Gaurav Madaan Affiliate Marketing Course Review

Hi there! Thank you so much for taking the time to come to my review of Gaurav Madaan’s Affilerator program. 

I am sure you have been searching for ways to get the benefit of the internet and develop a new source of income for yourself. Or if you are already earning using the power of the internet, then looking to increase further and strengthen your source of income. This search of yours must have led you to the Affilerator program, and you must be thinking about whether you should buy this course or not. 

Not to worry, because you are in the right place now. Whether you want to buy it or want to know what it is all about, I have got you covered. Today I will share with you a detailed review of the Affilerator program so that you get to know what is inside the program and all the other details such as its cost, benefits, etc.

I will also give you an inside tour of the program since I have seen it myself. So, let us not wait and get straight into the review. 

NOTE – I regularly publish reviews of products like these for my audience. Whether you know me from my earlier posts or are new to my page, please know that I review the products only after I have tried them for myself. I do not find it ethical to suggest a paid service or product to my audience without actually buying it and using it for myself. Only when I am convinced after testing the product, I suggest it to you.


What is Affilerator?

Affilerator is the brainchild of Gaurav Madaan. A truly exceptionally developed online training program that teaches its students the various aspects of internet marketing and affiliate incomes and provides the essential insider tips and tricks that will ensure that the students have an advantage over other marketers. 

Once you go through the course, you will learn the best practices that make it better than any other digital marketing courses available in the market. 

Affilerator program serves as the perfect solution for those who want to make it big in digital marketing and affiliate marketing. It is designed for those that need guidance, those who have tried their hands at online marketing and sales by going through many digital marketing courses but have failed to make a good career from it. 

Many have tried but failed because many institutes still are not created to deliver actionable insights to their students. 

Gaurav has truly separated himself from the crowd by developing this course that takes care of all these issues for people like you who want to make a mark in the digital business world. As the tagline of the brand itself says, “Turning Humans into true Affiliates,” it is no doubt that Gaurav has created a best-seller.

Who is Gaurav Madaan?


Gaurav created this course with the help of his mentee Roshni Dhal. When put together, they share an experience of more than 15 years that is rich and diversified in various aspects of online businesses. 

Gaurav had a very humble start to his internet marketing career in the year 2010 when he joined an online MLM organization and created his domain. In the beginning, he even once posed as an imaginary girl on a website called Omegle to attract visitors and generate revenue using Google AdSense. As you can imagine, all of these were very short-term work by Gaurav, and none stood the test of time. 

From these rough beginnings, Gaurav went on to complete his Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from a renowned institute in India. He tried his luck at many other online business ventures and worked as a trainer in various organizations. 

The one thing that he always had was the desire to teach people about how to make it big in digital marketing. He kept on sharing his blogs and videos to reach out to the maximum number of people.

It was finally that with the support of Roshni, they together formed a company named Emporia Gusto Private Limited in an attempt to consolidate all of his existing online business under a common parent company. They now provide many services that include their best-selling course Affilerator.

What Do You Get From The Affilerator Program?

You get detailed pre-recorded training videos that span over 30 hours. Apart from it, you also get many bonuses which will be discussed in the following sections.

Section 1: Affiliate Marketing Basics 

This module is ideal for those who are just beginning their journey in the world of affiliate marketing. You will be taught all the basics that should always be at the fingertips of any affiliate marketer. 

Section 2: Understanding Different Affiliate Networks

 The internet has grown rapidly over the years. Affiliate marketing, too, has gained widespread popularity. There are many affiliate marketing networks and portals available. Some are profitable, while some are not. Some are still functioning, while some are not. This module gives you knowledge about the various portals available for affiliate marketing, how profitable they are, and how they work. This will give you an idea of where to invest your efforts to get the maximum return.

Section 3: Tricks to Get Approvals at Ease

 As you know by now, the affiliate marketing world is already pretty crowded since it attracts a lot of wannabes. With so many people out there looking to establish themselves in this space, how will you ensure that you cross the first step of the journey smoothly?

 To start your journey, the very first step is to get your profile approved as an affiliate on the affiliate network of your choice. This module tells you how to get these approvals cleared in the first attempt.

Section 4: The Case Study Ninja 

Now that you have covered the basics of affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing networks in the previous modules, you will be taken into the special methods and processes you can use to succeed. In this module, you will be taught the steps for promoting a product with the support of real social proofs.

Section 5: The Bridge Makeover 

This module is again created to ensure that you can learn what it takes to separate yourself from the rest. Any offer you make as an affiliate will be more effective if you can create a bridge page to make it more attractive. Creating bridges to educate your visitors will also increase their trust in you since you will be doing much better than any other creators.

Section 6: The Review Mechanism

 One of the best ways to connect with your viewers is by reviewing products and services they want to buy. If your video is genuine and educational, people will buy the products using your affiliate link and ensure that you get paid the affiliate commission. This module will tell you how to use reviews to drive more traffic to your page and increase your income.

Section 7: The Video Jedi 

 Videos have always proven to be the best performer in terms of generating an increased amount of traffic. If your videos go viral, then all the traffic you get is organic, and you do not need to pay for the promotion. This is something that you can easily scale up as well as maintain. The module is aimed to teach you how to get this done.

Section 8: The Bonus Wizard

 This module is again developed to share insiders’ tips and tricks with you so that you become a top affiliate in your industry of choice. This module will ensure that you learn something that is not available to everyone; the module will ensure that you implement these tricks and tips to book your place at the top of affiliate marketing.

