey your ideas and message as a consultant.

Second Week: New Paradigm and World View

There are 8 modules in the second week, which are:

  1. Overview – understanding the role of a proper mindset for success.
  2. The dark force holding your heels – identifying and getting rid of a negative mindset.
  3. Face off with the devil – facing your personal weaknesses and overcoming them.
  4. Duality and conflict of man – understanding the dual nature of all humans and conflicts we face regularly.
  5. Seeing for the first time – learning to change our perception and see from the eyes of a successful person.
  6. Alchemy of self – going through a period of self-realization to change oneself and become a better version.
  7. New paradigm and world view – using the things learned in previous lessons to start your journey with a fresh mindset.
  8. Rolling Gods loaded dice – reprogramming your brain for higher efficiency and success.

Third Week: Alchemy of Client Conversion

The third week is all about learning how to convert clients, and it includes 6 modules.

  1. Overview – introduction to the process of client conversion.
  2. The illusion of sales – debunking the myths of marketing and sales and separating facts from fiction.
  3. Alchemy of conversion – the main lesson where you learn effective and innovative techniques to convert clients.
  4. Crafting your script – using the program’s teachings and customising it to create your own voice as a consultant.
  5. Pendulum of doubt – learning how to overcome self-doubts and keep coming back stronger.
  6. Igniting your flame – taking the first few steps towards launching your consulting business.

Fourth Week: Alchemy of Client Attraction

In the fourth week, you learn how to attract more clients towards your services, and the lessons are divided into 8 modules.

  1. Overview – introduction to the process of client attraction.
  2. Falling for the trap – learning to identify and avoid common traps and pitfalls in the consulting industry.
  3. Alchemy of client attraction – a series of proven techniques and strategies to draw clients towards you.
  4. Organic attraction methods – learning how to attract clients organically, without any paid promotions.
  5. Paid attraction methods – also learning some useful methods to bring in clients through paid promotions.
  6. Assembling the war machine – preparing to compete and come out on top in the market.
  7. Planning your 30d attack – a 30-days action plan based on well-defined goals and targets for your business.
  8. Conquering paralysis – learning to overcome obstacles and roadblocks that can bring your business to a standstill.

Fifth Week: Fractal Facebook Evolution

The fifth week’s lesson is about the use of Facebook as a platform to grow your business, and it consists of 14 modules.

  1. Overview – brief explanation about the use of Facebook ads as a means to gain more clients.
  2. Fractal Facebook Evolution – learning to use Facebook ads and algorithms effectively.
  3. Unveiling the FB algorithm – an in-depth insight into the working mechanism of Facebook’s algorithm.
  4. Facebook’s book of law – understanding the rules and regulations of Facebook to keep your ads running without getting flagged or disapproved.
  5. Playbook for a new epoch – Sam’s own strategy for running a successful FB ad campaign.
  6. Your ad hypotheses – the full process of creating and publishing FB ads.
  7. Your audience hypotheses – learning how to target the right audience with your ads.
  8. Tracking swans and the polaris star – setting up a tracking system to keep track of your audience.
  9. Achieving omnipresence – additional methods of patching the loopholes in your campaign for improved efficiency.
  10. Ad and audience templates – learning how to create proper templates for your ads.
  11. Campaign genesis – kick starting your ad campaign to put what you have learned into action.
  12. Governing initial conditions – analyzing the performance of your campaign in the first few days and making necessary changes.
  13. Daily workflow of the king – maintaining a day to day workflow for your campaign.
  14. Ratcheting up the kingdom – learning how to upscale your campaign for higher performance and more revenue.

Sixth Week: Minimum Viable Service Delivery

The lessons so far have been all about establishing your business by attracting and converting clients. The sixth week’s lessons will show you how to operate the business and offer your services, and it includes 8 modules.

  1. Overview – brief introduction on the structure and operation of consulting business.
  2. Minimum viable service delivery – learning to deliver maximum value in less time.
  3. Setting client expectations – developing a deep relation with clients and understanding their expectations.
  4. Hiring top 1% of contractors – learning to hire the best contractors who can deliver unmatched services to clients.
  5. Project management and workflows – managing multiple projects from different clients without compromising the quality of service.
  6. Finance and cashflow mastery – managing your finances effectively and keeping track of your money.
  7. Platform growth and scale – starting small and slowly scaling your business to a larger platform.
  8. Marketing automation – using automation to your advantage to increase efficiency while reducing effort.

And that sums up the entire course content of Consulting Accelerator. As you can see, the course is very intense, detailed, and covers a massive amount of information. In addition, every week’s lesson is also accompanied by action plans and live Q&A sessions to make sure you truly understand what is being taught.

How Does The Consulting Accelerator Program Work?

Consulting Accelerator is not a program that spoon-feeds you with direct instructions that you can just follow right away. Instead, it starts from the basics of consulting business and explains every aspect step by step, focusing on the concepts and core foundations instead of just providing you with a readymade system. Here’s a simple outline of how this program works:

Week 1: Learn about the foundations of a consulting business, and choose a niche for yourself.

Week 2: Mentally prepare yourself for the journey that lies ahead. The program will guide you on analyzing your strengths and leveraging them while also identifying your weaknesses and overcoming them.

Week 3: Learn how to convert clients and take initial steps towards starting your business.

