Stefan James Life Mastery Accelerator Review

When you think of success, it can be anything you aim to be. No matter how small your desire may be, success is still a success. You can aim to have a love life, get a car, buy a property, or you could just aim to get through the day. It will still count as success.

Just thinking about success makes you feel highly motivated to achieve these things. And that is where the real challenge arises. It is extremely easy to plan things out and choose your success story inside your mind, but in reality, you would still have no clue how to maintain these desires and motivation—leading to your eventual downfall.

Sadly, there are several dreamers out there that did not get a chance to see their dreams play out. They often give up halfway through, sometimes they tend to stop chasing their dreams almost immediately once they saw a glimpse of non-existent hope.

But, what about those who never gave up in achieving their most awaited success?

Well, they are most probably having the time of their lives as you read this review. Happy, content, and of course, successful, what else can you ask for in life?

If you ever find yourself in a deep slump, you may need something to push you further and get you to go over that hurdle in life. You do not have to be alone in attaining your own predetermined success. There is nothing truly wrong with asking for help, especially if your happiness is on the line.

That is why, in this review, I will be talking about a course program that will help instill an everlasting feeling of motivation and inspiration in your mind and soul.

This program is called the Life Mastery Accelerator.


What is Stefan James?


Life Mastery Accelerator is a standalone membership training program which is headed by Stefan James, the founder of Project Life Mastery, who will be personally mentoring you on a monthly basis.

Life Mastery Accelerator generally focuses on teaching you self-development strategies that will help improve your lifestyle, mindset, performance, and overall quality of your life.

As the name indicates, Life Mastery Accelerator will literally accelerate your progress in getting the success you desire. Of course, this is not an instant solution, whereas it will make you successful the moment you join.

It is not that easy—although I wish it is.

You will have to go through different training videos and audio series to help you understand the basics of getting your life together. It is a process, much like everything else in life. You have to work for something in order to achieve it. But in this case, you will be given a “shortcut” to having a well-rounded life—or rather, mastery in life.

Another thing you should also know is that Life Mastery Accelerator is one of the standalone course programs being offered by the company known as Project Life Mastery.


What is included in Life Mastery Accelerator?


Just like most of the training programs, Project Life Master offers, Life Mastery Accelerator also bombards you with a series of knowledge-rich videos, audios, and coaching webinars the moment you become a member.

Here are the inclusions that you should expect when you join.

Live Monthly Coaching with Q&A

Right off the bat, Stefan offers live coaching every month to his members. In these monthly webcasts, Stefan will personally teach you the best strategies for mastering every aspect of your life. This means that every month, he will be focusing on one specific aspect of life; it can be health, fitness, mindsets, emotions, money, career, social life, spirituality, and so many more.

In addition to that, you will also get a chance to ask whatever questions you feel like asking. And since it is a live webcast, you can expect an answer from Stefan himself. Question and Answer portions are an essential part of webinars since it will provide a clear understanding of what the lesson is all about.

Because frankly, you will not get the ultimate experience if you did not have the opportunity to ask questions.

Life Mastery Accelerator Training Video and Audio Series

Another feature that you should expect is the training video and audio series. These are available immediately the moment you register.

Here are some of them:

  • How to Be Happy Every day
  • Getting Out Of Balance In Life To Achieve Your Goals
  • 10 Self-Development Hacks To Improve Your Life
  • How To Invest Your Way To Wealth And Financial Freedom
  • Finding Your WHY: Unlocking Your Driving Force
  • The 4 Archetypes Of Self-Mastery: King, Warrior, Magician, Lover
  • How To Change Your Emotional State Instantly
  • 12 Powerful Strategies To Learn Anything Faster
  • How To Meet And Attract Your Soulmate
  • The Relationship Ritual: How To Create The Perfect Relationship
  • How To Become A Spiritual Millionaire
  • 7 Life-Changing Health, Energy, and Vitality Habits
  • The 4-Step Process For Changing Your Limiting Beliefs
  • How To Master Your Emotions & Create Unstoppable Confidence
  • How To Attract And Create The Ultimate Relationship
  • How To Find And Live Your Mission In Life
  • How To Start Investing For Financial Freedom
  • How To Create Your Empowering Ecosystem
  • Creating Your Perfect Day
  • How To Be Spiritually Alive And Change The World
  • Goal Setting Workshop: Strategies For Your Best Year Ever
  • How To Create Lasting Motivation And Consistency Towards Your Goals
  • Mastering Time Management: 12 Strategies To TRIPLE Your Productivity
  • How To Change Negative Thoughts, Emotions, Habits, And Behaviours
  • Mastering Meaning: How To Find The Good In Everything
  • How To Be A Great Leader: The Essential Qualities Of Leadership
  • How To Cleanse And Detox Your Body For Peak Energy

Bonus lessons

1.  The Master Mentality

In this 60+-minute video, you will be taught how to choose and adopt the right mindset to get you through life as successful as possible. This is an essential lesson that everyone must take since it will serve as one of the pillars of your success.

Without this lesson, you will not be able to proceed with the other lessons because this is the key to keep you going and going until you become the master of your own life.

2. The Life Mastery Blueprint

Stefan will familiarize you to the Life Mastery Management System. This model is also a system for managing every part of your life and ensuring you are mastering your life as efficiently as possible. To achieve Life Mastery, you would have to make sure that you are consistently growing and improving in every aspect of life.

Fortunately, this blueprint just does that.

3. Weekly Evaluation

As part of the Life Mastery Blueprint, Stefan will share with you an evaluation system where you can check the progress of your personal blueprint for Life Mastery.

Monitoring your progress is definitely an essential thing to do because sometimes, you will not even be aware of what you are achieving. And there are also times where you might notice that you are not performing well in your path to Mastery.


Once you join the Life Mastery Accelerator membership program, you will automatically gain access to their private Facebook group where you can relate and interact with fellow members who may have the same goal as you.

Plus, you can also get some wisdom from these individuals.


The pricing for Life Mastery Accelerator is pretty simple. For $29 a month, you will get immediate access to all of their lessons and will be eligible to attend Stefan’s monthly live coaching webcasts.

Aside from the monthly plan, Life Mastery Accelerator also offers an annual payment plan, which only costs $297 per year. You will actually save $51 from this payment option.

Plus, you are eligible to request for a refund because of their 30-day money-back guarantee. There are no cuts from your payment like tax, service fees, or miscellaneous—you will get your money back 100%.


All in all, I love everything about Life Mastery Accelerator because it gives me the right drive to push through with my dreams of becoming a successful person not only financially, but also spiritually. And that is hard to achieve nowadays.

Although you can follow-through with your own success strategies, it is still worth taking into consideration if you ever feel like you are not progressing in a pace you might have expected. That is completely normal, and frankly, it happens to everyone. It is only up to you on how to overcome this challenge.

And trust me, overcoming a challenge that involves acting against your mindset proves to be a difficult battle. This is the focal reason why a lot of people are becoming disheartened whenever they do something about their plans in life.

Personally, I believe the Life Mastery Accelerator perfectly summed up everything you needed to know in order to achieve happiness. It may seem like a pretty simple training program, but once you started digesting every piece of information that Stefan throws at you, the more you will realize how life is brimming with possibilities of success on all aspects.

I would gladly recommend joining the Life Mastery Accelerator training program. Not only did it help me in achieving my goals in life, but it also provided me with strategies to have a positive outlook in life and be genuinely happy with whatever life throws at me

It is a solid training program that you will surely benefit from the moment you become a member.

So, what do you think about Life Mastery Accelerator? Let me know in the comments below!

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