Section 9: The Membership Lock-In 

Gaurav developed this module from his personal experiences to share the strategies he used to lock in your target audience and prevent them from going anywhere else to make the purchase. Once you have been through this module, you will know how your prospective customer can be engaged and convinced only to buy the product using your affiliate link.

Section 10: Running Automated Facebook Ads Affiliate Funnels 

There is no denying that paid advertisements are required to maintain the flow of traffic on any website. Your affiliate marketing business will not be an exception. You will need the support of paid services like Facebook ad campaigns to ensure that your business gets the number of visitors and buyers required to keep it growing sustainably. This module will ensure that you learn how to do it using Facebook Ads.

Section 11: Setting up Winning Autoresponder Sequence 

With the increase in the number of visitors and prospective customers, it will become impossible to respond to each of their emails and queries directly one-on-one. Hence, you need to know how to use autoresponders so that their queries don’t go unresolved. 

With this auto responder module, you will develop a system that will work by itself and not only respond to queries but also support you in convincing many prospective buyers to buy from you.

In addition to the above, you also get the following:

  • 12 New Live Trainings (1 Per Week)
  • Bonus Library with 220+ DFY Bonuses
  • Free Web Hosting for 1 Year
  • Done for your 2500 Email Headlines
  • Done for you 2500 Emails
  • 3 Done for you Copy Paste Affiliate Funnels Templates


How Does The Program Work?

The program functions in a pretty straight-forward manner. To start with, you need to follow the next four steps:

  • Go through their pre-recorded training videos covering all the modules as discussed above. There is a total of 30 hours of video content for you, which you can access and view anywhere and at any time as per your convenience.
  • The program provides you many free templates of Sales funnel that are prepared specifically for affiliate marketing. Choose one that you think will be the best choice for you.
  • Next up, the program provides you with proven tactics to get free traffic. Use these strategies to drive free traffic to your page, which can then be used to validate the above-selected funnel. Finally, get your first sale from the funnel.
  • The final step is to grow as well as maintain the sales. You get personalized guidance at this stage for scaling your funnel and convert your venture into a sustainable business model that will stand the test of time.

What Is The Cost Of The Affilierator Program?

The Affilerator program is available in 2 versions – one is the Platinum, while the other is Gold. 

When you buy the Affilerator program Gold version, you get all the benefits discussed thus far. The course is currently being sold at INR 14,999. This is a heavily discounted price since the course is originally listed at INR 29,999. 

All types of payment facilities like Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, PayPal is acceptable to make this payment for the course. If you are apprehensive about buying the entire course by making a single payment, then you can also opt for the EMI option in which you can choose to pay in 2 installments – the first one is at INR 8,000 while the second one is at INR 7,000.

There is also an additional option for you to upgrade to the Platinum version of the Affilerator course. This upgrade will cost you an additional INR 7,999, but in return, you will get access to upgraded course content such as:

  • Words that Sell (Copywriting Course)
  • Funnels that Work (Funnels Course)
  • 77 Days Facebook Ads Course


  • The tutorial videos are in-depth, easy to grasp, and informative
  • The bonus contents and other business support features of the program make it suitable to kick-start your career in this field.


  • The cost appears to be on the higher side of the content that is being provided.
  • Many of the course content is not meaningful for marketers looking to scale up their business.
  • Many of the tips are dependent on paid traffic only.

Who Is It For?

The program has been designed, keeping in mind the needs of those who want financial freedom and have not been provided the proper guidance, knowledge, or strategy in digital marketing.  

Who Is This Not For?

The program is not suitable for anyone who is looking for shortcuts to become rich overnight. If you are afraid to put in the hard work and continuous efforts, you must not enroll in it.


The affiliate marketing segment is an attractive venture for many, and hence it has become overly competitive. Using this course, you can learn the basics and advanced strategies that will help you on your path to becoming the next top affiliate. 

After going through the program, I felt that many things taught in the initial modules are known to almost every affiliate aspirant around us. Still, I would say that it provided me a refresher on many things. Another aspect that needs to be tested more with time and your niche is the funnel templates provided. 

However, I still feel that the Affilerator program ensures that you start quickly generating your initial revenue so that you get motivated to continue. What takes other months or years to do, you will be able to do it using Affilerator’s support to set up your working funnel within 10 minutes. 

Hence, it is an essential buy for anyone eager to become a top affiliate.

A big thanks for reading this detailed review on Affilerator. I hope you can now make an informed decision on whether to go for this course or not. Please feel free to post your views and queries in the comment section below, I will get back to you as soon as possible. 



What is Affilerator?
Affilerator is an affiliate marketing training course as well as a guidance platform for digital marketing enthusiasts. It is offered with 30 hours of training videos split into 11 different modules. There are many bonus contents and support systems that are also included in the program to ensure that the learner can learn and implement the learnings practically to get success.

What Is Its Price? Is There A Payment Plan?
The program is currently being offered at INR 14,999. There is a payment plan of paying in 2 installments – the first month at INR 8,000 while the second month at INR 7,000. You can also upgrade from the default Gold member to its Platinum member by paying the additional amount of INR 7,999.

Is It A Scam Or A Legit Program?
This program does not offer shortcuts or quick ways to become rich by being a marketing affiliate. It promotes learning and hard work; hence I would say it is a logical conclusion that this is a legit program.

What’s Refund Policy?
The program does not have a separate refund policy

Where To Get The Help Of The Support Team?
You can get support from their contact page as well as the private Facebook community.

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I hope you have enjoyed my Gaurav Madaan’s Course Review. If you have any doubt or queries, please let me know in the comment box. I will be glad to assist you.

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