Week 4: Learn to attract clients with both paid and organic methods and then use those methods to get your first client possibly.

Week 5: Learn in detail about Facebook advertising and follow through the lessons diligently to start a full-fledged Facebook ad campaign for your business.

Week 6: Put life into the pen and paper business plan and start delivering your consulting services to clients while also preparing you to scale the business in the future.

What Is The Cost Of Consulting Accelerator Program?

Consulting Accelerator doesn’t have a monthly subscription plan. The program must be purchased at a fixed price of $1999 for lifetime access. There’s no denying that the course is expensive, so there’s an option to pay in 5 installments of $597 each, which will be easier on your pocket but cost more in the long run. They also have a 14-day refund policy so you can claim your money back within 14 days if you are not satisfied with the program.

Upsell/Downsell/One-time Offer

(Didn’t find any upsell, downsell or additional offers, so there aren’t any as far as I could search).


  • The lessons in this program can be applied to the successful operation of any business.
  • The course is very detailed and there’s a treasure of valuable information you can learn from it.
  • The content is structured very nicely, and all the modules and lessons connect coherently.
  • There are action plans after every lesson to put what you learn into practice immediately.
  • Even though it is a training program for starting a consulting business, you also learn a lot about marketing as well as organic and paid methods to get clients.
  • There’s an entire section dedicated to Facebook advertising, which is like a complete course in itself.


  • The titles of some modules use fancy words and language, for example, ‘Tracking swans and the polaris star’, ‘Assembling the war machine’, and ‘Playbook for a new epoch’. Such terminologies can create some initial confusion among people as to what the lessons are all about and a simple language would prove to be more effective.
  • Despite the amazing and valuable content, the program is expensive and not easily affordable by everyone.
  • The system of paying in installments lets you get started for just $597 which might seem nice, but it ends up costing almost $1000 more than the upfront cost of $1999.

Competitors and Alternatives

(Couldn’t really find other programs that focus on similar topic – consulting business)

Testimonials and Quotes

Here’s what people who purchased and completed the Consulting Accelerator course have to say about it:

“I am into week 3 of your consulting accelerator and Ive made $30000 in just 3 weeks as a online specialist mind fitness (think yourself thin) coach. (sic)” – Lisa Maree

“$9200 so far since purchasing Sam Ovens awesome Consulting Accelerator exactly one month ago. The system works in the hands of anyone working it.” – Richard Matharoo

As someone who has tried out this program, I’ll also share my own testimony of how my experience has been so far. I have completed four weeks of the program, and I’m currently in the fifth week. Since I already have a strong foundation and expertise on digital marketing, that was the niche I chose for consulting.

I have been focusing more on learning and less on earning so far, but I did use the techniques taught in the course to see how it works, and managed to work with one client for their business’s marketing campaign which earned me $900. That’s less than half of what I paid for the course and that too after almost 5 weeks. In that regards, I’m happy to see that I did make money and with active effort and patience, it is indeed possible to set up a long-term, profitable business with the help of Consulting Accelerator.

Who Is This Program Good For?

This program is perfect for people who:

  • are looking for a source of side income that they can work on slowly without quitting their 9-5 job.
  • Are interested to start a consulting business.
  • Have good problem solving skills and can use the same as a consultant to help other clients.
  • Are thinking of switching career tracks and exploring a new industry.

Who Should Not Enrol For This Program?

This program is not meant for people who:

  • Are not willing to spend six weeks into learning the course.
  • Don’t have the patience and long term vision and instead focus on instant, short term benefits.
  • Are not interested in starting their own business.


There is no doubt that Consulting Accelerator is a course that is rich in valuable and informative content. And based on my own experience, it also has a high potential of helping you create a reliable source of income through your own consulting business.

The fact that the creator of this program – Sam Ovens, has been included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list adds so much credibility to this program and the mind behind it. The only problem is that it’s not readily affordable by everyone so some people who are interested may be left behind due to financial shortcomings. But if you are able to purchase this program and complete the course with full dedication, you will certainly succeed in setting up your own consulting business in a niche that you are comfortable with.

I recommend you to take advantage of the 14-day money-back guarantee, and try the program yourself for two weeks. You will surely be pleased with what it has to offer, and in the rare case that you don’t like it, you can claim a full refund!

I hope that my review of Consulting Accelerator has been useful and informative for you. What do you think about the program? If you have purchased this course too, then I’d also like to hear about your experience. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.



1. What is Consulting Accelerator?
Consulting Accelerator is a complete training course that teaches how to start a consulting business from scratch.

2. What is the cost of Consulting Accelerator?
The program costs $1999 for lifetime access if paid up front, with another option to pay in 5 instalments of $597 each.

3. Is Consulting Accelerator scam or legit?
Consulting Accelerator is a legit training program and many students who completed this course in the past have gone to establish successful consulting businesses in different industries.

4. Does the program have any refund policy?
Consulting Accelerator offers a 14-day refund policy where you can claim your money back if you are not satisfied with the program.

5. How to contact the customer support team for Consulting Accelerator?
You can reach out to the Consulting Accelerator team by visiting the Contact section on their official site (

6. How can I login to the member’s area of the program?
If you have purchased the program, you can log in to your member’s area directly from their official site


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